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Demon Hunter
So pretty new to DHs but def having a blast with it. I was checking out some builds for alil faster Plvling and although I like BL I couldn't get past mp 5-6 using it so I just started messing around with skills and came up with what my DH setup that im using now and can handle mp7-8 pretty decent now. Question is anyone using a build that similar to mine or have an idea on how to make it better for faster clears?
One of my friends from the list uses that build:!Xbe!YccbYZ

Put ruby in your helm, HF ring, join a party and you will see "Paragon XX" on your screen every 10-15 minutes.
I think we share a similar build, your gears now are quite good except for weapon which can be a lot better. Instead of Ice Climbers, you might wanna consider Nat's Boots to link with your ring for set bonus, and Nat's chest probably outweigh benefit over your crafted chest with set bonuses too.

For Helm, consider crit Mempo as you woudnt want mobs to fear off while you are trying to RF them to pieces. You also might wanna upgrde quiver to one with +x% RF stats since you gonna be RF-ing most of the time.

Since you've been rather lucky on crafts (nice Gloves & Amulet !), you might get a good HF ring for that add'l EXP bonus. And if you have enough EHP to survive then probably consider socketing a Ruby on your Helm.
maybe use punishment rune on prep, maybe swap sentry for shuriken cloud

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