Warning: Imposter Mirai

Kefka has name changed to copy my name, as a troll

nice edit you got it right the second time 1416 not 1816. =)
I have him on block can somebody tell me what he's saying????!?!?
Is he saying anything? Guys please, I need to know!!!!!
I am humbled, that you would used your only opportunity to change your name in my homage. Thank you kefka screen shot anyone?
I am humbled, thank you.
God so many Mirai. I think that the right way to say it. Like Deer, not Deers. Mirai, not Mirais.

I want to see said screenshot!
why does kefka#1278 in dprogress wears the same gear as mirai#1802. At least cover your tracks better geez.
Kefka (aka the poster above me) is doing all he can to imitate me, including changing his gear to match mine. Please don't fall for this imposters trick

minutes after i got vote kicked off by him and he changed his btag, what monster does this? for what reason? hehe
btw the name of chars remains the same not just gear. Such a bright star you are.
Is he saying anything? I have him blocked.

Anyways, literally after this happened he changed his name: http://i.imgur.com/f5gJ7WZ.jpg
"hehe" bye =)
ilu <3<3
I love you too =)
OP's definitely Kefka
is this true??? LOL

p.s. Which one has actually posted this thread? The true or the fake Mirai? What if the fake Mirai is saying that the true Mirai is the fake one????
lol look at their toon names, Space = Asmo, Colon Cancer = Kefka

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