Life on hit gem not working all the time

Demon Hunter
I am encountering an issue where the Amethyst gem ability life on hit sporadically works. Will work sometimes but not others. I am not talking about using shadow power and the channel issue. I have seen a lot of postings on that and understand how that mechanic works. Has anybody else seen that. The weapon I was using was a 2 socket manticore. I tried switching gems, from: one emerald/one amethyst combo; two amethysts; one amethyst with the same pattern of only working some of the time.

Any ideas what may happening?
Not all skills have the same proc coefficient (i.e. a multiplier applied to skills on hit effects which adjusts their effectiveness relative to how often or how large an area the attack hits). Also, you cannot gain life if you are at full health (although this was possible in the early versions of the game up until 1.0.2 or something).

here's a list, for example:
0.216 Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth Skill Proc Coefficient

0.216 * 600 = 130 LoH

0.333 Rapid Fire - High Velocity Skill Proc Coefficient

0.333 * 600 = 200 LoH

1.333 Rapid Fire - Fire Support Skill Proc Coefficient

1.333 * 600 = 800 LoH
And I notice that you have Rapid Fire High Velocity on your profile. If you have been using that skill to test out the effectiveness of LoH, bad news: it has one of the lowest proc coefficient per tick of all Rapid Fire runes. Test your LoH with other Rapid Fire runes or try some other skills with better proc coefficients.
Thanks for the feedback, I will try different skill combos, so this would apply with my primary attack of hungering arrow for the proc coefficient as pointed out. I noticed the same lack of health replacement with hungering arrow.

Update: changing the skills made a big difference as it proc'd more. Thanks folks

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