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Myself got D3 for PS3 about 2 weeks ago and now have my monk at lvl 60, DH at 60 , and my WD at lvl account is now paragon 7.

I think I'm gonna first try to get all 5 classes up to lvl 60 before I start exp'in heavily. But I absolutely love DH on the console, even better than the monk. DH works sooo much better on console! And mine's only at like 124k dps. She's doing inferno master 1 currently and doing well and finding upgrades.

One thing I noticed right off the bat, once I went from easy inferno to master 1, I started to see set items (green text names) dropping, before that none.

Got my jewelcrafting , crafting and stash all max'd out finally. Starting to get a nice buildup of gems and crafting mats.

I think one of my goals, for now, is to try to get my console account caught up to my PC account, cept for gear, cause was too easy to use GAH for gear on PC.

Note: I'm playing entirely legit , and offline. Also don't feel a need to stash low lvl gear to level up other characters as a need. For weapon, once I can loot a socketed weapon, I just put in a star ruby, when lvl'ing up a character, till he gets to hell difficulty, and that works really good to move them quickly thru normal , nightmare, and most of hell difficulty.

Not sure if I'll play hardcore on console, I did on PC , but the economy is what made HC fun, cause there was actually a good hardcore economy on PC. Maybe once my SC is paragon level 100 I'll play hardcore, since won't be much point to play SC then, and by paragon 100, my 5 character classes will probably be sufficiently geared for master 5.
I have a Barb @ 60, Wizard @ 60, DH @ 40 (none of which have been power levelled or anything and like you I play offline). Account paragon currently at 30.

It's a blast levelling new alts once you have some paragon levels for the extra MF so I'd recommend doing that. So much more entertaining than levelling on the PC version in my opinion. And i'm actually *crafting* items/weapons for my alts as I go through!. It's a weird feeling.
I have a lvl 60 DH, Barb, WD, and Monk, tonight ima be playing with a friend to lvl wizards together after we get him a HF ring
I've only played with DH. Lvl 60 paragon 100. I am legendary Farming ATM.
I have a level 60 Demon Hunter (also my favorite character, by far), Monk, and Wizard. Paragon 15. Working on Barbarian next.

I seem to get fewer legendaries in Master than I do in Easy, but set pieces are more likely to drop in Master.

I don't really understand the point of Hardcore... Why would I want to invest hours upon hours into a video game character that might die and lose all of its stuff? I have enough impermanence in the real world! All of my characters are softcore.
Diablo 3 on the Console is the way Diablo is meant to be. I always had disdain for the AH and RM trading, it just didn't bode well with me. I'm very happy with the changes Blizzard are making. Loot 2.0 next year will hopefully make it to the Console in the guise of a patch. D3 on Console is arguably the best version of Diablo to date, and yes, I'm including D2 in that ;)

I don't really understand the point of Hardcore... Why would I want to invest hours upon hours into a video game character that might die and lose all of its stuff? I have enough impermanence in the real world! All of my characters are softcore.

I'm new to Diablo and not skilled enough to want to turn on Hardcore mode, but I do like the perma-death option in some other games I play, so I get the appeal. Basically, it forces you to play a lot more strategically and less recklessly. For me it can literally transform a game from seeming rather mindless and easy into a game which requires intense concentration and strategic thinking. When dying has a very low penalty, I can tend to adopt strategies that involve taking a lot of risks, and not really thinking very hard about how I could have avoided getting killed. Knowing that getting killed will have large penalty encourages me to think more like I would in real life if I were in a situation like that, and makes the game seem a lot more complex and engaging.

At the same time I understand not wanting to lose a bunch of progress just due to a single brain-fart. If you have the discipline, it's entirely possible to choose to play as if you were in perma-death mode without actually turning the mode on, so you can get the best of both worlds. But there is some extra bit of satisfaction I can get, and also validation of my strategies and tactics, due to progressing to a certain point and knowing I got there without getting killed.

Playing with perma-death on requires thinking of the game differently than it seems a lot of Diablo players do though. The fact that people want level caps raised and Paragon levels added and talk about the end game shows that a lot of people get really attached to their character, and want to keep playing a single character indefinitely. Obviously if that's your approach to playing the game then perma-death mode would be a real bummer. If I play a game with perma-death on, I think of it more like playing Tetris, where I know the game will end eventually and the point of playing is to see how far I can get before it ends. When it ends I start another game. If that's a completely unappealing way of thinking about Diablo then Hardcore mode isn't for you.
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