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Waiting for the patch I do quick daily runs to Hell to get some tomes for my crappy gems I find in Inferno.
Usually I play Master V and, from keep 1 to Ghom, I collect around 10 of them (+-2 depending on RNG). Last day I read someone stating that tomes are not influenced by MF so today I tried a run in easy mode.

Well, I started from beginning of act III up to Ghom kill. Results: 3 tomes! :(

Sure, I could blame RNG but, really, in several weeks of daily runs I've got 8-12 on average in 3 levels (keeps) + Ghom in Master V and only 3 in 5 levels + Ghom in Easy?

I guess MF counts indeed in tomes drops (and I hate that blacksmith ones fall from the sky with at least 2:1 ratio). :)

So my suggestion is: if you can't wait for patch, go for Master V (that's more or less like Master 1 in Inferno).

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MF does NOT affect tome drops, and one run is hardly a sample size.
y'know.. pretty sure I got the greatest number of tomes farming Hell Act 1, rather than the later acts. A bunch from running the Cathedral levels, and Highlands areas if I remember correctly.

(i've got hundreds of square gems now, don't think i'll ever be able to upgrade them all)
Will try cathedral then. :)
I hope in a bit more luck.
I found more playing through act1 and 2 while working on the exploration achievements than I ever found in act3, also I noticed more dropping the higher I had the difficulty, not sure if it actually affects drop rates or not as I never did write anything down

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