What Are Your Favorite Side Quests or Events?

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"The dead started to eat us while we slept.. they're everywhere.. get away while you still can!"

Not really classified as an 'official' event or quest.. but I think it's funny that anyone would be camping in those tenebrous ruins.
I haven't found any side quests in the game, just events like Jar of Souls. Some events are optional as they require a player to trigger.

The closest things to side quests we have are staff or herding, machines, and hellfire rings. As quests go, they do not hold up at all. Not much story to them, too grindy.

I suppose some of the achievements could be considered quest-like, but the same applies.
I also wish there were just simple things like secret doors, rooms, etc... You know... just wandering around and then... hmm why does that one torch look different than all the others in a particular room. Click on it and it opens a room with a treasure chest or a treasure goblin or an elite pack.

Though it has been done by many games before, I still think this would be a brilliant addition to D3 and fits with one of the design goals.
The Crumbling Vault would have to be my favorite, time trials are such a huge rush and the reward at the end feels just. I also just love the thematic feeling of a crumbling vault, it's so climactic!

Otherwise I'd have to agree with other posters and say Jar of Souls is incredibly fun. This type of quest but bigger and grander would be fantastic, and something tells me that Nephalem Trials will deliver in that sense.
not really a quest but crypts runs in fields are the best.. best place in game it's a good spamed crypt.. if well done it provides over 100m experience very fast with loads and waves of zombies
I like that you guys are looking at bettering quests and listening to the community openly. For me, I see quests as missions that will always endure even after completing the first time. They should always be fun, challenging, and rewarding. They should range and vary in style of course. They should also have some depth to them; story and length. I want to be engaged in this game again! Act 1 and beyond hopefully get new story quest content.

btw when can we play D3 DotA pvp?
Jar of souls stands out the most probably because of being in the beta and that was the event that stood out the most.

I hope Blizzard will incorporate more of these "survival" events and make them a bit more challenging. One idea would be to increase their difficulty depending on which difficulty you are in. More mobs, 1 elite pack, 2 elite packs, 1 unique enemy type.
hordes of monsters are great.. but sometimes less is more too.

Jar of souls definitely awesome..

I also like trigger the trap r-chest events...
such as act 1 halls of agony area or something with the dead guy in the coffin .. purple monster..

and act 2 whirling dervishes rchest.. eventually 6 of em or something pop out around the chest...

and even act 4.. with the squares and the monsters that fly down and land like bombs from the sky..and u keep walking towards the corner to reveal more stepping squares...

.. if Blizz is looking for feedback or ideas.. definitely side quests with more mystery.. like u don't know if itz a trap ahead or what you might be facing..
I've never encountered this Jar of Souls event, never knew it existed. Sadface.
Staff of Herding & Uber quests. Because they actually take time & dedication to complete.
They are really the only real side quests the game has.

Events are pretty meh, like most people, the jar of souls is my pick. But events just don't have any depth to them. Just a room with some monsters, nothing exciting.
I don't know if this qualifies but in my first 15 minutes of playing D3 was actually my best. I found the anvil of fury in Griswalds Blacksmith shop in Old Tristam and it dropped a blue magic version of Griswalds Edge that had weaker stats with cool flavor text to explain it. I proceeded to take that into the cathedral and kill some monsters just like in my favorite game D1!
I like the big !@# worm that comes out of the sand in desolate sands of act 2 that turns into a dungeon when you kill it.
Well first off, there should distinguishably be a difference between a "side-quest" and an event.

1) Side-quests should have their own UI tab next to the main-line quests (or in the new Adventure mode, replace all the story quests).
  • Side-quests are guaranteed and reliable
  • you know where to go and what to do
  • some quests may have random elements to keep it fresh and dynamic
  • Quests will be much larger than Events, but have much greater rewards
  • some quests can be One-Time only with Permanent Bonuses/Rewards (i.e. D2's Add Socket or +5 stats or +Skill etc.)
  • other quests should be larger and repeatable (i.e. Devil's Hand, Bounties) <- good job by the way

  • 2) Events should be numerous and random. Right now, obviously the "best" event is Jar of Souls, but some of the other events are kind of on the right track.. they just don't feel as epic yet.
  • Some events should be guaranteed while others random - I think this is currently how it is
  • Event or two in every zone, ranging from small to large
  • Like little "distractions" or mini-games thrown into the regular grind.
  • Think the *side rooms* in Donkey Kong for example, to get bananas, coins, and lives
  • Should be much more epic than current. Jar of Souls briefly glimpses at this
  • Make events optional but perhaps last much longer or delve in much further
  • Larger events can still have very nice rewards - even like a guaranteed Legendary after completing something very hard - but are limited and controlled through randomness (not in every game, lucky to see certain events)
  • Keeps games fresh and dynamic, with spurts of awesomeness.
  • Can be thrown into Loot Runs to replace an entire floor

  • My only concern right now with Blizzard looking at this, and seeing everyone say Jar of Souls is their favorite - is that JoS is one of very few "real" events in the game.(more than kill 5 monsters to get a guy who sells you dye...) Others include the Necromancer in A2, Crumbling Vault in A2, Defend the Hill in Festering Woods in A1, The Random Tombs in Dalghur Oasis... that's all I can think of (or have read posted so far). So when everyone is saying they like JoS the most, it may be misleading because there aren't many options to choose from. The List needs spiced up...


    1) Escape Impending Mountain-of-Zombie Doom (i.e. Indiana Jones running from the Boulder in the Tomb style Event)
  • Choose between stopping for rewards or to kill mobs on the way, or escape
  • Can't get everything or you'll die!
  • 2) Overwhelming Monster Hordes (i.e. Jar of Souls style event)
  • Increasing waves of difficulty
  • Greater rewards the more waves you survive
  • 3) Defend the Totems/Summoners (i.e. King of the Hill style)
  • More fun if you have multiple objects that enemies are going directly to destroy
  • Have to pick and choose to keep the most objects alive
  • Larger rewards based on how many you have remaining at end
  • 4) Deathmatch Pit (i.e. Arenas from WoW)
  • Multiple waves of one or two mini-boss/elite groups per wave
  • "Bosses" can be random affixes or even pre-designed fights to really spice things up
  • Again, Larger rewards the further you go
  • 5) Chase the Dragon-Goblin (Junkie-style event)
  • You'll never catch him
  • But one day you might!
  • Just a few ideas to tickle your fancy. Obviously they're slightly generic but come on, they're tried and true and fun and still can be adapted to D3 and spiced up with originality.

    ADD: I forgot I also wanted to mention I liked some of the more atmospheric events too, like the cannibal in act 2 or other ones that display the macabre and gothic nature of Diablo. Just little things like maybe add more stuff like crows pecking out the eyes of corpses or two hyenas fighting over who gets to eat a corpse (but run away when you come near) etc.

    I liked the people turning into zombies in Act 1.
    The Crumbling Vault is really interesting. Jar of Souls was cool. The farmer and his dead wife I loved as a nice sidetrack to what we were doing in the game. All of the Necromancer stuff in Act 2 was really interesting. I also really liked the giant worm you kill that turns into a dungeon in Act 2 (wow Act 2 really got some love it seems like compared to other acts).

    Maybe a few more quests in Diablo 3 that give items as a reward? Other people have mentioned side quests from D2 like the Hellforge or one from my personal experience was the Barbarians trapped in the wilderness you had to go free. The result of that quest was Tal, Ort, Ral, which was nice the first time through at least. I always did that quest because I was one of those people who kept EVERY rune and combined them all up to try and get to high runes.

    These particular quests from D2 were nice because they left you feeling like you had someway to climb the gear hunt ladder.
    The blog replies and even in this thread there are some great ideas on how to improve random events and side quests.

    Right now they are nothing more than slight speed bumps with very little significance.
    No matter what, My Little Pony-ville will always be the most comical thing about a game I have ever done. Especially pre inferno nerf. I face-desked every time I was killed by Sunshine Bear or a Daisy.
    Frost Caves in Act3 Bridge of Korsikk. Always got good stuff from chest! And the watch tower in act 2.
    I love the "Mine" in Act-1 and Act-2 :)
    Jar of Souls is the best by far, though I'd like it if it lasted longer, had a few skele summoners spawn, then an elite pack or two.

    I would like it if there were some side quests that were so hard, you wouldn't necessarily do them all the time.

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