What to upgrade next?

Demon Hunter
Got about 60mill budget, any ideas? I'm honselty stuck without spending 100mill or over
I only buy stuff under 10m (most of the time). And hope I can find item in game.

So I would craft, there are 4 slots you can easily upgrade under 300 crafts. And I will make it 5 because a archon chest can give you more dex than that inna chest or get a nata cloak with more dex/vit

Get a int 2os manticore and add a RS ruby into that. Get a inna belt instead of that WH, your WH have like no dex..
Yeah I realise I need to craft stuff, just lacking the Essences atm.

I recently switched out a Nat's for the Inna's because I wanted the extra AR and Vit, finding I am a bit squishy.
There's an Inna's Temperance with 97 dex, 139 vit, 9 ias and 441 armour now in AH for 8.4M. 61 vit and some armour improvement over your current pair.

High dex/vit unities are overpriced. They are actually poor rolls, You lose out on a CD roll which would increase your dps way more.

Your APS is 1.98 right now, just below the BP of 2.001. 2 more IAS or a +11% manticore will bump you up. Looking at your gear, most likely it has to come from a +11% manti, unless you change your amulet or unity.
Cheers for the response dude. The Unity I found myself hence why I am using it, but Unities with CD that give a DPS increase are waaay expensive.

Cheers for the tip on the Inna's, just got that! I also upgraded my Manticore today after the above suggestion so cant look at a +11% one just yet :(
Upgrade your Pantycore.

You can try to find one with dex instead of int.
Save it for a bigger piece.
Bumping this. Have upgraded my Manticore and pants since posting this, can anyone see another place I can upgrade for under 100m
I'm wearing a Unity that I've been wanting to replace, if it's an upgrade for you, maybe we can talk price. Send me an invite in game if you're interested.

Also looking to replace my Mempo with a crit one, that's also up for trade.

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