MP10 build without SP....What would you do?

Demon Hunter

Currently I have a Calamity and DS Manti with no LS. My optimal gear does not have LOH either. I do have some LOH stuff though (blackthorne pants, ring and ammy and could use a socket on manti to simulate expansion)

Looking for a future build that is viable for future expansion to practice with. May step down MP and thus addLOH to simulate expansion specs.

I don't plan to buy or craft anything now as I believe at expansion, loot drops will have plenty of LOH. And at that time you can't buy anything.

What are your thoughts?

I am thinking that GAS GRENADES will be viable again. But it seems STUN GRENADES will be key at higher MP.

I am thinking chains with MFD will be important due to group spec so I will look to polish up on that skill too....

Will probably keep jagged stafe for mobility, slow and damage also as hopefully we will see better procs

MS with suppression is important along with aid station.

Aid station doesn't stack correct?
Try Prema-Strafe-Caltrops build without SP...

This seems to be a good build for MP10 atm.!UXV!ZbcbcY

I swapped out gas for cluster and archery for nightstalker. This allows discipline to increase faster than just with suppression fire. This I find essential for constant choking gas when nothing is in my chains.

MFD with chains allows me to spam multishot all the while grenades are going off.

The challenge is keeping stuff in my chains and elites in at least a double chain.

Very fun and it is nice to be gloom free (No shadow power!!!)

I spent about 6KK on the manti with LOH and also a WF. The Manti works best as the kickback kept putting the MFD enemy out of my chains and no longer proccing hatred :-(....

TOC vault is excellent as the proc LOH is like a potion button ad the bes tway for positioning.

It is fun to tank again....This time MP10. Not a super fast kill but with 3 chains, MFD, and SS from cluster proc night, I have a ton of LOH going on.

If I position badly with no hits then I am assured of dying. A lot of challenging fun...
I'd do something along the lines of what I did in this video.

The new stuff however, is months and months away and things like RD (my most hated affix) will be reworked as well as the games general healing mechanics etc. With this said, there isn't much point in trying to create a build now to work when patch/expansion hits due to how different this game will be with new items etc.

In the meantime, enjoy whatever you're running now as you really can't "prepare" for whats coming outside of leveling for para 2.0.
Try Prema-Strafe-Caltrops build without SP...
Strafe-Caltrops-Sentry-Brooding-no LoH build
Hello Chappy,

I recently experimented with a Shadow Powerless LoH build; although, when the SP change hits, I'll use it for the LoH and mobility.

What I did was this: I went back to Danetta's Set for the LoH, equipped the Unity ring and Blackthorne's for the LoH, equipped the Inquisitor and life regen Nat's boots.

For my build, I modified my Suppression Fire/Punishment build by switching HA for Shock Collar and incorporating Caltrops torturous ground into the build.

P.S. I used the boar as well.
@ Redcell, sounds good. I had a blast with this build last night....

NEW BUILD - AGGRO KING - The Expansion DH Tank - At the end I will explain why I call this aggro king.

Here it is:!UXV!ZbcbcY

I am able to run solo MP10 and group of 4 MP 8 - challenging but very rewarding.

With the upcoming expansion, with CD and CC Cap and no gloom snapshot and ls potential nerf, I got some LOH stuff which dropped my paper DPS from 350 to 200 and then 150 with cold soj as I am running trifecta hellfire for xp.

Now I have 1500 LOH. The key to this build is COT and Custom Engineering. I must have something in the chain to proc LOH in order to complete my play cycle.

MFD Mortal Enemy is critical to not worry about hatred

Cluster Grenades plus nightstalker is critical for disc creation

SS Choking Gas is important for setup, emergency potion, single target DPS, and handling affixes.

TOC Vault is critical for setup and COT Sentry positioning along with good LOH proc.

Multishot Suppression is excellent once you are proc hatred with MFD and chains - this is spammable when everything is going well. For ranged mobs, this is your skill to stay alive when proc LOH is tough.

Numbing traps - it is very beneficial as everything on screen near you should be in contact with either grenades or chains.

Here is the strategy:

Grenades - I always have this button down at all times.

Sentry 1 Setup) Get as close to the mob as possible. Drop a chain and then vault into them. Select max health mob in your chain and mark with MFD. SS Choking gas at this point as you should have mobs around you. If everything is going well (that is you are sustaining, your hatred should be full and you don't need to move), then fire off multishot in the direction of the greatest mob density until your hatred is almost out.

Sentry 2 Setup) Now, if the mob is where you are, then vault back to chain 1 spot and drop chain 2, and vault right back where you were. Now remark with MFD. You have much more sustenance at this point. If the mob had moved, then drop Sentry 2 just like you did for Sentry 1. If this mob were to move back to your fight location during Sentry 1, then you can got to Sentry 3.

Sentry 3 Setup) Depending upon the movement of the mobs during battle, having the 3rd chain at the same location as 1 and 2 is ideal but remember you will probably die if more than 3-5 seconds of intense fighting occurs and you have nothing in your chains. Playing solo, you should try to have all of the chains in 1 spot. For group play you should aim for 2 as the 3rd should be in the direction of the group.

With elites and their affixes, nightmare and vortex suck the most as they can put you in a position where you are vulnerable. Freeze and jailer should be no problem with vault and correct timing. This is good are you can reposition chains and vault over mobs to fill your life with TOC proc LOH. With arcane, use your SS along with molten and plague.

If you can keep grenades firing and multishot spamming (must refresh MFD - for a champion or elite you don't need to as much). Double chain and MFD on elite is full hatred and constant multishot which leads to unlimited vault and smokescreen WHEN YOU NEED IT.

DPS Comment - You always have chains on mobs, grenades firing at all times. Then you always have either multishot firing, TOC Vault fire damage, or SS Choking Gas when you are on an elite, champion or a mob. This combination of offense does real decent damage. Nothing like a nirvana monk, but you are now playing where monks live.


You must be aggressive and must engage in the core of the battle in order to proc LOH with 2-3 skills at all times. And in my opinion, mobs love to target DH's and I get a ton of aggro from mobs. With cold SOJ, it slows them down so they rarely go too far. For this reason, I always seem to aggro 1-2 of the elites and most cases the champion which with MFD and chains allows me to keep him at bay while the group dismantles the rest. I can stand many affixes so I hardly need to run.

Running with windforce at 48% proc kickback is a PITA when trying to proc MFD but very viable solo. As I am trying to maximize mob position in my chains, excessive mob movement due to kickback is not my preference.

Give it a try.....I am hooked. I am sure that with the xpac many more skills will become viable in this type of build like jagged spikes with LOH proc...
Hey Chappy,

I play a Tank DH without SP or SS. CoT is really cool for LoH.... and with Mark for Death/Mortal ennemy, CoT give me a lot of Hatred. I don't use NS because I don't need it.

With CoT, everything is about positioning. CoT need a little bit of practice to master. When you drop a CoT, walk few yard then Vault (ToC is good with LoH) to reach the maximum range of CoT. After 8 sec, Vault then put a second CoT and Vault back (triangular shape). Always Mark (Mortal ennemy) a monster hit by you chain. I use Spike trap as my main Hatred Spender.

If you Tank, Shuriken is usefull. If you prefer not to always stay melee, Caltrops are better, but you will probably need to use NS.

For weapon, I use a rare Bow with 3% LS. Really usefull with Spike trap for delay LS.

You should try to play without SS and NS(...and try Shuriken instead). I use my disc only for M4D and Vault and I'm OK.

Grenade are good, but I prefer HA/Cinder Arrow. Proc coef of Cider is 1.3.... so if I need life really fast, I shot few Cinder Arrow.

For Hatred Spender, I did a lot of test and Spike trap/Echoing is the best (...for me) Sometime, I'm frozen or in a bad situation (no monster on my CoT) and Shuriken + Spike trap keep me alive. Sometime, I know that I will be frozen(if I dont move away), but don't escape because I know I will be OK. CoT + Shuriken + Spike trap keep me alive while I'm frozen.

I play with this build on MP10 and it's really fun. I did some test with different gear and for this tank build, you need arround 2000 LoH (and good eHP). Right now, I have 1900 LoH, 3% LS and good eHP.

Elite that attack melee are really easy to kill, because after 8-16 sec, 2-3 CoT hit them (=lots of Hatred), So I can drop a lot of Spike Trap. I can kill Azmodan on MP10 (4 player game) without moving away from his plague. 3 CoT, Shuriken, M4D and a lots of Spike trap. Elite kiter are not easy.....

Stepping is really usefull even for a Tank DH (special Thanks to DiEoxydE and Flight), but instead of moving away with stepping, you move (step)forward for positionning CoT and Shuriken. With Tank gear (LoH + eHP), your damage will be lower, so it's really important to output as much damage as you can. I play with 275K DPS.

For Passive, I use CE, Perfectionist and Archery. You can use Numbing Trap if you have problem to stay alive instead of Archery.

For weapon, Manti with LoH or LS,1 socket, +%damage (+40%) and dext is really good. Rare bow are good too but not easy to find.

If you like to Tank, you should try my build.

sorry for my bad english.....

Have fun!
I'm using this build for 5-6 month (test different skill) and I think you will really like it. You don't need SS. Try Shuriken instead.

For Passive, Perfectionist instead of NS and Spike trap instead of Multi.

Shuriken, ToC, CoT, Spike trap can all hit simultaneously. = :)

Grenade are good. I use HA/Cinder for fast life regen or single target, but Grenade is really good too for damage (AoE).

We should try to play together.

Add me if you want to try a 2 Tank DH game on MP10.
I'm using this build for 5-6 month (test different skill) and I think you will really like it. You don't need SS. Try Shuriken instead.

For Passive, Perfectionist instead of NS and Spike trap instead of Multi.

Shuriken, ToC, CoT, Spike trap can all hit simultaneously. = :)

Grenade are good. I use HA/Cinder for fast life regen or single target, but Grenade is really good too for damage (AoE).

We should try to play together.

Add me if you want to try a 2 Tank DH game on MP10.

Another reason why the skill build shines is that all skills can hit simultaneously. Meaning.. you push this and this and this and they'll all deal damage at the same time.
@ Pat,

Thanks for the variation. I will try this.

Why I like SS Choking Gas is it gives life saving, invulnerabilty, and great DPS on a spot target. These I feel are critical in staying alive during elite battles and if for some reason I get ambushed during setup (savage beasts and RD elite surprise).

The thing about multishot is that I can use this for lots of mobs where with cinder I can get overwhelmed at times with sheer number of mobs with only 1 chain out. I think without SS Chocking and MS Suppression, I can't dive into the hellish groups as much as I currently do without fear, especially on MP10.

Oh and Multishot snares all it hits with cold which really shines at the beginning of huge battles.

The timing to lay traps and delay would almost always kill me as with the Aggro King build, I tend to lead the melee party members into battle, taking a lot of instant aggro which allows them a couple of seconds relief to unleash their optimum play cycles.

What I am excited about is with the expansion, new loot and finals skill mods, that we will have a ton of options that should satiate all of our varying play styles. And did I mention, we will once again get excited for new drops.....

Good time to be a DH.
My current build mainly goes RF, Bola for re-charge Hatred + Discipline. If no more SP, I would switch to Bola(Thunderball), Spike Traps, MFD, Vault.
@ Chappy

Maybe you could keep Multi (really usefull with cold SOJ and good AoE), but I really think you should try to play without SS. Right now, you need NS only because you use SS.

For fun, try Shuriken instead of SS and Perfectionnist instead of NS. I think you will not fear anything. Shuriken will give you life with LoH and Perf give you eHP. You will have more disc for Vault (and M4D)... and Vault can give you life too with LoH.

I only play on MP10 and I don't even need to move for Savage Beast.

Give it a try... I'am sure you will like this variation.
@ Pat, I can't wait to try. I do like Spike trap. I can go scatter with snare just as easily too or EB.

I use to use Shuriken all the time with low level strafe builds...
No shadowpower mp8-10. Only die if I get overly reckless or not paying attention. Gear isn't easiest to find though.
....and Spike trap are good with Numbing trap.....

Have fun!
My build works really well at MP8, almost no deaths, occasional death at MP10 but only against difficult elites.

With the combination of high health and brooding and aid station you get very high regen which coupled with the ~3% LS from Windforce keeps you alive against most damage, although you have to be cautious with RD.

It is a ranged build based on KB and cold dmg. All of my attacks snare with cold dmg, you can use Tal Rasha's amulet or SoJ.

Against packs of mobs drop a sentry then lay down six traps then start firing HA. The HA will snare mobs and then when the traps explode over a large area they will snare everything. Lay six more traps after your first set explodes, vault or move as necessary and put up new sentries as cooldown expires. For high priority targets burn then down with RF web shot.

The build requires as much hatred regen as possible because of all the spenders, but I find it fun because you have a lot of options for attacks and for doing damage.
....and Spike trap are good with Numbing trap.....

Have fun!

Great point.

I got love for Numbing Traps.
10/01/2013 09:52 AMPosted by PaT
Have fun!

This is more than enough reason to actually do stuff and play it ;)
For MP10, you need lifesteal of some sort!

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