DH - transformer

Demon Hunter
You've seen it in "Datamined 9-26-13" topic, but nobody pays attention to it. Probably it is a gimmick stuff or we will become transformers in RoS

Vengeance Is Mine
desc : Cooldown: 90 seconds / Turn into the physical embodiment of Vengeance for 15 seconds.
    Side Guns: Whenever you activate a skill, you gain 2 additional shots to the left and right for 100% weapon damage.
    Homing Rockets: Rockets shoot automatically at nearby enemies for 75% weapon damage.
    Training Drone : A mechanical contraption orbits you, dealing 150% weapon damage per second to enemies around you.
    Personal Mortar : Launch grenades at random enemies outside melee range for 200% weapon damage.
    Stimulants : Heal for 10% of maximum life each second.

Equipped with ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_622_x1 - You may have 2 additional Sentries, DH party will look like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=M9o18zIhNQk#t=23
It's probably because it doesn't look exciting enough for a long CD, short duration, supposedly GG button skill.
I don't understand this skill, what does it do if you don't select a rune?
I can see a walking missile pods with this addition.

New Ballistic + Rapid Fire - Rocket Storm + this.

Should be awesome fighting bosses.

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