Solo wd reaches p100!

Well it was a very very looong run 570hours!!!.Made helldog back in february just to get the last achievements.Turns out the levels were going slowly up so after the first 30 i desided to start lvl farming and see when will i meet my end.I solo about 98% of my time cause of many reasons like the pregnacy of my wife and needed full attention!.By the way both character and baby where made 8.5 months ago!crazy right?!Overall i have been very lucky to stay alive from differend region (greece) with high ping all the time,old pc,and medium but stable connection.I never DCed but i lagged like crazy!Havent desided if i will start my archon wiz but will reopen my thread for giving away reduced lvl weapons
Dont have anyone to thanks so...special thanks to wife,unborn boy,isp,enchantress,4 dogs,gargaduan,and maximus demon! :) se ya all for ROS!
good work, a great achievement!
Very nice!
Congrats! Always good to see a fellow WD hit P100. I thought my run to 100 was long at 382 hours. And WOW does Firebats make for one hell of a cool P100 pic!

Both the character and the baby were made 8.5 months ago? Looks like you hit P100 just in time! Probably won't get that amount of playtime available again until your kid hits P18 and goes to P-College! :D :D

Why does your screenshot say the time is 2:30µµ ??
its because we have an 8hourtime it was 2.30 midday!oh and i did so long to level cause i didnt use ruby gem or hf ring once!1 time i did ubers and had my one and only spirit vessel!
Yeah Ubers take some getting used to on a WD. I had to bail on my first ever uber run because I didn't understand how the mechanics of the encounter would effect my build.

I'm in Shanghai so I doubt we have an 8 hour time difference. I was asking what does "µµ" mean?
oh μ.μ its the greek time zone as p.m
μετα μεσημβριας = after midday

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