MP10 build without SP....What would you do?

Demon Hunter
10/01/2013 12:20 PMPosted by abb1
For MP10, you need lifesteal of some sort!

not always. LoH, High Discipline and others can actually save you.

There are builds that doesn't use LS at all :)
Hey @ Chrizzle and @ Pat,

Just run a Act 1 MP8 key run with spike traps and churikan. At first it seemed rocking. However in defiled crypts it was tough. And savage beasts were tough too along with mob density.

It seems that cinder arrow is ok but when there are a lot of mobs, it can be tough to set up.

I then did the same run with Aggro King and the SS really allows for not only good setup but some good DPS in the right positions. Although multishot is a little more work than spike trap, i prefer shooting at things.

The spike trap and shuriken are pretty efficient but spamming MFD and traps was a little monotonous. I found myself not needing as many chains to survive though.

Overall I can see why you like this. We will have to see how the xpac skils shake out.

It is fun running no Shadow Power or weapon LS and still survive.

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