Curious to know...

Kornkills has it right. There is nothing wrong with transferring gold over from SC, and if you ground your way to the gold in SC then there aren't many who would criticize you for it. I, personally, would not do it for the first few weeks that I was in HC just b/c that is the time when you are most likely to die a "legit" death. I never did it in fact, though that was just b/c I only about 1.2m in SC when I came to HC so it hardly seemed worth the effort, anyway. And with the recent buggy nature of the servers especially I'd wait a while. But it's totally up to you, you earned the gold and you clearly know how to play the game, and I'd think that WD is probably more similar in HC to SC than most classes.
!@#$ you Bryan we are supposed to be enemies.
10/12/2013 05:01 PMPosted by Kornkills
!@#$ you Bryan we are supposed to be enemies.

Crap, sorry.

Kornkills is a liberal hippy monk, ignore his comments please.
As long as you are not botting, do whatever you like that helps you enjoy the game more.

My personal experience:

I was playing Hardcore starting from zero gold, and while I was taking my time levelling myself to 60, I flipped the AH everyday, trying to accumulate a decent amount of wealth so that I can buy myself some nice gears at the AH. At that time, decent gears were not cheap.

I managed to accumulated about 32 million Hardcore gold in about one month, that's lots of looking at AH and flipping during the time that I was babysitting. I see that as a personal achievement to hit 32 millions by playing the AH. I spent it all and put together a 47k DPS 230k EHP WD, and hurled myself straight at MP1. I even took a screenshot of what I actually bought:

At some point in time I knew that I would not return to softcore anymore. Found some great guy who was willing to trade HC golds at 1:2, and I liquidated most of my gears at SC (left only an equipped set on my SC monk) and transfered every gold over to HC.

With more gold at hand, I brought my WD's DPS up to 81k and the fun of speed farming began. Looted 138 legs and accumulated up to a billion before I lost her at P(67) to game freeze.
Personally I don't care, but I also see the time I've spent playing this game as having some value and since I don't buy gold I want to protect that value the best I can. when I've lost a lot of value in HC because of death or other reasons I have traded gold from SC, lately with the xpac coming and my kids playing more I've been trading the other way HC to SC as a way to divest and diversify.

If you use the auction in any way then your already a party in the gold trade, its completely unavoidable.
softcore 2.0
I've done HC -> SC trades just so I can cash out my HC finds and play the Xpac for free when it comes out.
I didn't know you could do that.
10/13/2013 07:58 AMPosted by Bogbars
I didn't know you could do that.

HC trade forum is filled with people who will change it over for you.
There is winning and there is losing. Pick one.
i bought 10m hc gold (@60m at that time!) to get started. spent it all on my first wiz but dc died soon after hitting 60. decided to just wing it from there.

hc gold was actually a lot easier to make than sc gold at that time (may '13).
What I find interesting about it is that it lets you spend RM on HC gear by purchasing gold, then trading it. This negates the no-RMAH-in-HC assertion, which was intentional to prevent players from spending RM on HC gear, then losing said gear.
As long as you enjoy the game then do as you please.

Personally I started HC with gear donations from friends, got me playing my wiz to mp0 inferno with those gears, but I've no choice but to do a kiting build. CM or Archon build just won't do with the level of gears I had back then, and eventually my luck ran out when I encountered an elite pack of bulls in fom. 1 charge KO and my wiz went bye bye.

Then I discovered SC to HC traders, so I gathered up all my SC gold and traded them to HC, good enough to buy me a decent CM set on my re-roll. I traded SC to HC gold 3 more times to where I'am now, but I had to strip my SC WD and Monk of their gears and sold to SC AH(eventually deleted those 2 toons).

I would love to have grinded for gears and gold, but that would've taken a lot of time and luck.
Essentially its an exploit. Its like grinding for multiple levels/plevels without the possibility of death. Anyone's "hardcore" characters that are based on this lack all legitimacy.

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