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10/16/2013 09:32 AMPosted by Poloxamer
How about an event wherein a treasure goblin comes to you for help.

I think this is a good idea, but less cliché events in general would be awesome. Throw some moral ambiguity into the mix to make them more interesting.

Events should take advantage of the RNG system in D3 as well as allow players meaningful choices in the events. For example:

The Penitence of the Damned
A. A small demon(or treasure goblin) asks you to help them kill a large demon who bullies them. When you agree, he opens a secret passage and leads you to the bullying demon. Upon killing the demon the small demon feasts on the greater demons remains and triples in size.
1. You can take a reward from the demon.
2. you can slay the demon (or beefed up treasure golem)

B .A succubus wants to change her demonic ways, and enter human society, but cant because a demon overlord has trapped her for her insolence.
When you kill the demon overlord, she is free, however upon freeing her she:
1. Turns on you, in an attempt to manipulate you to become her slave. You resist and slay her.

2. Becomes your companion and asks you to take her to the town. Upon doing so, one of three things can happen:
a. She joins society and settles down as a shopkeeper, while internally fighting her demonic tendencies.
b. Loses control and gives into to her evil desires and instantly possess the first villager she encounters.
c. Never had any intention of joining human society and promptly opens several hell portals, which fills the town with demons.

The cool thing here, is the event "Penitence of the dammed" has 6 different endings. This would keep playing the game interesting as the event would never be completely predictable. Allowing the player to have options would be difficult because of the multi-player nature of the game.
You see a weird treasure goblin down in the cathedral in act 1. Instead of a bag, it is dragging a dead body.
Hunt it down. Until it starts to cast its portal it is invulnerable.
If you manage to kill it in time while casting its portal, the portal is left behind. You hear a terrifying voice beyond the portal.

When entering, you pretty much go into this:
As in a remake of Diablo in Diablo 1. Keep the old graphic style as much as possible.

Really, anything before that is just an excuse to let me fight him.

Would like to see more multi-step events though (the above obviously isn't one). And some that resulted in actual boss battles at the end.
10/16/2013 10:04 AMPosted by Ziden
I think this is a good idea, but less cliché events in general would be awesome.

I only suggested this because I often find myself feeling sorry for the treasure goblin. I mean, imagine that you were the treasure goblin and everytime you tried to go out and just do your work, someone comes along and murders you. =)
10/16/2013 10:11 AMPosted by Shadout
You see a weird treasure goblin down in the cathedral in act 1. Instead of a bag, it is dragging a dead body.

This gave me the chills, good idea.
Act 1:

Misplaced Tavern

a tavern located randomly in the middle of any out door location, the bodies of several monsters litter the surrounding area, inside the tavern are characters from other blizzard games (warcraft, starcraft etc) one will randomly be selected to give you a quest.

characters could be Jim raynor (marine version) sarah kerrigan (zerg version) Tosh, Zeratul, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Jaina proudmore, Uther and maybe a few others?

each quest would reflect the character that gives it to you in the realm of their personality and the world they come from, of course they will give an excuse not to do it them self.
Jim (my gun is jammed)
Kerigan (im not letting jim out of my sight with that blond? bimbo here)
Tosh ( I be waiting for a contact)
Zeratul (this challenge is for you)
Thrall (someone has to watch Grom when he drinks)
Grom (some one has to watch the war chief's back)
Jaina ( i used too much magic just to make the place, i need to rest)
Uther ( I'm too old for this, its time i retire)

1 jim raynor, probably a quest to save some villagers from something, maybe a monster from the SC2 universe?

2 kerrigan, probably to kill some kind of rare monster, something that she would want the essence of for her swarm.

3 Tosh, wants you to find and kill someone/thing that is messing with him on a telepathic level.

4 Zeratul, wants you to find an ancient book so that he has something to read while he sits there in the tavern.

5 Thrall, wants an herb that he can use to make ..... something

6 Grom, wants you to travel to a location and inform bring 20 females to the tavern, you are transported to a place where you can interact with female villagers, succubus, night and high elf and others

7 Jaina, wants you to bring her some wellspring water from a dangerous area to help rejuvenate her

8 Uther, wants you to see why the shipment of alcohol hasnt arrived at the tavern

each character will reward you with large amounts gold and the chance for items like plans and even salvage parts from items
10/16/2013 10:14 AMPosted by Poloxamer
I only suggested this because I often find myself feeling sorry for the treasure goblin. I mean, imagine that you were the treasure goblin and everytime you tried to go out and just do your work, someone comes along and murders you.

I wasn't trying to say that your idea was cliché, if anything it is the opposite.

To me cliché is:
1. Innocent by-standard needs help
2. Hero saves innocent by-standard
3. Innocent by-standard rewards hero.
Could be fun..

Fire wood

Act 1.

You come across a rundown shack in the fields of misery .Inside you find an elderly couple.They say "we are cold and hungry but with all the monsters running lose we can't go out side to collect wood to keep warm or cook our food.

1.You can ignore them and smash every thing inside their home for potential drops.
2.You can ask how you can help them.

If you agree to help them they will tell you they need XX number of logs to heat their home and XX number more to cook with.

You must go out find and kill wood wraiths. Each wraith will produce a random number of logs.

You must search across the Fields of Misery,Southern Highlands,and the Northern Highlands to gather wood.

If you get The secluded Grove to spawn and you kill The Old Man then you will get a magical log to drop. Worth a event bonus reward because you will be told it will never burn up and the old couple will now always have wood.

Over all it could be a short event or a longer event depending on the number of logs needed. I just really hate the dam trees and could see nothing better then logs made from them.
Act 2:


you find 2 sorcerers/sorceress facing each other off, both looking questionably on the dark side, dead bodies of several villagers surround them, each one calls out to you for help saying the other is evil and killed the poor villagers, you have to make a choice of helping one or the other to kill the suspected evil one.
if you pick right, you will get some good rare magical related items from the fallen badguy, also able to loot the dead villagers.
if you pick wrong, the other sorcerer/sorceress will mock you, then attack you, both characters would have respectable loot on them, in the end if you pick right you will also get rewarded with something special like plans or maybe a legendary item, mostly goold.
10/16/2013 07:28 PMPosted by KORD
you find 2 sorcerers/sorceress facing each other off

Awesome idea, imo!
Act 2 - Cave of Wonders

In desolate sands, a Sorcerer can now randomly spawn. The Sorcerer will ask you to help him retrieve a old oil lamp from a magic cave, and if you do so, he promises you all the wealth you can carry. He gives you a ring to equip, which allows you to enter the magic cave, which the Sorcerer is standing next to.

Upon entering the cave, you see many portals open and various loot goblins (five or six) all try to escape the first room at once. After they have been defeated/escaped, the door to a long passageway lined with huge piles of gold (not collectable gold, more like pillars of it) opens, and the player negotiates a perilous path filled with traps.

At the end of the path, sitting on an altar, is the lamp the Sorcerer wants you to retrieve. After picking it up, the centerpiece of the altar drops into the ground (think Temple of Doom) and the race to the front room begins! With constant falling rocks (like Kulles), random frozen patches, spears shooting out of the walls and any other ideas for slowing down your escape; the race to the exit should be intense!

If you make it back to the first room, a large elite treasure goblin spawns, called Envy. This goblin doesn't try to flee, instead he summons other goblins periodically to distract you. The room is reasonably small, and he has vortex, arcane, extra health and molten affixes. If you defeat Envy, he says "Curse you Nephalem, my brother Greed will scour the meat from your bones" and then detonates in a loot explosion roughly equal to two resplendent chests.

After all this has occurred, there are three potential endings:

1. The Sorcerer appears in the room, thanks you for retrieving the lamp, and summons a resplendent chest as your reward before leaving, creating an escape as he does so.

2. The Sorcerer appears in the room and asks you for the lamp. The player asks for their reward, and at this point the Sorcerer attacks them. His attacks include Teleport, Fireballs, Summons and an Ice Armor that slows the attack speed of enemies affected. Once defeated an escape appears.

3. The Sorcerer appears in the room, thanks you for retrieving the lamp for him, then freezes you. As you stand there frozen, the Sorcerer explains (briefly) that the ring he gave you opened this cave because it is a djinn cave, and his ring contains a djinn. He summons the lamp's Djinn, thanks you again for helping him achieve such fabulous power, and then wishes himself into a magnificent palace on the other side of the world. Once he is gone, the player unfreezes, and uses the Sorcerer's ring to summon the lesser Djinn, who offers treasure and freedom from the cave if you allow him to remain within.

Edited - Spelling.
10/15/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Kookymunster
without the cutscreens

you had me at these three little words; MAN they are just useless more than once or twice :/
Event - Avenged
A Graveyard consisting of the real names & headstones of fallen hero's

yeah, I keep looking at the random spawn grave markers in weeping and keep thinking there SHOULD have been something more special about it... come on blizz, add SOMETHING here to make it interesting!
Cult of the Damned

-> You encounter a Purple Cultist. The cultist is assisted by many Cultist Summoner. However, unlike the one in the Highland (purple one is invincible until summoners are dead), you have to kill him first. Summoners are invulnerable. You must rapidly dispatch the Cultist before you are overwhelmed.


-> While wandering in the outdoors, there's a chance that one of the following events occur:

In Act 1, a powerful Skeletal Mage is surrounded by 4 Pillars in a closed room. This Skeleton can summon Skeletons and reanimate a horde of fallen ones. You must destroy the pillars to prevent further reinforcement. If you are foolish enough, you can take him head-on.

In Act 2, a powerful Worm emerge from the ground (different from the one that opens a new dungeon) and swallow you. You are dragged inside a new dungeon and you must make your way out of that place. The Purple Worm is the mini boss of the dungeon.

In Act 3, a Siege Breaker comes in through a wall.

In Act 4, a powerful Oppressor fall from the sky. You must quickly dispatch him, as more demons are on their way to assist him.

The return of Rakanishu

-> When activating the Shrine of Rakanishu in Act 2, there's a chance that the Avatar of Rakanishu is replaced by Rakanishu himself! Every Fallen from the Oasis will hear the call of their champion and rush to his aid. You must hurry.

Jar of Soul

-> Upon Smashing the Jar of Soul, there's a chance that a Powerful Skeleton Warrior is reanimated. If this happens, Skeletons will continue spawning until the Skeleton Warrior is slain (aside from the mini boss, extra minions will not grant XP or loots).

Goblin in the box!

-> When opening a chest, there's a chance that a Treasure Goblin comes out of it. Kill it.

Fallen Hero/Nephalem Corpse

A glorified corpse with improved loots.

Destructible ambush

We need more of them. Destroying Barrels in a crypt could spawn a rare pack for example.
Act 3:

EAT ME!!!!

exploring any of the bastion keep's external areas, the a demonic hellbearer can spawn, a special one rears its head up and swallows you and your companion by ... sucking in air/Vortex?

once your consumed (you can not avoid it) i see one of 2 things happen.

1: you are inside the beast and your going to give it one hell of indigestion by cutting up every organ you can find, livers, kidneys etc and each of them will provide you with a modest sum of loot.
when you get to the heart/s and destroy them, the mother load of all loot is produced.

on the way down you would of course be faced with hoards of demonic troopers, a few leveled elites guarding each organ etc.

2: your dropped into what ever pit of hell that these guys are coming from, inside you find several summoning totems and must destroy them, 90% of the enemy are demonic troopers and leveled elites guard larger ones that spawn larger numbers of troopers at a time, destroying the larger ones grants you a motherload of loot.

best part, leaving the area is more cinematic, the beast sways back and forth as you hear X sounds of combat, suddenly the beast lurches forward dead on the structure as you and your follower/party then exit from a massive hole in its head that a character creates.

Barb: hacking and slashing
Monk: booming kun fu sounds etc etc etc

that creates the hole in its head/face
Taken from another of my posts:

What I wouldn't give for RoS to have Whimsyshire appear, and when you enter it a shadowy figure wielding a partizan gradually appears and stabs the Unique Whimsyshire monsters through the heart and then the entire level suddenly fades into a dark world version of the old Cow Level. The Shadowy Figure is the Cow King who has come back to take revenge and starts you off surrounded by his minions, disappearing into the darkness awaiting the time when you find him to engage in Beefy Battle™.

Moo moo moo. Moo moo, moo. Moo moo moo moo....moooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

A great way to start off the New Whimsyshire, if I do say so myself.
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Act 1 or 2

True treasure

a woman comes running up to you pleading for help.

while she was fixing something under her cart, a monster suddenly appeared and started to go through her things, after it left she found that her treasure box was missing, in it was her only true treasure in the world, a picture of her dead children and husband.

after pointing you in the direction, you find a treasure goblin (a big one with a club)

you have 2 choices.

1 attack the beast for all his treasure and the item in question.

2 talk to the beast and tell him what it was he has stolen and ask for it back.

asking for the item back results in one of three chances
1 he tells you off and you have to fight him any ways.
2 he cries at the sad story and gives you the item back

3 he tells you off again, but jumps into a portal that your able to follow him into.
this one results in the best reward possible as you enter his lair, in it are several golden chests (3-6) and you confront him again, seeing that you followed him could have 2 more possible outcomes.

1 he gives the item up
2 you fight

ether way you can still loot the chests, killing him would be equivalent to another golden chest, you then return the item to the woman for a single item reward.

"hey blizzard you should hire me for this kind of thing, i have millions of them"
Act 1:

Haunted cottage.

while in ether the plains of despair or any of the highlands, you see several highland walkers and zombies enter a large portal.
"monsters using a portal? someone is in trouble"

entering the portal you find a small cottage/house surrounded by zombies both alive and dead, a lone man suddenly falls from the sky mutters out loud.
"Damn it not again"
then starts shooting at the zombies and walkers with a large custom crossbow, any that get too close he kills with a rather odd looking sword with teeth all along the blade (chain saw)

"come on baby/bub give me a hand here"

you fight along side the stranger slaughtering the undead and the trees, after a few moments a large monster of a tree that makes Diablo look small appears, you first have to kill its many roots then attack its trunk.

killing it reveals a large amount of gold and some leveled items.

the "Stranger that fell from the sky" thanks you for your help and gives you his sword, you then hear zombie moans and the stranger makes the comment of.
"it looks like im going to be here a while" you character offers to stay and fight by his side.
"thanks but no, this is my fight and im going to kick their !@#"
as you leave you hear the stranger say
"groovy babby"

props to any one that knows the reference im using.
Act 4


somewhere in the path to the crystal, you find a doorway with an angel about to die, he/she pleads for you to help save their comrades who were captured and are about to be corrupted by the demons.

inside you find several corrupted angels already there waiting to fight you, as you make your way in you find several angels that are restrained by ..... something, there is about .... lets say 10 angels that need to be released.

but there is also a creature inside that is attempting to corrupt them, both freeing and corrupting takes time, you can kill the creature as many times as you like but it will revive.
(thing of SC2 HOTS mission on char) once you free the required angels, THEY surround the enemy and slay him together (only angelic magic/weapons will kill him for good)
I feel like events should have a much much much bigger exp reward so that killing zombies isn't the only efficient way to gain exp...

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