SB in RMAH!! not me selling!!


omfg!! someone is selling it in rmah now!! but not me.. i still had mine!
Looks like you got killed by an arcane sentry. Sad.
Good lord that just gave me a !@#$%
10/14/2013 06:03 AMPosted by jco310
Looks like you got killed by an arcane sentry. Sad.

hmm, pretty expensive for a small upgrade.
Meh all the gears are worthless ; p
After seeing that legendary hack savvy, this one no long rings the bell.

Actually, only 5600 dps increase over mine with 0.3% LS loss.

I like my $32 bucks/ (800m gold at that time) main hander more, haha.
Hack Saavy has been around since before most of the dupes... in fact I tried acquiring it back in 2012 when it was selling for 10bil but was unsuccessful.
lol, it's still worth 4k usd. but the owner isn't letting it go, same goes to sinister splitter
10/14/2013 07:24 AMPosted by KimSulki84
Meh all the gears are worthless ; p

that's true, and even more true after xpac, so will be gone the days where actual trading is still visually open-end.

I expect to be shock/surprise upon viewing peeps gears in xpac.
The price of this famous sword can buyout the whole set gears of my monk.
The real question is, who is JessicaJung? is she hot?
The real question is who is the guy bidding 120b on that barb amulet that is 33-61, 330 strength, 97 vit, 10 CC, 98 CD, 9 AS.
I know PhamineZ from the barb forum was jumping into the bidding. That 120 might be him.
It's not phamineZ's JSP account. It could be someone's ALT though only has like 4 posts.
Hmm....think you're right he said his cap was 100b so I don't know....that's a lot of bread for something that will be obsolete in a number of months... :)
sadly, it came slightly late.. if it was earlier in the game, it would have be the number 1 duped instead of teeming neck.. but 120bil? what he'll going to do with it later?
Personally I can't fathom why people are still buying gear, not for that amount.

The fact is though this would have gone for a few hundred beez several months back.
Heard it was up to 300 now.
Nah, it got a 125b bid on jsp this morning.

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