What Are Your Favorite Side Quests or Events?

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During your adventures through Sanctuary, you've traveled near and far—to Hell and back, in fact—and along the way, you've probably participated in dozens of side quests and events. So we'd love to know: What side quest or event in Diablo III do you find the most interesting, and why?

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Jar of Souls. Love the endless fight.
Also the one in Festering Woods where you have to defend a position. That would be fun if in a quest you had to defend a location that a specific amount of health, and the game would be over as soon demons to a specific amount of damage to it
Jar of Souls.

The enemies drop loot and destroying the jar gives you loot. Double rewards = fun
It is a great area to get a large consecutive kill count which gives you bonus XP.
Jar of souls is really the only one I liked.
Not necessarily a side quest, but as always, the secret "cow" level :).
Jar of Souls :-) the monsters just keep coming
Jar of Souls it probably my favorite followed by the resplendent chest that sinks into the floor and is replaced by monster generators. I wish there were TONS more random events like this. Not necessarily more per level just more variety with at least one event guaranteed per area.

I also wish there were just simple things like secret doors, rooms, etc... You know... just wandering around and then... hmm why does that one torch look different than all the others in a particular room. Click on it and it opens a room with a treasure chest or a treasure goblin or an elite pack.

So many ways to add smaller things like this add to the fun factor if you want but are completely optional if you are just cruising through a level.
I also agree with cow level.
i would love to see more quests that take a little bit longer and are about more than just a few minutes or secounds and follow you threw a bunch of games, not only one. or, if it can be in one game but takes a whole act and unlocks something then.

but i guess these are things that will be implemented as the leak site presented already something like the "demon hand" or whatever with things to collect from the purple monsters etc.

i would like to see more like that, and if it may be possible one day to teleport through whole acts and not only 1 act per game i look forward to have more quests where you have to do certain things in different acts in different locations to unlock a different location with something special :-)

there would be a lot of cool tools for great quests in diablo 3, those would also be very potential for further endgame. i saw you will implement 1 or 2 of those things, but in my post i just want to agree with that and tell you that in future patches after release you might be doing some more of these very cool quests!
Jar of souls is a good one.

Developmental Hell (not 100% sure of the proper name) was fun, nice that there was an achievement for smashing Jay.

I was a bit disappointed that Quality Well had no achievement for it.
Jar of Souls, I really want to see more events with lots of demons. Nowhere in this game seems to have endless supplies of demons hulled at us until we die... The Nephalem Challenges really make me happy, however I would rather have it get exponentially harder with monsters and rewards so that no one can actually beat it without dying.

This can be a problem with HC players , however I don't consider it a viable method of play (after a year of playing it) solely because a single disconnect means death. HC mode really needs a free disco a month or something reasonable. Every connection has issues.
jars of souls and necromancer one is a tie for me
Jar of Souls!

I can't think of any event that is truly unique like JoS is. Most are just kill these purple guys then get a resp chest. Meh.

Oh wait...Tomb of Sadar (Jakhar?), the tombs in Act 2 that are full of riches. I like the idea of a tomb with treasure it in.
1) Jar of Souls. Personally, this is the best by far; not because it yields particularly good loot (though that would make it even better), but because of the simple pleasure it provides - wade through waves and waves of slow-moving melee monsters. I think that's one of the reasons people remember fondly of Secret Cow Level.

2) In Weeping Hollows, where the ground glows and undead keeps coming out of the ground.

3) In Festering Woods, defend the position one and the ambush one.

4) Triage event in Act 3.

5) On Rakkis Crossing, help Captain Hale (or someone) defend the position.
Jar of souls and the 2 quests in Gestering Wood one on the hill and the other by activating the stone on the ground.

Should have more like these through out the game, although in Act 3 there are a few on stonefort and the bridge but the problem is you will know if you do these you quest you will kill them same as when you approach a soldier the wing demon will swoop him so if you want them alive then dont go near them.

Saddly you will alway know this because Diablo 3 was never meant to play through once, to me atleast 4 times play through or more per toon.
Jar is decent for D3 standards, because that's about as creative as it got for launch. Nice idea, but lacking in duration and intensity. Could have been so much more.

My favorite is the timed Crumbling Vault in A2. Especially for HC, adds a bit of excitement.

My suggestion would be to look at how GTA generally does side quests. That game has come as close as any to perfecting the side quest idea as I've seen and they have tons of them to keep the gameplay fresh. Give meaningful rewards for completing, and please, please put some thought and creativity in it.

A lot of the side quests are very lacking and skipping them is not even given a second thought.
Jar of souls and defend position in Festering woods.
I'd also have to say Jar of Souls. Great xp from it too.

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