How much solo xp per hour?

Demon Hunter
I can vouch with Decaying too.

Pretty much Festering > Leorics(if needed) > Decaying.

Though I have 2 different skills sets.. 1 for looking if Decaying is indeed present AND 1 for the actually killing.

It's not a solo run but.. I did 1 with Nyan and 2 more WDs, gained 70mil in 30mins I think or even less than that time.

Now if I'll solo, I'll decrease since I have a tanky setup and would likely to kill slower. Still, getting that much EXP + the number of mobs I kill + chances of item drops is welcome already.

Relaxed manner of playing ;)
From my experience (solo)
if you have 80k dps you should be able to get 40~60m per hr in MP1
You want more you need more dps
if you can get to 200~300k dps you should be able to get 90~110m per hr in MP5 or 6

I never find MP8-10 give me more experience because I don't have the dps to kill at the same rate. But I do believe you can get close to or more than 200m per hr if you have 400~500k dps and play in MP8-10.

I always have RS ruby in helm (31%), Hellfire (35%) and follower (7%) ~= 73%

My routes are:
Leoric > Woods > Fields
VotA > Sands > Storm Halls
if you want more add Oasis (waypoint) > Channel (western)
Keep1 > Keep2 > Keep3 > Arreat2 > Fields
Tier2 > Tier1 > Spire2 > Spire1
MP8 last night from P59 to P60 which is 92,160,000 exp according to this in 1 hour 10 minutes. Only 1 run Act1, Festering - FoM (crypt and 2 caves) - Weeping and a few mobs in Cemetery just to get "Wow, Para60!" banner.

Picked up only rings, amulets, legs and DE. Ruby and HF.
My girl:

So looks like Ruby and HF makes a difference.

Edit: solo
Edit2: Do not kill Wretched Mothers, let them vomit as many times as possible. And aim for the massacre bonuses.
Use Nyan's xp farming gear on lower mp like mp6 or 7. Gather the mobs just like Wd's with locust swarm does and rapid fire on them. Xp farming is not only about how fast you move, but how fast you kill huge amount of mobs unfortunately we don't have any skill to gather mobs efficiently like Wd's and wizards can do, we can have the same speed to jump from one pack of mobs to another like barbs and monks do, but we lack of resistance to be able to do on higher mps. Considering that, the best build I tried and I've tried many builds to farm xp efficiently still is Nyan's build for tank. Glass canon is also very effective to farm xp because you never stop hitting targets so it works like bringing the mobs to you.
Another thing I've tried before was to gather all the mobs using the bola/traps build with vault and when I was almost done with them I started getting away from the mob in order to look for new pack and when I was done used vault to jump to the next pack and start shooting right away.
My highest massacre that way was 314 monsters at weeping hollow mp8.
PS: I'm not saying I'm the best xp farmer, it's just an opinion of what I tested myself.

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