Demonic Possession War!!!

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This is basically your typical capture the flag routine except it's not. It is quite different from capturing a flag. Instead, both teams have a semi-possessed human which by the way, these two are twin brothers, so in order to win this battle, the team must vanquish the opposing team's possessed being. To begin this demonic possessed war, the team must kill a demon located in the center where it guards a tome that would remove the curse from your possessed human twin. After the chanting is completed, the player must deliver it to the opposing side in order to make him a whole demon and slay him at his fullest demon form. So why stop there? I know most of you guys are sick of brawling and farming the same day over and over again. So I pictured, why couldn't we do a co-op team death match this way. So I figure a way to actually add more than just two leaders and a unique demon in the center. Imagine playing LoL, you would expect more happening on your way. Then, I thought an idea about adding random mobs and elites in this DPW. Just like Castle Wars on RS, Golem Wars on Rakion, and LoL with incoming attacks. This feels as if it was Warcraft 3 all over again with creeps lurking in the shadow. Still there should be more than that. What else? Reward points to purchase new goodie items, exp, and upgrade weapons just like D2. I remember upgrading a weapon and adding sockets to it making it look sick. Imagine having a weapon with no socket, this would suck so bad for a weapon that may have good stats, but it has no socket joints to stick to. That's like no PB & J or Reese Cups. The world would shake and crumble into crumbs. Sorry that I can't add more because I need to put up images or something to make it happen. I'm just a simple idealistic person.

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