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I originally posted this in Chrizzle's Datamined thread regarding the cap on IAS from items, but I think it merits it's own discussion.

Has anyone considered the fact that under this new regime, dual wielding will net a DH the highest possible APS?

Think about it, the IAS cap on items does not affect the innate 15% IAS bonus fron DW, thus we can get 15% more IAS than SW and 2H. With this change, the DML has been defanged a bit.

That said, the cap on CHD is quite disquieting.
That said, the cap on CHD is quite disquieting.

Well in your case, it would mean it's possible to cap out all CHD on just weapons only and have no need to slot CHD elsewhere on your gear (at least with current soon to be "legacy" items)

The cap also means you don't necessarily have to have a socket on your off hand and can lean towards getting QoL stats or just plain high weapon damage.

You can also continue with sockets on both hand and decide to put diamond gems instead for insane bonus vs E damage (since at the moment, there isn't a cap on that) and still be at near cap with CHD, which would be very nice.

There are many things one can speculate for the up coming changes etc, but one thing is for certain; we will be playing an almost entirely different game once all of these things roll out.
Yes, but not dps wise still..

1.60 x 1.11 x 1.65 = 2.9304
1.60 x 1.11 x 1.40 = 2.4864
2.9304/2.4864 = 1.1786 ~= 18% more dps?

What about power?
quiver has skill bonus
quiver has more cc so you can gain a lot more offense/defense stat on armor
10cc ~= 1-2 slots
quiver has more as so you can gain a lot more offense/defense stat on armor
15-20as ~= 2-3 slots

dual does not gain extra cd = net nerf even with the higher aps

and it just swapped gearing limit ppl prioritized, no diversity still..

we don't even know what number of cc/cd we will be getting, but I can assume they are going to be cut in half.
For sure. I actually just going to qualify my statement with these words from Paul:

For now, we see in a mirror dimly.

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