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Pretty simple, need a price check on what an unid echoing fury is selling for. What I am hearing from people in the game and what people have listed it at online are two very different numbers.

I've read 12-14m, 13-16m, and I see people saying they sell for as low as 5-6m now.

Any help would be appreciated.
They sell as low as 20,000 and can go 20M or more. For an unidentified Echoing Fury, Personally I wouldn't pay much for one that's unidentified as bad ones are all too common and worth nothing. Look on AH at all the Echoing Fury ending with no bids. I've found at least half-a-dozen, and only one was good - and that wasn't great.

For an Echoing fury to get serious gold, it needs high DPS damage, high stats (dex or str), critical hit damage and/or a socket...
not sure where he gets 20mil from there. as they can go for 5bil + with crit damage socket ls and 1250 dps +

ive seen people buy for 6mil and sell for 7-9mil lately

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