I cannot find Bloodstained Letter on the Xbox

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I'm playing d3 on the xbox360 and no matter what lvl of the keep I look in at any point of act 3 can I find this book. its basicly all I need to complete the campaign challenges on the 360. PLEASE HELP!?!?!?
Definitely in the Keep, but not sure what level. I found two at once when playing local co-op...
pretty sure it is on level 1 of the Keep Depths.

i've seen it many times on my route in act 3, from keep depths 3 all the way back to the start of level 1, and there's two areas i've seen it appear in a lot:

first is a big (east<->west) area where there are gratings over the top of lava underneath. theres almost always a chest that spawns skellys when you open it. the letter appears on a guard body in the room to the north joining to this area.

second is one of those dead end areas typically on the leftside of the map that terminate in a single closed in square room. just outside this dead-end room there usually is a guard and a demon corpse and the letter appears from one of them.

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