Help Me Build a Better DH (with 200 mil)

Demon Hunter
Hi all,

So I've recently gotten back to D3 and I'm loving it so far. I've been playing as a Demon Hunter and Im a level 60 doing more than 180k DPS. I just got a hellfire ring and I replaced it with my old ring (I'm losing over 18k DPS when I equip the hellfire ring. Im using the HR just for the exp bonuses). Is that a good choice?

Let me know what I should do to improve my DH.

Also, I'm debating on what skills to use. Right now I'm using the electric ball but I've seen people use Bolashot. What is everyone's opinion on that?

Thanks all and I hope to play with you all in the near future ;)
Depends what MP you plan to run really, right now your EHP is very low so higher MP's are totally out of the question.
Look to add AR and Vit where ever you can afford to without dropping DPS. You should easily be able to do that on your budget right now. First place you can gain more is on your helm slot, Andy's is great for DPS but a Mempo is going to give you much better EHP and get rid of that nasty Fire Dmg Taken affix that the Andy's carries. Gloves, Bracer, Ammy and Chest is also a good place to gain AR and your Inna's pants could do with a lot more Vit. Really consider doing another few uber runs for another hellfire too, that one is really hurting your stats right now and you would probably do better to replace it with something giving better DPS/EHP so you can increase the MP you are running, that will be more beneficial in terms of XP than using that ring you have at present.

The benchmark now days seems to be around 400AR, 4k Armor and at least 50k Vit to stand a decent chance of suriving on higher MP's so aim for those targets. Use a DPS/EHP calculator before making any purchases though so you don't hurt your DPS in the process.

EDIT: For builds browse around the DH forum, there is plenty of good threads with gearing and build advice and find what works for your playstyle.

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