Have any of you Console players tried this.

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What an insanely hilarious idea. I'm gonna try it if I can ever get hubby off the PS3. :D
Yeah my housemate and I often will go AFK and leave the other person to look after you in HC, it's a pretty funny, but necessary, game mechanic the follow feature.
Being the owner of 4 controllers on my PS3, I am keen to give this a go... if I ever get D3 on it.

Honestly, I'd love this feature to be implemented on PC... just keeps the action going.

I had a power level last night and there were times I wish I could just walk away to take a pee or get a drink (vicious cycle I know) and still let that xp rack up. It wasn't like I was adding to the damage anyway.
Yes, I would love it if it could be implemented on the PC, but I don't know how.
It's actually a fantastic way to power lvl alt characters in both HC and SC.


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