Wizard xp rankings

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Okay, I gotcha.

I know you and your buddy are still developing this, but I think the first thing you guys should implement would be to expand the top 50. At least make it so people can scroll/browse through the leaderboard.

10/17/2013 12:42 PMPosted by Gelador
Could I get my XP rank plz ?

Just search for yourself to update the list.
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@Jaetch, done. Expanded to 250, while I don't create the "where am I" function on the list.

Top 250 by now, should be enough for this week at least. :)
Hi guys, updated the site. New layout on the details and on the main page.

As soon as we add new functions we'll let you guys know.
Excellent site Machado (Bribous isn't it?? ) :D

Looked up myself: Drat! Ranked 56. Gotta get the WD to P100 and break into the top 50.
29,141,415k here.
@Tensor, that's me. :) Machado here, Bribous at Diablofans. Thanks!

I've just corrected a bug that prevented non-latin characteres to be displayed correcly, and I still have to purge defective records from the DB.

Coming next: "update me" button. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, now we have the correct character genders displayed. The early profiles are all with "male", but after the Update button goes online the updated profiles will display female characters correctly.
Update: Now with graphics! :D

"Update-me" button ready, and currently working on XP-gain graphics over time, and some XP/day analysis.
I have a suggestion. P1000 should be taken out of this list and put into a sort of Hall of Fame section. Or at least have the rankings done correctly. Right now, glowsticks and kri have the same xp, but are ranked differently.
http://diablo3xp.com/ is cool! I cracked 20beez!

Also, on page 3, I wasn't calling anyone in particular a troll...I was calling all of us trolls! (In a nice way.)
@kiza, that makes perfect sense! P500 and P1000 should get a personal hall of fame. Specially if the guy/gal did with all the 5 classes. I hear you!

Right now they're on the following order: Total XP and Date of Registering. So, if 2 people have the same XP, the first to register on the site will be first on the list.

I'm working on the graphics right now, because the X-Axis on it doesn't make sense by now, but trust me: That's the date of your profiles update on the site. :)

@Chang, congrats! I just can't get my main to P100, and I just passed the total 11beez XP point. Right now I'm finding it more exciting to update the site than update my paragon levels. :)
Very cool site!!!

10/17/2013 12:28 PMPosted by Void
and gg noob jung/pens/doly. farm MOAR plz

Crap - I take 10 days off and noobjuice passes me. I blame the barb.....boring class = losing interest in game. There's only 3 or 4 names I recognize ahead of us (i.e. picha, kiza) so that's pretty cool...

Time to step my game up again....I have until Nov 15th!!!!
@pensfan, thanks!

@kiza, asked and done. :) Hall of Fame with our beloved P1000's created.

Now, to achievements. :)
Thnx for doing this Machado ^V^
It's going to feel good when Yoda quits again and I pass him in XP
; )

but srsly, thanks for including my lame !@#$!
@FL0Maxx, you actually made me happy! When I saw I have almost the same XP than you, I got some hope to achieve that P100 faster! :D

By the way, you're gaining P-levels steadily... 53M XP, then 54M XP, then 56M XP... Way better than me.

EDIT: Typos.
New update: Since the list outgrew the first 250 profiles limit on the first page, I added a new feature on your profile listing your position on the HC and SC rankings.
If vox qualifies as a wizard, I def qualify...add me to the top 3 plox
@Nerf, you can add yourself by adding your battletag on the box on the upper-right corner of the page.

The list will be updated with your name and position!
damn FL0Maxx and Steel about to get kicked off
I'm already out, and I created the damn thing! :-(
Oh I think I just bumped flo :/ sorry bout that bro

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