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It's been weeks since I found any gear worth buying at a reasonable price (7 figures). It could be that my gear is getting just good enough that upgrades need to be GG and billions. I would think that there would be something though. The helm and amulet are the most obvious upgrades and finding Nat Reflection and Bloody Footprints. I find the occasional Manticore with 2 sockets but with other deficiencies that it just isn't worth the change. Most of what I'm finding in my price range will up the DPS a little but at the cost of a big drop on the eHP. Granted, I can afford to lose 40-50K there but I'd like to get more than an extra 1000 DPS out of it.

Am I searching for the wrong things or is this just that way it is once PvP > 400k?
Yeah, prices are pretty insane since people are trying to cash out. You gotta think that kids don't really understand supply and demand, so they will have a huge BO for something that isn't worth it.
A good example is ebay. People can ask whatever price they won't, but if those items aren't selling then the price is not correct.
You're searching for the wrong things. Or more likely, the right things but the wrong stats.
10/09/2013 02:33 AMPosted by Skuwak
You're searching for the wrong things. Or more likely, the right things but the wrong stats.

Prices have always been up for high end gear.
Low end gear is still generally very cheap and prices are still dropping.

You are probably having a hard time because you are trying to upgrade piece by piece with same stats + whatever extra you are looking for which of course will end up super expensive.
Get a pen to write down or use a website to see what would happen to your DPS + EHP if you changed a few pieces around at once. I'm sure you will find some upgrades at reasonable prices with this approach.
Nah, he's just searching wrongly.

For example, with BUYOUT of 10M and below:
4 pages worth of Nat's boots with >170 dex and >50 vit
Any one of these chosen at random will improve his dex by at least 70 and increase EHP as well due to set bonus, higher armour and melee dmg reduction.

Slightly over 2 pages worth of nat's embrace with >100 dex and >180 vit. Again, any random piece will more than compensate for the loss of armour. Among these, there's one for 2M with 651 armour, and also 12% life which is equal or better in every relevant dimension.
10/09/2013 03:12 AMPosted by Skuwak
Nah, he's just searching wrongly.

Not exactly, He upgrades one and then what?
You say Buyout of 10M and below and he gets a little bit of dex bonus.
After that he's stuck again and not sure how to upgrade without spending a lot.

Looking at his gear he could do ALL of the following for under 10M:

1: Change your chest to an Inna's Chest and get rid of Inna's Belt
You will still keep the 130dex bonus from the chest and you can find a Inna's chest with ~ 130+dex 130+vit for under 2M

2: Change your Boots to Nat's Boots
You can find boots with 150dex+ and decent vit for under 2M
Also keep the 7% Crit Chance

3: Change your ring to Nat's Ring
Depending on what you want, you will get 90+ dex and decent AR OR Vit depending on what you prefer.
You then get 130dex bonus from that. Under 2M

4: Change your pants to ones with more dex OR vit depending on what you prefer. Under 1M

5: Change your belt to a Witching Hour
You can get one with dex and Vit OR AR again under 2M

With the cheap upgrades above you are looking at:

200-250+ dex
100-200+ Vit
Same AR or Better depending on your choice
+ You will get the IAS and Crit Damage from Witching Hour.

This will make it much easier for you to upgrade later.
Adjust your gear so it makes it easy to upgrade and it makes life much easier.

So no he is not searching wrongly. He said he doesn't want just a 1000 sheet DPS increase which is what changing one piece for a big price will do.
Please. Your advice is OK, but you need to rethink your logic.

I was proving there's tons of upgrades available within OP's definition of a 'reasonable' price; 7 digits figures AKA between 1,000,000 to 9,999,999 gold. As I explicitly stated, I listed stuff posted for buyout, with search criteria high enough that it will lead to both dps and ehp increase at the same time, all within his reasonable price range.

OP finds it difficult to find an item that will increase both dps and ehp for a reasonable price ---> I demonstrate that it is possible with a simple search. If he is not searching wrongly, why am I able to search so much more successfully?

Not exactly, He upgrades one and then what?
You say Buyout of 10M and below and he gets a little bit of dex bonus.
After that he's stuck again and not sure how to upgrade without spending a lot.

Looking at his gear he could do ALL of the following for under 10M:

I did not recommend him to buy what I used in my examples. Furthermore there is no reason to believe he will be left with very little gold after buying 1 item. Nowhere did he state his entire budget was 10M. He was talking about individual pieces of gear at 7 digit prices.

Your conclusion doesn't even make sense. If someone can't find upgrades, and you subsequently demonstrate that it is possible, it necessarily means he was searching wrongly, or else he would have been able to find upgrades.

OP: I do not share the same sentiment as you that it is difficult for you to find an upgrade at a reasonable price, and as both KLAU and I have shown, it is entirely possible.
Okay, look for combinations, sacrifice a stat in one piece and pick it up in another. Looking for ways to make a particular piece better is more expensive than finding ways to make the combination of two or three pieces better.

Certainly more complicated but I can see that working. Thanks.

What conclusion? I never said he was searching the AH correctly.
In fact I quoted your original post because I agreed with you... But I guess you thought I was disagreeing because what else is the internet for?

I'm just speaking from my own experience, got stuck similar to OP for a long time before realizing what I was doing wrong.
AH is not difficult, not saying you are wrong, your suggestions definitely work but I just assumed he had already gone through your options and figured it wasn't worth it in the long run so I offered some other advice which I found to be more effective.

Anyway, seems like he has a good ideas from both of us. Good luck!
Just to clarify. I was thinking what could I get that would replace a single piece. I normally set my cap at around 5 million. That and look for bargains with time running out.
You have a decent quiver, but everything else can easily be upgraded for low cost.
@FitnessBlue, that DML was a steal at 100K.

Anyway, I made a bunch of purchases last night. Took a while to figure out what would work and all told it was 230M, but most of that was for the Manticore and gems. Sure seems like a lot for +50K DPS, still a 28% increase which is not bad. Never found a Nat's Reflection I liked but finally settled on one that I could live with, I needed one or the change to the Witching Hour would not have worked well.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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