Price Check Nat ring

Demon Hunter
PC this nats ring please :D

+85 Dexterity
8% IAS
6% Life
176 Life per second
+6.0% Critical hit chance
1 Empty socket

I have been looking on AH but none have Life %
Consider ~60 vitality instead of 6% life.
Thanks :)
Still difficult to price though, as the only one with vitality (6chc and a socket) is 1.9b because it has 150 dex

Grrr why such a unique item :P
Consider the socket as an additional 60 dex.
I would say around 300m?

socket = 30 mmd
From my experience sockets in rings and ammys are a lot easier to buy than sell. For some reason we undervalue them, even if the seller puts the right gem into the piece when listing it.

Yet another quirk of the auction house.

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