What Part(s) Of Diablo III Do You Actually *Like*?

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The combat, and pretty much just about nothing else.

I actually really want to play the game right now, but with all these major overhauls on the horizon I just don't want to waste my time. Especially after seeing how amazing the loot system is on console compared to this sorry steaming pile excuse of a loot system PC has.
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And yet for us to care so much...the game must have done *something* right.

I cared so much because D2 did just about everything right and D3 was my most anticipated game ever.

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So, what part(s) of the game did you/do you enjoy?

while I never took advantage of buying or selling I think the RMAH is the only worthwhile improvement in D3.

GAH is for botters and AH flippers, it is also completely redundant with the infinitely better RMAH in the game (yes im serious).
combat is fun
all classes are fun
cool looking spells
gold is actually useful
RMAH was cool at first lol
gory deaths of the monsters
my barb and ww
followers are cool
i like the skill system and passives
i do like the auto stats put in for me
ubers are cool
hellfire ring
i love voice acting. Picking up a book and it reads out loud
Azmodan's voice. He should be in a metal band.
the glowing elites
monster power
id all
story descriptions for each unique
auto pick up gold
i could probably go on...

D3>D2 IMO.
There is a couple of small things i did like about the game, but they were completely overshadowed by the large list of game design flaws, the real game killer though was the constant rubberbanding/high latency connecting from New Zealand which ruined the only major good thing about D3, the combat.
The forums. I like coming on here just to see how bad people rip each other apart on the threads. Sometimes I get lucky and read one ripping Blizzard to pieces before Blizzard shuts it down. Good Stuff!!!
What I like about Diablo 3 is the ability to switch up a build and do something different once in a while without making a brand new character. I also like the rune system that allows a person to change how an ability performs. I think it's better to run over gold to collect it instead of tons of extra clicking to collect it.
In no particular order:

1. Combat. Tight and responsive, none of the other ARPGs can match it.

2. Physics. The visceral feel of combat, especially the melee classes. There are times when my barb hits something so hard that my monitor's screen is filled with either a body slowly flying by or with splats of blood and gore. Or both.

3. Artwork. Yeah, controversial, but I like both the color saturated palette and the painterly art style. There's no danger of eye-fatigue--like I would get playing D2, especially in the zone leading up to Baal.

4. Graphics. Again, none of the other ARPGs can match it.

5. Attention to detail. Cobwebs and tattered banners sway in the breeze of an axe swing, doors pop open when hit with flying debris. The background battles seen from Act 3's battlements and Act 4's walkways. So many other finishing touches.

6. The music. Once more, controversial, but I appreciate the full orchestra scores. Yeah, I know some think Diablo music and Mat Uelman are synonymous, but I don't even remember his work on TL2, let alone D2.

7. Cinematics. I think Diablo's confrontation with Imperius at the Crystal Gates one of the most compelling game cinematics there is.

8. Voice acting. I can't wait to see what Covetous Shen has to say in the expac. I also appreciate that each class character has his or her own unique voice and personality.

9. Fully developed secondary characters. Not only Zoltun Kulle, but also the followers and their story arcs, Haedrig, Covetous Shen, Tyrael and his conflict with Imperius, Leah and Adria (people say D3 isn't dark enough, but what could be more dark than the calculating and deliberate betrayal and sacrifice of one's child?)

10. Classes. I enjoy playing all of them (see No. 1).

11. Fully fleshed-out Acts. I think Act 1 is the best, but Act 3 comes close with the pathos of so many young guards dead and dying while the flood of demon spawn attack the keep's walls. Also the silent suffering of the chained and tortured beings in the Tower/Crater is deeply disturbing.

12. No limits. I can switch builds without having to re-level or worry whether I have enough points in an ability to wear a particular item.

13. Monster Power. Adjustable difficulties to fit one's playstyle, abilities and gear.

14. Shared stash with uniform storage space. Path of Exile. Enough said.
I find it interesting that even though the thread title says about the Parts you *Like* (with extra asterisk emphasis mind you), people are still expressing the things they Don't Like & hate.

It's as if those things have become so traumatic that given any opportunity to write or speak about the POSITIVE aspects of the game people also write about the NEGATIVE parts.

I have to agree with everyone that the best part of the game is the choreography and fluidity of the combat engine. Animation & Harmony at it's best.
I actually like most things about D3. About the only thing I don't like is the fact that it's only online and all the annoying things that go along with it. It probably wouldn't be bad at all if I lived in the U.S. or Europe.

I like the new graphics and art direction.

I like the whole combat system and character set up, even though it's a little simplified.

I don't use the Auction House very much but I would imagine that it'd be a lot easier than spamming a trade channel or going through a forum of some sort. I was mildly surprised that they are doing away with it.

I like the Gem crafting system as it is now, it's not as easy as it was in D2 and makes them more significant. Well it does for me anyway.

Not a fan of the Blacksmithing as I've found it to be completely useless at the moment. Maybe now that I just recently got a level 60 and almost a second level 60 I'll find recipes as the only recipes I've come across are the Staff or Herding recipes.

Healing potions are also completely useless. Not nearly enough healing or not nearly often enough. I can handle them not being able to be spammed but 30 seconds? Really?
D2 Resource? I stopped playing about 6 years ago, but back then I just had 16 belt slots filled with full rejuvies. If I ever needed one, it was an instant fill of health and mana.
I liked the part when Jay Wilson left.
Not in any order:

1) The smooth combat.

2) Satisfying monster deaths. Good sound and physics come into play here.

3) Seamless switching of skills. I can try out a new skill whenever I like. No need to build an entire new character just to try out a certain skills effectiveness.

There are probably a lot more but I am in a hurry so I will just leave this here.

I find it interesting that even though the thread title says about the Parts you *Like* (with extra asterisk emphasis mind you), people are still expressing the things they Don't Like & hate.

Haters gotta hate.
- Act 1: Very diverse act that seldom sticks to a location to long
- Focus on Elites over Bosses
- Class design: Most classes, except the monk, fulfill their fantasy very well
- Classes feel unique
- Combat: Easily the best combat of any ARPG I've played by a wide margin
- Potions with cooldowns
- Skill/Rune system to promote build experimentation
- Leveling is a lot more fun since gaining new skills is better than improving on by 2% for 20 levels at a time.
- Autoloot
- Health Globes
- Simplified inventory management systems to keep focus on gameplay
- Treasure Goblins
- Shared Stash
- AH and RMAH
- Paragon leveling (particularly the unlimited one)
- Capping MF/GF
- Tons of difficulty scaling options for all player types while allowing retaining the fact that it's a loot hunt game. Godly gear will always faceroll the hardest content as it should.
Fluid combat, detailed environments, unlimited potential. Hopefully they fix this game.
I actually like most of it. If I had to name one, I'd be the explosions.
1) Act I until Aranea Caverns. I love it, it's slow and cool.

2) I love Azmo. He's cool dude. His Skype calls makes me laugh every time.

3) I also like Kamyr. Kamyr is awesome.
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There are things that were frustrating about D2 but not resource management or combat pacing. If anything that's one place where D3 stuck to the roots. D2 was all about Life and Mana steal.

Well, Diablo 2s resource management was frustrating in how bad it was. At the end game you might as well not have had a resource.

D3 is the same way.

My Barb never runs out of fury (in fact, I have to spam abilities i don't need just to dump some of it for less than a second at a time)

My monk regains full spirit as soon as I use it.

My Wiz gets nonstop arcane power from the Crit hits grant Arcane power

My WD has like 60 mana/sec +10 for every mob i kill. He can do the bat thing nonstop and the mana never goes down, even if I don't kill anything with it

The DH, for me at least, does run out of hatred occassionally, but it's full in about a second.
Like the artwork for the most part.

I like the searchlight effect when a legendary drops. Unfortunately, it's usually brimstone quality.

Like the combat, but even that's screwed up. Hey, I'm a monk! Check out my cool weapons! Hey, hang on a sec while i put them away to fight you, Mr. Monster. And pray tell me D3 devs, how does a monk with a shield block anything when the shield is sitting on his/her back?

Man, that is lame.

And why don't any of the classes have the ability to parry? We can dodge or block, but not parry? Anyone in Fencing 101 would murder us!
I like the artwork of the game.

Everything else just reminds me of the glorious shortcoming of what it could have been.

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