So why is King Leoric a giant?

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It's his ego that does it!
Infernal possession has giantized him after he was slain as part of the twisted powers infused into his body and soul..?
So why is King Leoric a giant?! Really?

that's an interesting question.
because hes in the closet
'Roids. From Steroidabuse dot com:

Personality and Psychiatric changes often happen suddenly and without visible triggers or reasons. They include:

* Extreme mood swings
* Increased aggression or irritability
* Becomes disrespectful or abusive (verbally and/or physically)
* Poor decision making stemming from feelings of invincibility
* Becomes secretive and/or starts lying
* Withdraws from family members
* Depression (usually when steroids are discontinued)
* Hallucinations - seeing or hearing things that aren't there
* Paranoia - extreme feelings of mistrust or fear

Fits Leoric to a T! Diablo was probably using as well. Hell, Leoric and Big D might even have been workout partners (not unlike Saddam and Satan)! xD
In Egyptian hieroglyphics people were sized based on importance. Perhaps Sanctuary follows similar rules.
I tend to think of it like this, no matter how wrong I might be:

It's not his original skeleton.
He's so big because for people, size makes a difference. Get your mind above your waistline for a sec. What would be awesome if the chapter boss size would be relative to their health bar. The more damage you do, the more their size becomes equivalent to the players character.

Were a game engine to be capable of that, it would almost be like breaking the sound barrier for the first time. Unless of course someone's already done this?
Dude's on 'roids.

EDIT: Too late to the party again ^^^ what that guy said.
It would be neat if there was a legendary of the SK weapon in the game. Even better if the handle or blade had his face engraved on it :D
He was center of the los angeles of angiris council basketball team.
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It would be neat if there was a legendary of the SK weapon in the game. Even better if the handle or blade had his face engraved on it :D

You can find his mace. Its a low level one though, so for now its useless. You can also find his crown and ring :P

Wrath of the Bone King I believe is the 2-handed mace name.
Because he was defiled by the power of hell after he died. The whole cathedral was defiled.

So hes a demonic milk fueled skeletal astronaut king who works for NASA..... the plot thickens.....

As a youngster he said his prayers and ate his vitamins!
Bigger boss means that you can easily identify what he's going to do.

That's all there is to it.

I like how the most legitimate and probably most correct response is glossed over

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