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I like the idea of Jar of Souls, but I feel like the event itself is way too bland and linear. I think if the same concept could be applied to a more complex and bigger scenario, and appear more often, you could really have something worth playing.
Now that I think about it, I didn't really like any of them because they're so linear and nonrandom. If I had to choose one, it would be the Crumbling Vault since at least the map and elites inside are somewhat random.
When an event as simple as Jar of Souls is the only thing that stands out, you've messed up. Also, I'm not sure this game has anything that feels like a side quest. All the events are just "stand here, do this, collect reward".
1) Jar of souls! Easy Neph Valor, great experience.
2) The secret crypt that spawns in the FOM. AWESOME experience...possibly the best in the game plus it actually makes experience farming FUN.
3) Rescuing Cain. Call me whatever you want but signature characters also make a game awesome. In final fantasy it was Cid, he was "always" in the next evolution of the game. For me, Cain gave me the feeling that Diablo 3 was "actually" a continuation of the story from Diablo 2.
4) Speaking of quests...everyone knows that this game is a game where the BASE of the play time goes into farming but that gets a bit boring after a while. So what, you have the best gear, better than anyone else maybe, but when you choose a new toon the farm route is the same. Since everyone was able to beat the game without any issue and in record time even, please think about giving us LOTS of more quests. After all if this game is going to be more about farming for the best gear then hitting a dead end road; then some may say it might be better to call this game "FarmBlo" rather than Diablo. Nothing personal I LOVE this game but.....I can't get any more specific...I want more quests.
5) The Mine Quest.....again lots of fun an tons of experience.
6) I know it is not in this game but....I want the actual cow level back :)
10/09/2013 01:32 PMPosted by DOYLE
Jar of Souls. Love the endless fight.

Jar of souls here too.. but there is no endless fight.

The timer should be extended by about 15 seconds.. just when it hits it's peak and starts to get good, it stops. :(
10/11/2013 07:41 AMPosted by AxeLord
Jar of Souls. Love the endless fight.

Jar of souls here too.. but there is no endless fight.

The timer should be extended by about 15 seconds.. just when it hits it's peak and starts to get good, it stops. :(

That's what she said.
Ttytt my favorite events are the ones that involve the least amount of spacebar spam.

I used to do Chaos runs in D2, and I'll tell you what, our runs would have taken ~25%-33% longer if we had to sit and wait for all of D3's "events" to skip. It's bad enough that we get a cutaway at every boss introduction, but every boss phase? I really enjoy plot elements like npc dialogue and cinematics in my games, but only if they're optional. Unfortunately, it was someone's bright idea to make them mandatory. With combat in this game as fast-paced as it is, the transitions are simply agonizing. Even though it only takes ~3-7 seconds to spacebar, click OK, maybe spacebar again through the cutaways, fades, and dialogue, it serves more to break the adventure apart than hold it together.

There's gotta be something you can do. What about a way to flag ourselves for skip all?

Like I join singleplayer. I check a box in my options that says I want to skip all the npc dialogue, cinematics, explanations, conversations, etc. So I have to talk to Leah. I click her once, she says nothing, and I immedately see the orange ! over Cain. I click Cain and I have my next waypoint up in my objective window.

Okay now imagine I join a multiplayer game where it just so happens that every player in that particular game has checked the same box. In this case, all {cinematics, npc dialogue, cutaways, 'sequences'} would be disabled, except for the event ready check. More monster slaying with less breaks in the action! What's not to love?

But wait, a player is in the mood to mellow out, get nostalgic and re-live all the epic exchanges between this game's characters/npcs. He joins an open slot in our game. The game sees his skip-all box isn't checked. Since the whole party is no longer in agreement, 'events' are restored.

Now we're back to the standard sequence-canceling method, which we start using without hesitaition. A bit slower for us, and a bit less nostalgic for him. If he really misses those cinematics, he can always fire up single-player, right? Cuz the rest of us monster slayers are gonna keep on skipping regardless. So the SlayGuys are frustrated over the "events" slowing their Slaying, and the LoreGuys are frustrated over monster-slayers canceling sequences and messing up their lore.

Right now, LoreGuys probably wish they could find a 4-player party of people who don't skip anything, and wait around for Cain to finish his sentences. Enter the second checkbox, to disable spacebar skip so they don't accidentally miss one long-winded word.

I'm just saying it's possible. Something to consider, Blizzard.
I think developer hell was well done. It doesn't seem to get old due to it's infrequent spawning.
Jar if souls was probably the only fun side quest. Honestly the current side quests are boring and meaningless outside of a Neph stack. What happened to opening resplendent gold chest and being excited about it? Where is the cow level packed with cows? That was always good for a laugh! Think of what made the diablo and diablo 2 successful especially LOD.
Jar of souls is mine. Wish there were more that were similar. Nothing else compares.

And as for act 4 sidequests, they are aweful and need a lot of work to make them worthwhile. Probably the only one worth doing is the one where one new piece of the platform is made every time you step on another. Unfortunately, you get to the end of this and the chest offers you 1 gem and a white item if you are lucky :(

A sure fire way of making the sidequests a lot more playable is to populate them heavily with monsters. Most people love killing hoards of monsters in one room.
Jar of souls too.
crash the massive count of mob to i get plesure.

i wanna create tasking by my mind. and clear them.
what a funny tasking. please devs tell me in game.
let's fire.
I like the Rathe Family.
Crumbling Vault is the treasure goblin between the events. This is the most exciting because from a simple thing: you can fail it. All events should be like this one, if you are careless, not good enough you don't get any reward.
How i think events should act:
Act 1 events:
Jar of Souls: when you start the quest the 4 gates will be closed and won't open until you finish the event.
Act 2 events:
The Necromancer event: let die the necro if you don't protect him.
In the Oasis when you need to rescue the prisoners, if you don't hurry much enough they will be executed.
I honestly feel, that most of the side quests and such are underdone. But they were never my main focus in gameplay so I never minded it that much. If this is a question asking; what is a good side quest to draw inspiration from, to perhaps add more to, it would probably be along the lines of the sin heart. I know it's not a side quest per say, but take the same objective (kill boss and wave of monsters, then destroy sin heart) and expand. Lets say the sin hearts shield would come down for a few seconds, then comes back up, then another wave of monsters spawns, then right before the sin heart dies a boss spawns. This could be a good, exciting trial for the players to complete. Though I would take this a step further, and have this in any act, and make it a demonic growth. Each act would have its own set of monsters that would spawn in the event.
The crumbling/lost vault quest with a timer. I only liked it because it provided a tiny change of gameplay that didn't revolve around hitting stuff for a reward at the end.

I play RPG's to get to do random things and feel like i'm helping fake NPCs, etc. Nothing was more satisfying back in the day then finding things like wirt's leg or doing random errands. D3 honestly has nothing truly memorable of this sort for me. No surprises or anything. I do like the NPC Squirt though and hope she gets a nice quest line someday.

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