[Nyan] gearing service pt.2 CLOSED (>^^)>

Demon Hunter
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Nyan will be CLOSING his gearing service. I will be coming out with something else to help out the DH community. With the closing of the AH, it's not as easy to just get the items you need. So I'll be closing for a little while. Just like before however, there are ways to optimize your stats still!


Here is my old thread that reached the post limit.


Want help from the community? Post here!



Here is an index of....useful information you may want to take a look at. I will also be using these myself as reference when gearing people, so it may not be a bad idea to look at it yourself.

General stuff about Nyan service :

What to look for in my weapon/what weapon to use?

What gear is there to get?

Gearing for breakpoints?

Advice for purchasing from AH?

Builds? You can take a look at some of my builds along with the community.

If you have a build you would like to add, visit this thread!

Got a question? It might have been answered already!

You have a question that you think it would be useful for the community? Add to this thread or reply in my gearing service here!


1. State your budget (very important)

2. You must give me a hug.

3. Its hard to gear someone naked, so I recommend to save me some time and have gear on your DH already. d3up link can work as well. If your DH is naked though and don't want to waste money, give me a good idea of where you want to go!

4. If you plan on using bombardment rune only, I would consider 1.82 or 2.86 as a breakpoint, otherwise I would consider breakpoints that apply to all rapid fire runes.

5. **IMPORTANT** Give me a general idea of what you for your DH. This actually maybe very difficult to do sometimes! You may need to spend some time to think about what you want to do with your DH in the end. The worst thing to do is to gear someone and in the end, they don't like it!

Gearing is based on a personal preference of eHP, dps as well as keeping the breakpoints in mind. As well, I usually try to slap on a max discipline item (SoJ, full nat's, or nat's embrace w/ max dis) because it is kinda useful to have. Not every DH needs max discipline, but it's very nice to have!

As well, many players hybrid rapid fire into their builds which is also good too :P Hyrbrds generally don't need to focus so much on the breakpoints if RF isn't their main source of damage.

Here is an example of a GOOD post :

Hi Nyan!
I have a 1500m budget, and would like to build a SP-free DH.
Here is your hug! (>^^)>
As well, here is a link to my nooby DH.
And I wish to use all rapid fire runes!

Overall I love my DH, and would continue to play it. I currently am using a life steal bow along with some life on hit on my rings. I would like to be able to have some fun on my DH, farm effectively, and not to rely on shadow power. Currently I have troubles on reflect damage. I often experiment with various other builds so RF isn't the only thing I do.


- States budget
- Gives the hug
- Gives a general overview of what they are trying to accomplish.
- Gives a link to the profile
- Has gear to start which gives Nyan an idea on preferences of breakpoints, eHP, and build they are currently using.

Excellent post! Good job Nyan! <(^^<)

Here is an example of a BAD post :

hi i want a mp10 DH. wat gear/build should i get?


- No budget given (mind set is shifted for different budgets)
- No hug given (I will feel sad)
- Gives Nyan no idea on what you want to do with your DH
- Gives no link to the profile. Nyan has six demon hunters. How would I know which one to gear?

Terrible post! Nyan gets a slap! *slap*

The problem with these kind of posts is not really the issue of the player (because he/she could be completely clueless about the DH). It's because of the DH lacking a "magic build" that dominates every other build that the DH has, and let everyone point to that "magic build".

This thread was originally for RF, because of how much damage it deals, ease of use, and huge differences in breakpoints (so usually people like to waste attack speed).

My replies :

Usually of the format of something like this...
'General overview'
'Attack speed breakpoints overview'
'Gearing overview'
'Skill suggestions to try out'

I try to underline/bold/italics stuff to try to make my replies as organized as possible for the person that gave Nyan a hug, and the lurkers in the forums. Don't be afraid to ask Nyan questions if your not sure about something!

Again gearing is based on personal preference/standards. I have a lot of experience with various builds (probably...) so don't be afraid to ask for advice ^.^

Note : I DO NOT help players in Hardcore or PvP. I simply don't have enough experience to offer people advice in this area. The best answer I could possible give is : Get more eHP. lol and that's pretty terrible advice.

If you add me in game, don't expect me to keep you on my friends list for long or accept them.. My list gets constantly filled and every friends list clean up I do, I have 90-95 as a result lol...its easiest for me to help you on the forums than in game, as most of the time I am playing when online.

Note how this is a gearing service and NOT a build service. The build is a preference to the player on how they want to customize it. I may give suggestions, but that's about it.

On the other hand, gearing in a certain way might be better for a certain kind of build (like calamity vs manticore).

You can take a look at my Twitch which has a collection of links of certain threads I made.

You can also take a look at my YouTube channel if I am bored enough to post on there!

Refer to Iria's guide if you want some PvP advice ^.^

Here is Atomsk's post on optimizing the 1.6667 aps breakpoint.

Pretty much is THE item which will influence your DPS the most by far of any piece of your gear. Even if the rest of your gear is godly, the weapon can make the difference from 300k to 400k dps. This is why generally you want to go for pure DPS on the weapon. Sometimes there are exceptions like life steal or LoH on a godly rare bow.

Because the weapon influences your DPS the most, it is recommend to spend about 35-45% of your budget on the weapon alone. There maybe some exceptions if you have like 20 billion gold already, or if you have a low budget to spend on your DH. Because it will use a large portion of your budget, you should take your time to buy your manticore!

I will break it up into Manticore and Calamity. I'm breaking it for these items because these are the most popular weapons at the moment. If you don't use manticore or calamity, that's also okay too! I can still help you gear or you can calculate how much IAS you need yourself. I use a 2h bow cause it's sexy :D

[MANTICORE] <(^^<)

Pretty much one of the most ideal weapons to look for on pure rapid fire builds. Low attack speed makes it hatred efficient, very high damage, very good crit damage (RF crit chance bonus on gear takes advantage of the crit damage), and are relatively easy to find on the AH.

If your lazy to read :

Get a 1300+ dps manticore with 2 sockets and a lot of awesome in it!

Now here are some more details :

****11 ias vs 10 ias?****

Details on which one to get depend on the weapon, and breakpoints (later on will explain more details on breakpoints). There are two cases to consider :

a) It doesn't matter. Look for highest min/max damage instead.

Basically if you know that you will keep your RF attack speed breakpoint regardless if you get the 10 ias or the 11 ias manticore, then you should look at the min/max damage instead. You can try putting in a calculator the average of the min/max damage to decide which one actually has more (expected) damage.

b) I need 11 ias manticore to reach an attack speed breakpoint.

Basically you need to get the higher attack speed version of the manticore to reach a certain attack speed, which is a breakpoint. This is most common for DH's that wish to get to the 2.001 aps breakpoint. The difference from 1.99 aps to 2.0001 aps is a 25% dps increase on RF (non bombardment rune and excluding rockets).

****1 vs 2 socket?****

1 socket manticore :

Often the weapon of choice if you have a low budget, or if a DH wishes to go the life steal route. 90% of the time, you should get the 170+ dex versions of this item, and aim for 85+ crit damage.

2 socket manticore :

You should be willing to spend some money on this. I usually recommend at least 50-100m before even thinking about purchasing this because of the price to pay for 2 gems, and the need to look for good stats. Ideally you want to get 40+ weapon damage, 80+ crit damage, and good DPS.

****Dex vs Int**** (2 socket manticore)

LOLWUT? Bro dex manticore is the way to go. What are you doing with that INT! Trash.

Nyan slap you.

There's actually a lot of reasons why I recommend int over dex manticore's in many situations and mostly relates to the price of the item. Of course dex is better than int, but also costs far more to get. So what do I know what to get? I'll break it down and hopefully people will get why.

Int manticore CAN be much cheaper than a dex manticore for the same DPS. If you look up an int manticore w/ 400m budget vs dex manticore w/ the same budget, you will notice that the int manticores have a much higher damage range than the dex manticores. This is where you may need to make some decisions.

If you have very good dex (over 3200) and with ~ 50-500m budget, the INT manticore maybe a better option to get. Int manticore might be also easier to find higher weapon damage and crit damage.

If you have relatively low dex (under 2800), then the dex manticore might be a better option for you.

That dex range is huge....I know.....

If you are filthy rich, go get your dex manticore. ^.^ I actually saw a 2b int manticore on the AH that might be able to beat my 5b manticore because it was near perfect dps and crit damage, and I have over 3500 dex on my DH.

Always check d3up.com if you are unsure what to get. It's a great resource to use.

****Other stats to keep in mind about :****

Crit damage is very important on the manticore, and even more so when using rapid fire because of all the crit chance bonus on your gear.

Weapon damage is also very important. Getting high weapon damage is always ideal for a manticore because of the ruby we want to put in the socket! Here is an example to show the difference.

Eg. My manticore has 1350 dps, 40% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1623 dps
Duped manticore has 1344 dps, 50% weapon damage. w/ marquise ruby -> 1637 dps

Could you imagine the difference w/ 25% to 50%? It's a lot!


1 socket manticore you can either go for crit damage or the marquise ruby. If you use the marquise ruby, you must have good crit damage on the rest of your gear.\

2 socket manticore you can go either two emeralds or ruby + emerald combo. Usually ruby + emerald has the best results as long as you have a decent manticore w/ good weapon damage, and decent crit damage.

(>^^)> [CALAMITY]

I don't have nearly as much experience as I do on a manticore, but I'll try my best :D

In terms of what kind of calamity to get, its pretty much the same idea as the manticore, except that the crit damage is much more important than it was on the manticore. May require to use prep -> punishment for full effectiveness, or hybrid RF. At 2.5001 aps breakpoint w/ bat companion, you can still use it similar to a manticore.

Generally calamity has lower pDPS, uses much more hatred, but is significantly faster than the manticore. Attacking faster can be a good thing and drastically change your gameplay. This can be for example replenish discipline (using night stalker) quicker, less delay between attack animations, its just a completely different playstyle. This is why I would never say which weapon is better than another, because they are just very different weapons.

Calamity w/ a socket is the best option to get for dps. Some people go for the life steal route too. I haven't heard about many DH's using it so I can't speak too much about it. I had a calamity for a while and thought it was awesome. Recently sold it and switched to rare 2h bow for my mess around DH. Most players use calamity for the attack speed, cause it's really awesome to attack fast sometimes :D

One very important thing I forgot to mention is hatred regen. Make that your hatred regen on your calamity + hatred regen on your quiver adds up to at least 2.51

This ensures that hatred regen would round up to 3.


Yo no one is stopping you from going another route ^.^ 2H bow ftw!

Well gearing overall can be a bit complex. Usually it's good to have a good baseline on what you need (never use paper dps as a baseline). Everyone has their own standards for what they want to do. My minimum standard stats are usually :

3800+ armor
400+ all resist
60k+ hp
39+ discipline

Tbh it's pretty high standard, but being tanky always feels safer. Max discipline is optional but really nice to have, and DPS is w/e it takes you.

Also note that the eHP standard is build dependent. If your build for example is built to super tank, then have the eHP to take on a molten explosion without gloom. If your build centers around avoiding damage, then life regen, life on hit and resources maybe a higher priority than eHP.

Other notes:

- Keep in mind that the calamity scales very well with average damage on the rings/amulet!
- Keep in mind that crit damage is very strong on rapid fire and strafe due to the crit chance bonuses from the quiver and stone of jordan.
- Always try crafting your items! Usually my preferred order of crafting is :
Bracers -> Amulet -> Gloves -> Shoulders

1. Amulets/rings/gloves :

Gloves -> Dex, CHC, CHD, and either eHP or IAS.

Make sure you have at least 4 properties which are useful to you.

Non-ias version -> Always get eHP
Ias version -> eHP is very expensive (unless your really rich)

Amulet -> Dex, CHC, CDC, and either average damage, eHP, IAS, or LoH.

Generally I don't recommend ias on the amulet because they are way too expensive and potential of 100% crit damage, 300+ dex, average damage and 10cc is way too good to even consider attack speed, while many legendaries give attack speed any ways. So most of the time it is better to get attack speed somewhere else. If you somehow managed to get it by fluke (e.g crafting), then awesome!

List of some IAS legs on items:

  • Natalya's reflection
  • Mempo of twilight
  • Andariel's visage
  • Lacuni prowlers (usually not recommended)
  • Inna's temperance
  • Witching hour
  • Taskers and theo (usually not recommended unless ur rich)
  • Quiver
  • Tal rasha's relentless pursuit

  • LoH on an amulet is really nice way to get LoH, w/o gimping much of potential DPS. What I mean by this is that it is still possible to get a 250+ dex/100cd/10cc/average damage/900 LoH amulet. It's just near impossible to find. This is why I generally don't recommend items like blackthorn's because of the potential DPS lost.

    Rings -> Usually I go all out legendaries for rings. Rare rings can be really awesome, and give you some really nice stats! Personally I'm not a fan of them because the legendary rings are really nice.

    -Litany of the undaunted -> tank ring with decent dps. Really nice ring to have if you want to be more tanky particularly vs elites.

    - Unity -> dps ring w/ bonus vs elites and decent LoH. Personally I really like this ring. Every property is useful! The LoH can be really good depending on what spec you are using. Recommend not to get attck speed on this ring UNLESS you are duel wield.

    - Wailing host -> anything goes ring w/ bonus vs elites. I usually wouldn't recommend this ring unless it's a really good deal since it's not as popular. There are some trifecta wailing hosts which do sell for a lot.

    - Natalya's reflection -> set bonus ring. Hard to say what this ring is used for other than set bonus, but generally used for dps. I use mine for LoH and high crit damage. These can be super super expensive depending on what you get.
    Generally the trifecta natalya's reflection are overpriced like crazy. Usually the 'cheaper' ones are with high crit damage or high crit chance and with 100+ dex, average damage or socket

    - Stone of Jordan -> Very high bonus vs elites, comes with skill bonus, and max discipline. The best ring for elite killing (assuming the rest of your gear is good), max discipline nice to have, and skill bonus can make up for the lack of dps stats.
    Usually I don't recommend this item for those with low DPS. It's a personal preference thing. For bonus vs elites, a unity is also another alternative. Although the SoJ has max discipline!

    - Rare ring -> Many potentials to be really good. Usually don't recommend attack speed unless you are trying to reach a breakpoint without wasting ias from a legendary item w/ attack speed (since it always comes w/ 8-9 ias).

    2. 'eHP items' : Boots, chest, shoulders, pants, bracers, helm.

    Why do I call these eHP items? Its because the only usefulness of these items for dps is dex! (crit chance for helm/bracers)

    So basically it is possible to sacrifice some dex for vitality, resist, armor, life%, all these stuff to help us survive. I don't need to go into too many details on this but you should keep this in mind!

    That 180+ dex inna's temperance might be really nice but has no vitality. But getting some 180+ vitality inna's temperance that already comes with 90+ dex might be a better choice instead! I hope this makes sense. The 8-9 differences comes down to breakpoints (explained in post #5).

    Shoulders : Vile wards are cheap. BoA can be good too if lucky, but most of the time vile wards has better mit%. That's why I craft shoulders last, although they can go over 300+ dex which is the main attraction to the BoA shoulders.

    For vile wards, I recommend 220+ dex, vit and pick up radius. I recommend pick up radius in this slot because you can only get one double stat roll once (for dex) on this item. So the last roll should be something more useful! Physical resist or life% is also another option.

    Chest : Generally high vitality rolls are better due to the chest's potential of 300 vitality. All resist roll is also not a bad option, but make sure it's good all resist. I don't know anyone using beckon sail :O

    Natalya's embrace vs. Inna's vast expanse.

    Natalya's embrace has multiple uses but is generally more expensive for the high dex/vit rolls. Used for either max discipline option, hatred regen, bonus to DH skills, set bonus or inna's favor route on the belt. People also use this cloak and zuni's trail together.

    Inna's vast expanse comes with melee reduction, good dex and some vit already. So if you plan on not using inna's favor nor the full natalya's set bonus, then inna's vast expanse is a much cheaper option for high vitality roll w/ decent dex. However if you use chest, then inna's favor is not an option to use (unless you are already at a breakpoint, and don't need the 24ms)

    Rare BoA archon chests can be good too, but it has to be really godly to beat the set bonus + eHP. It's more common for monks to use them, because they can't wear cloaks to double dip the 130+ dex bonus from both natalya's set and inna's set.

    Bracers : Generally BoA bracers are best for dps and eHP. Lacuni's prowlers are good sometimes but generally lacks eHP, and are really expensive. Strongarm bracers with 220+ dex/vit is also another alternative.

    Pants : I highly recommend not to wear pants because...wait a sec...get inna's temperance. Depth diggers are actually really good too since it can roll up to 300 dex/2 sockets and always come with all resistance, but is very expensive. Inna's temperance is usually the popular choice due to the movement speed, 1 crit chance, and attack speed (for breakpoints).

    Boots : Natalya's bloody footprints are hard to beat generally due to the armor/resist/decent dex/set bonus. Zuni's trail/journey is good only if you have sufficent dex, eHP, already have two piece nat's, and benefits the most on a black weapon (like windforce/calamity). Ice climbers are also very nice tanky boots, but generally isn't chosen due to the lack of movement speed.

    Helm : Mempo of twilight, natalya's sight (set bonus), or andi's visage. Personally I find mempo a nice balance of eHP and dps, nat's sight useful w/ full set bonus, andi's visage for cheap glassy dps.

    Belt : Inna's favor vs witching hour

    Inna's favor:

    Can't use inna's vast expanse
    Used w/ inna's temperance usually for getting easy double 130 dex boost (from natalya's as well),
    useful if already at breakpoints,
    Good if sufficent crit damage is on the rest of the gear,
    Good w/ black weapons
    comes with armor+1cc,
    Are cheap.

    Witching hour :

    Can use inna's vast expanse
    Good for getting breakpoints,
    Good if you need more crit damage due to lack of crit damage elsewhere.
    Good if you have high dex already.
    Crit damage/attack speed becomes significant factor when purchasing.
    Doesn't come with eHP.
    End game item, but can be very very expensive.

    Both are good but depends on the rest of your gear. The witching hour has much more potential to roll more dps, but again is super expensive.

    Quiver : IAS will depend on breakpoint requirements. Skill bonus particularly with rapid fire is very important! Generally you want to milk as much stats as you can for your budget. High vit rolls are much cheaper than high dex rolls. Do not look down on strength rolls as they provide armor!

    Ideal rolls are usually 200+ dex/250+ vit/high skill bonus/attack speed required for breakpoint.

    Stats to focus on? I'll try to explain!

    Get as many double stat rolls as you can for dex/vit.

    All your 'single' stat rolls should try to get one of the following :
    a) all resist
    b) pick up radius
    c) armor
    d) life%

    I'll give a simple example :

    Inna's vast expanse :
    a) 75+ AR
    b) 260+ vit.

    Option b is the better option! ~200 vit vs ~75, the vit will win!

    Witching hour :
    a) 80+ dex/80+ vit/70+ AR/life%
    b) 150+ dex/70+vit/life%

    Many people would say Option b is better, but actually it is option a! You may gain some DPS, but to give up 70 all resistance for 60 stats in total....NOT WORTH IT! And option b is most likely hell lot more expensive!

    Note that items that can roll 'double' stats won't always roll them! I'll give some examples.

    +5 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled which is then limited to only 1 dex roll

    330 dex (100 dex/vit roll = 1 roll)
    100 vit
    80 AR (rest are 1 prop each)
    9 IAS
    50 CD
    10 CC

    +5 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled which is then limited to only 1 dex roll

    230 dex (100 vit/int = 1 prop)
    100 vit
    100 int (rest are 1 prop each)
    12% life
    250 armor
    80 AR
    7 pick up radius

    Note that rolls don't have to favor your main stat.

    +5 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled which is then limited to only 1 dex roll

    230 dex (100 dex = 1 prop)
    100 vit
    12% life (rest are 1 prop each)
    250 armor
    80 AR
    7 pick up radius

    It could have been a case which it rolled 100 dex/vit together, but it might not happen.

    +5 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled which is then limited to only 1 dex roll

    +3 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g. +80 dex/vit)
    Other 2 stats can be all resist, pick up radius or something.

    100 dex (100 dex/vit = 1 prop)
    100 vit
    80 AR (rest are 1 prop each)
    12 life%

    +2 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g. +80 dex/vit)
    Other stat can be pick up radius or life%.

    300 dex (100 dex/vit = 1 prop)
    100 vit
    7 pick up radius (1 prop)

    +2 random magic properties
    Only 2 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g +160 vit AND 80+ dex/vit)
    However it is limited to only 1 dex roll

    200 dex (100 dex/vit = 1 prop)
    300 vit (100 vit/100vit = 1 prop)

    +3 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g 80+ dex/vit)

    +1 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g 80+ dex/vit)

    +3 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g 80+ dex/vit)

    +1 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g 80+ dex/vit)

    +1 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g +80 dex/vit)

    +1 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g. +80 dex/vit or +180 vit)

    +1 random magic properties
    Only 1 double main stat can be rolled. (e.g +180 vit)

    Putting gear together:

    There are many options to choose from when you want to put gear together.
  • eDPS
  • could be MP level dependant
  • eHP
  • could be MP level dependant
  • resources
  • build dependant
  • movement speed
  • you might get away with only 12
  • crit chance
  • if relying on night stalker
  • breakpoints
  • skill dependant

  • So, how does someone like myself know how to put gear together? It takes experience for sure, but I can try to give hints on how to put it together. 50% of the time for gearing someone, I spend looking at what they playing is trying to do with their character and considering all options. This is one of my primary reasons why I suggest max discipline because it leaves more options to people.

  • Your goals on your DH
  • Crypt runs?
  • DE farming?
  • MP10 uber runs?
  • Uber carries?
  • Fast solo farming?
  • I'm bored and just want to have fun!
  • Playstyle of your DH
  • I want to tank!
  • I don't wanna tank!
  • Whatever works in group play
  • *
    Okay so suppose we got a general idea. Say I am probably going to use RF bombardment for crypt runs, DE farming, and MP10 uber runs.

    DE farming requires -> High bonus vs elites and discipline.
    Crypt runs -> Efficient trash killing w/ cyclone monk.
    MP10 ubers -> Very good tankiness and BvE

    Automatically I see Unity and/or SoJ as options for the bonus vs elites, and max discipline option.
    high eHP -> attack speed properties maybe given up for eHP properties.
    High discipline -> Might consider full natalya's or cloak w/ max discipline.
    Efficient trash killing -> Need to maximize shots/second : trash kill.

    "Shots/second : trash kill" looks really weird but I'll try to explain
    Suppose it only takes ~ 4-5 critical hits to kill a trash monster on MP10. How can I actually improve on this?

    Suppose I got more dex, more average damage, will this number be reduced down to ~3-4 critical hits instead? Probably not. So at this point, it would be better to improve your crit chance or attack speed.

    The reason why people say "HOLY !@#$ NYAN YOUR DPS IS AMAZING" is not because of how hard my bombardment crits on my nyan gear-swap, but because my crit chance is 90% at 2.0001 aps breakpoint. This lets me to kill trash monsters at a very stable and fast pace.

    Now I have good things to look for now.


    ****Temporary place holder for self reference****
    This section is ONLY for copy and paste, and change a couple values so that I don't have to go typing up the same thing for everyone.

  • Amulet
  • You can get a temporary amulet for now
  • 150+ dex
  • 8+ crit chance
  • 80+ crit damage
  • At least one of the following:
  • Extra dex
  • Vitality
  • Life%
  • Armor
  • All resist
  • Socket
  • Average damage
  • Starting collecting those DE's
  • <(^^<)

  • Bracers
  • You can get strongarm bracers for now as temporary
  • 230+ dex
  • 60+ vit
  • Start collecting those DE's
  • <(^^<)

  • Calamity
  • 11 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • 45+ weapon damage
  • 85+ crit damage
  • marquise ruby
  • <(^^<)

  • Deadman's legacy
  • 19+ ias
  • 201+ vitality
  • prefer to have more vitality
  • 201+ dexterity
  • 5+ RF crit chance
  • <(^^<)

  • Gloves
  • no attack speed here
  • 8.5+ crit chance
  • 40+ crit damage
  • 140+ dex
  • +all resist, armor or vitality
  • <(^^<)

  • Inna's favor
  • 70+ all resist
  • Prefer 8% holy damage
  • <(^^<)

  • Inna's temperance
  • 140+ vitality
  • 9 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • <(^^<)

  • Inna's vast expanse
  • 230+ vitality
  • Prefer 12% life
  • 150+ dex
  • <(^^<)

  • Lacuni Prowlers
  • 8 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • 5+ crit chance
  • 60+ dex
  • 60+ vitality
  • 60+ all resist
  • <(^^<)

  • Manticore
  • 40+ weapon damage
  • 80+ crit damage
  • 170+ dex
  • 11 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • 2 sockets
  • marquise ruby
  • radiant star emerald+
  • <(^^<)

  • Mempo of Twilight
  • 170+ dex
  • 9 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • +crit chance
  • <(^^<)

  • Natalya's bloody footprints
  • 190+ dexterity
  • 70+ vitality
  • <(^^<)

  • Natalya's embrace
  • 185+ vitality
  • +max discipline
  • prefer 12% life
  • <(^^<)

  • Natalya's reflection
  • 9 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • Either crit damage or crit chance
  • way too expensive if you try to get both!
  • At least one of the following (prefer two):
  • Extra dex
  • Vitality
  • Life%
  • Armor
  • All resist
  • Socket
  • Average damage
  • <(^^<)

  • Natalya's sight
  • +crit chance
  • +60 all resist
  • Prefer higher armor roll
  • <(^^<)

  • Litany of the Undaunted
  • 35+ crit damage
  • Prefer higher dex and 7% RvE
  • Can help you tank elites
  • <(^^<)

  • Rare ring
  • +dex
  • sometimes there are exceptions
  • +4.5 crit chance
  • +40 crit damage
  • At least one of the following:
  • Average damage
  • More dex
  • Socket
  • If possible, at least one of the following:
  • life%
  • all resist
  • armor
  • vitality
  • <(^^<)

  • Unity (or wailing host)
  • 35+ crit damage
  • 35+ average damage
  • If possible, look for higher average damage, dex and 4% BvE
  • Bonus vs elites can be nice to have
  • <(^^<)

  • Vile wards
  • 220+ dex
  • 50+ vit
  • +pick up radius
  • <(^^<)

  • Witching hour
  • 9 ias
  • will depend on breakpoints
  • 40+ crit damage
  • 70+ dex
  • 50+ all resist
  • If possible, one of the following:
  • Life%
  • Armor (or high str)
  • Vitality (sometimes can come as double roll w/ dex)
  • Pick up radius
  • Extra dex
  • <(^^<)

  • Zunimassa's Trail
  • 160+ dex
  • 60+ all resist
  • Prefer to have more vitality and 8% posion
  • <(^^<)

    I hope this helps!

    Try to solve this problem!
    There are are a odd number of people in a room, each holding a slice of fish. Each person tosses their fish to the closest person next to them. As well to avoid ambiguity, you cannot have the closest person be two different people. This closest person can only be one individual. Show that there will always be a person without fish


  • You are playing a 2-player game.
  • You are given a bunch of piles, with each pile containing a certain number of chips.
  • All piles are shared between the two players
  • Each pile can have a different number of chips
  • On each turn, you split every pile into two smaller piles.
  • Each pile must have at least 1 chip.
  • You win the game when every pile is 1 chip.
  • .
    If your turn starts first, describe the conditions to always win the game and your winning strategy.

    <coming in 3-4 days>

    You don't need to be super technically! You can try to express your answer in your own words as best you can!
  • If every pile needs to be 1 chip for you to win, how will the different # of chips for each pile affect this?
  • It maybe easier to work with the conditions of losing instead of winning.

    Buying items for a cheap price isn't always easy. In fact, some players spend hours on the AH in a single day. There's a lot of factors to buying from the AH. Knowing prices is very important. The hard part is that the market always change, and other players will be trying to fight for items at the same time. If you are new to the AH (lol will be gone soon), it's not that hard to get a general item of prices by doing some searching.

    Bidding on items can potentially save you lots of money (particularly on non legendary items, and lower medicore items).

    Trade channel : you can sometimes find amazing deals but you must be careful to not get scammed!!! There still exists many players that do scam so be alert and careful! As well there are many spammers there which is annoying. Always double check w/ AH

    1d 12h and 1d 11h items : These items sometimes are under priced and can steal nice items, but always make sure that it is a steal. One common trick that some players do is to repost their items after 2 hours of not selling lol, or people just overprice crap a lot. It's something to keep in mind when buying. It's more common to get steals from < 50m items compared to > 500m items.

    Forums : Sometimes can find good deals, or sometimes you can find some stupidly overpriced items. Often is used to find something very specific you need.

    Stone of jordan searching :

    Search as all armors as legendaries only
    Search bonus vs elites -> 25 or something
    Search max discipline -> 9

    Now you can search for a demon hunter stone of jordans! If you are looking for an RF Stone of Jordan, good luck. Try to search by bids that are ending first, then go to the 1d/11h section.

    9 ias searching :

    Using a similar method as above for searching all armors

    a) inna's temperance

    Search desired stat (140 vit for example),
    Search crit chance -> blank
    Search sockets -> 2
    Search attack speed -> 9

    b) mempo of twilight

    Search desired stat (crit chance for example)
    Search all resist -> 70
    Search socket -> blank
    Search life% -> 10%
    Search dex -> 170
    Search attack speed -> 9

    c) witching hour (need to search as all legendaries)

    Search desired stat (dex for example)
    Search int -> 90
    Search crit damage -> 45
    Search attack speed -> 8


    Think : Literally think to yourself if the item is worth to purchase or not. Will this drastically change me? Or will this just add a couple points to dex?

    Patience : Sometimes the very specific item your looking for might not be on the AH. Wait! Don't go rushing and buy whatever is on the AH at that moment. Often I find myself trying to find items for days and eventually it pops up (like my life steal bow). This is actually one of the most important things when it comes to purchases on the AH, and can save you a lot of money!

    Gems : If gems cost more than your gear, your doing it wrong. The quality of item far surpass the quality of gem! The only exception is maybe the weapon itselfs w/ marquise ruby.


    Makes me wonder sometimes xD

    Refer to this :
    <3 you Nubtro <(^^<)

    Withering Fire, Web Shot, Fire Support and High Velocity
    -> deals 1/6 of tooltip damage per tick (73% in v1.0.8)
    -> deals 1/3 of tooltip weapon damage per tick (138% in v1.0.8)

    [General breakpoints]

    This is for majority of the skills we have. These breakpoints are much more important when it comes to the faster attack speeds, or for rapid fire.

    Underlined : Breakpoints for rapid fire bombardment rune only
    Bold : Breakpoints for the other rapid fire runes
    In the case of rapid fire, you will have overlaps.

    attack speed range : frames per attack || RF ticks/s (bombardment) : RF ticks/s (other)
    1.27670-1.30435 aps : 46 frames || 4.00 ticks : 8.57 ticks
    1.30436-1.33333 aps : 45 frames || 4.00 ticks : 8.57 ticks
    1.33334-1.36363 aps : 44 frames || 4.29 ticks : 8.57 ticks
    1.36364-1.39535 aps : 43 frames || 4.29 ticks : 8.57 ticks
    1.39536-1.42857 aps : 42 frames || 4.29 ticks : 8.57 ticks
    1.42858-1.46341 aps : 41 frames || 4.62 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.46342-1.50000 aps : 40 frames || 4.62 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.50001-1.53846 aps : 39 frames || 4.62 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.53847-1.57895 aps : 38 frames || 5.00 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.57895 1.62162 aps : 37 frames || 5.00 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.62163-1.66667 aps : 36 frames || 5.00 ticks : 10.0 ticks
    1.66668-1.71429 aps : 35 frames || 5.45 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    1.71430-1.76471 aps : 34 frames || 5.45 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    1.76472-1.81818 aps : 33 frames || 5.45 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    1.81819-1.87500 aps : 32 frames || 6.00 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    1.87501-1.93548 aps : 31 frames || 6.00 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    1.93549-2.00000 aps : 30 frames || 6.00 ticks : 12.0 ticks
    2.00001-2.06900 aps : 29 frames || 6.67 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.06901-2.14286 aps : 28 frames || 6.67 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.14287-2.22222 aps : 27 frames || 6.67 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.22223-2.30770 aps : 26 frames || 7.50 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.30771-2.40000 aps : 25 frames || 7.50 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.40001-2.50000 aps : 24 frames || 7.50 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    2.50001-2.60870 aps : 23 frames || 8.57 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    2.60871-2.72727 aps : 22 frames || 8.57 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    2.72728-2.85714 aps : 21 frames || 8.57 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    2.85715-3.00000 aps : 20 frames || 10.0 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    3.00001-3.15789 aps : 19 frames || 10.0 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    3.15790-3.33333 aps : 18 frames || 10.0 ticks : 20.0 ticks
    3.33334-3.52941 aps : 17 frames || 12.0 ticks : 30.0 ticks
    3.52942-3.75000 aps : 16 frames || 12.0 ticks : 30.0 ticks
    3.75001-4.00000 aps : 15 frames || 12.0 ticks : 30.0 ticks

    Note that there are breakpoints for bombardment rune that is between the breakpoints of the non-bombardment runes as highlighted/underlined.

    What does all this stuff mean?!?! Okay basically you have these attack speed ranges such at 1.66668 to 1.71429. As long as your attack speed is within this range, you will attack at 35 frames per second (each second has 60 frames).

    But notice that from 1.66668 to 2.00000, the ticks on rapid fire (non-bombardment) remain the same! This means that I can have 1.667 attack speed or 1.999 attack speed and still fire at 12 ticks per second! So it makes sense to just go for 1.667 attack speed instead right? Or you can go for the 2.0001 attack speed which puts you at the next breakpoint for rapid fire!

    There is no downside of having more attack speed than the breakpoint (maybe use a bit more hatred than usual), but at the same time rapid fire doesn't benefit the extra attack speed. You don't always have to be right on exact, but you should keep breakpoints in mind when making purchases. This can potentially save you money!

    BoA crafting or upgrading with attack speed can sometimes be tricky because if you get an upgrade but makes you lose your attack speed, then you start going RAWR. If your really lucky, you may get an upgrade that comes with attack speed! Then you can lose some attack speed on other pieces of gear if you wished.

    So in other words I can tell you an optimal way to gear, but it may not be easy to get to.

    [Manticore breakpoints for RF]

    a) 1.66667 aps (all runes)
    10 ias manticore -> at least 38 ias required on gear
    9 ias nat's reflect
    9 ias inna's temperance
    20 ias quiver

    9 ias mempo
    9 ias inna's temperance
    20 ias quiver
    9 ias witching hour
    9 ias nat's reflect
    20 ias quiver

    11 ias manticore -> at least 37 ias required on gear
    Just remove one ias from above
    You may also want to take a look at Atomsk's guide.

    b) 1.818181 aps (bombardment only)
    10 ias manticore -> at least 51 ias required on gear
    8 ias inna's temperance
    8 ias witching hour
    9 ias ring
    8 ias mempo
    18 ias quiver
    9 ias inna'a temperance
    9 ias mempo
    8 ias nat's reflect
    20 ias quiver
    5 ias gloves
    11 ias manticore -> at least 49 ias required on gear
    Just remove two ias from above
    Note that if I had an 10 ias manticore, I would still keep breakpoint.

    c) 2.00001 aps (all runes)
    10 ias manticore -> at least 66 ias required on gear
    Just add two ias from below
    11 ias manticore -> at least 64 ias required on gear
    9 ias witching hour
    9 ias mempo
    9 ias gloves
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias ring
    19 ias quiver
    8 ias witching hour
    8 ias mempo
    6 ias gloves
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias ring
    19 ias quiver
    5 ias amulet

    d) 2.22223 aps (bombardment only)
    10 ias manticore -> at least 84 ias required on gear
    Just add one ias from below
    11 ias manticore -> at least 83 ias required on gear
    9 ias witching hour
    9 ias mempo
    9 ias gloves
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias ring
    9 ias amulet
    9 ias lacuni prowlers
    20 ias quiver


    [Calamity breakpoints for RF]

    a) 2.50001 aps (all runes)
    10 ias calamity -> at least 43 ias on gear
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias natayla's reflection
    9 ias witching hour
    16 ias quiver
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias natayla's reflection
    8 ias mempo
    17 ias quiver
    11 ias calamity -> at least 41 ias on gear
    Just remove two ias from above

    b) 2.85714 aps (bombardment only)
    10 ias calamity -> at least 63 ias on gear
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias natalya's reflection
    9 ias witching hour
    8 ias mempo
    8 ias gloves
    20 ias quiver
    11 ias calamity -> at least 61 ias on gear
    Just remove two ias from above

    c) 3.33334 aps (all runes)
    11 ias calamity -> at least 88 ias on gear
    5 ias legacy zuni's journey
    9 ias natalya's reflection
    9 ias amulet
    9 ias gloves
    9 ias mempo
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias witching hour
    9 ias lacuni prowlers
    20 ias quiver
    10 ias calamity -> at least 90 ias on gear
    Just add two ias from above.....somehow lol


    [Other breakpoints (any weapon)]

    Not using a Manticore or Calamity? No problem! I'll tell you how to figure out the minimum required ias to reach a breakpoint!

    1. Choose a breakpoint from the chart. Lets say I choose the 2.0001 aps breakpoint. This will be the lower bound on an attack speed interval.
    2.00001-2.06900 aps : 29 frames || 6.67 ticks : 15.0 ticks
    The tick rate of RF on bombardment and non-bombardment runes also increase here.

    2. Now divide the breakpoint attack speed by your weapon's attack speed using a calculator. Lets say I'm using a rare 2h bow with 1.4 attack speed. The result is the ias scaled valued

    2.00001 / 1.4 = 1.42864....

    3. We un-scale the result to get the actual ias. We do this by subtracting 1, multiplying by 100, and rounding up in that order (remember to always round up!).

    1.42864.... -> 0.42864.... -> 42.864.... -> 43 ias.

    43 ias is the minimum required ias we need to get to the 2.0001 aps breakpoint with a 1.4 aps rare bow.


    Notes : Be careful on what the game says when you look at the weapon's attack speed. If your weapon has ias, manually calculate the weapon attack speed since the game rounds when it displays the number. Keep in mind the base weapon attack speeds.

    1h bow : 1.6 aps
    2h crossbow : 1.1 aps
    2h bow : 1.4 aps

    For example on a 11 ias windforce, the real weapon attack speed is 1.4 * 1.11 = 1.554. In game, it says 1.55 which isn't 100% accurate from what it really is.

    How do I make a build? This isn't really a 'build' service but there are some interesting builds out there to choose from. I won't tell you what build to use. Every build that 'works', has an idea behind why it works. Even if it's MP1, if it works, there's an idea behind why it works. Here are some builds that I created. If you have other RF builds you would like to add, feel free to post in my thread and I'll check it out to see if it's cool ^.^

    Tips for your builds :

    1. Make sure that your build has some survivability in it.
    2. Always have an AoE skill in your build when your farming.
    3. Take advantage of 'snapshotting' particularly with rapid fire.
    4. (optional) Try to get some mobility in your build. A fast DH with lower DPS might clear faster than a slow DH with high DPS.
    5. The skills on your skill bar isn't the only thing that makes a build. The execution and gear is also very important when it comes to the build.

    I made a thread about 'snapshotting' you can take a look here.

    The idea is that when you channel Rapid Fire, it takes a copy of many of your stats and fixes these values until you stop channelling. These include skill bonuses (such as BBV, Steady Aim, Guiding light), life steal (like shadow power),and min/max damage.

    Ex 1. When you use shadow power, then channel rapid fire, you be granted the life leech from shadow power for the entire duration of channelling even if shadow power is off. This is because when you channelled rapid fire, your life steal was 15%, thus Rapid Fire kept this stat fixed the way it is. You can also life steal snapshot chakram -> Shuriken cloud.

    Ex. 2 You have steady aim, and you are 10 yards away from a monsters. You start channelling rapid fire at the monsters. Then the monsters runs at you and now is two yards away from you. Do you keep your steady aim buff? Yes. This is because when you channelled rapid fire, your skill bonus was at 20% and Rapid fire fixed this value at the time you channelled it. Thus, kept the damage buff even if it deactivates in the middle of channelling.

    You still need to play smart, and make sure that your build (both skill set and player) can manage your resources properly. This doesn't apply to just RF but any build you play.

    Playing smart:
  • Study the elite affixes. Know what each affix does and make sure you know how to handle that situation. You need to be able to analysis the situation and identify if you should GTFO or you can keep doing what you are normally doing. This takes some experience. I'll give a list of elite affixes you should watch out for, especially for RF builds.
  • Nightmare
  • Interrupts channelling, and has a very short cooldown (3 seconds?). Always be careful with this elite affixes, especially with fire chains, electrify or fast elites.
  • Knockback
  • Interrupts channelling, and has a reasonable cooldown(15 seconds?). Usually isn't so bad because after the first knockback, you can usually nuke down the elite right after.
  • Vortex
  • Interrupts channelling, and can be very dangerous if combined with right elite pack. It can be avoided if you are face tanking the elite.
  • Frozen
  • Interrupts channelling, and can be very dangerous with blue packs, and worse if other affixes are deadly.
  • Illusionist affix (glitched)
  • Interrupts channelling on split. Uncertain to why it does this, but you have to be careful here. If you see an elite pack with illusionist affixes, make sure you have shadow power on the entire time until they all split up into copies, then their cooldown timer goes on and you can continue nuking them.
  • .
    Managing resources
  • Do you have enough discipline and hatred returns for your build?
  • How much discipline and hatred does your build require?
  • *****************NYAN BUILDS*******************

    Nyan farming build 1


    - Recommend to be a bit more tanky than usual since we won't be using gloom, and some pick up radius on gear.
    - Recommend to have at least 1 max discipline item.
    - Recommend not to go higher than the 2.5001 aps breakpoint for this.
    - For lower attack speed breakpoints, bat companion may not be needed.

    The idea is that you use shadow glide for life leech for bombardment, and mobility. You use preparation and vengeance to fuel your discipline and hatred. You can go pure bombardment with this build if you choose to.

    Nyan farming spec 2 (one of my best atm)


    - Recommend at least 50 discipline
    - Recommend at least 800 life on hit

    Prep -> punishment is optional
    Cluster grenades is preference

    Yes this is one of my best specs. Why is it one of my best specs? The idea is that you run to monsters fast and life leech your health back using trail of cinders w/ LoH while your running around. Cluster grenades procs discipline back very fast and generates a bit of hatred too. This is best played in high density areas.

    No name farming spec


    Cause I got no idea who did this one.

    Fire support procs night stalker very well, high single target dps. Bola used to clear trash,. Jagged spikes for crowd control + dps.

    Nyan VotA spec 1 (Vault of the Assassin's):


    - Recommend to have at least 50 discipline and some pick up radius
    - Recommend not to go higher than 2.0001 aps breakpoint
    - Recommend Stone of Jordan
    - If at 1.6667 aps breakpoint and have 60+ discipline, can skip vengeance passive w/ the pick up radius.

    What you want here is to kill elites and only elites in the VotA which requires skipping trash monsters. You will be using most of your discipline vaulting, so try to preserve your discipline when fighting elites. May want to take some DPS passives like archery or steady aim.

    Another alternative is to use night stalker + cluster grenades.

    Note that even though this says VotA, you don't have to use it for VotA. The idea is that you want to be as mobile as possible (i.e. get to point A to B as fast as you can). It just so happens that it shines on VotA or key farming act 3.

    Nyan uber boss spec 1 (w/ a tank) :


    - Recommend to be able to survive magda's bugs with gloom on
    - Recommend Stone of Jordan
    - Recommend good crit chance

    You want to be able to pound on the uber bosses as much as you can. This requires prep -> punishment + night stalker to do as much as you can for your team. I like to also personally slot in sentries with this since it doesn't interrupt rapid fire channelling.

    Depend on the situation, fire support might be better than bombardment. I recommend bombardment if you can confidently hit both uber bosses together, or you at the bombardment breakpoints which aren't for the non-bombardment runes.

    Nyan uber boss spec 2 (w/o a tank or solo) :


    - Recommend to be very tanky
    - Recommend Stone of Jordan
    - Recommend experience or a helping friend.

    You need be able to tank the uber bosses fairly well to do this well, for you to at least to 'faceroll' (w/e that means). You should have your primary DPS be single target and have some form of AoE for clearing trash. Mark for Death for dps + hatred resource. Boar companion is to tank siege + more all resist.

    You can tank siege w/o boar, but it is more difficult and requires vault, spike traps, and possibly chain of torment (along w/ being tanky), or perfect smoke screen timing w/ possibly vault as well.

    Archery is optional. If your concerned about surviving, leave DPS passives last.

    Nyan flag party spec 1 (DPS roll)


    - Recommend good computer (lol requirement)
    - Recommend high DPS

    Ahh flag parties are fun. Basically you have a "driver", a cm wizard, and two DPS players. The driver looks for monsters/elites and draws large packs of monsters together fast. The driver informs the team to come in. The cm wizard freezes and the two DPs guys pound on all the monsters/elites. Once they cleared the large group of monsters, they teleport back to town and repeat.

    Recently, crypt runs seem to have taken over, and flag parties seems like it's only used for DE farming.

    Nyan flag party spec 2 (driver roll)


    - Recommend good computer (lol requirement)
    - Recommend to be very tanky
    - Recommend at least 1000 life on hit.
    - Recommend over 50 max discipline

    The DH driver roll is to run to monsters fast, and lure monsters fast. Vault trail of cinders is for the speed and life on hit proc. You would be amazing how well trail of cinders works with life on hit. Since you will be getting your health back from trail of cinders, you can preserve all your discipline for vaulting, and use shadow power only when we have our pack of monsters to take on.

    Ball lightning is just a skill to lure monsters. Suppression fire w/ preparation punishment is another alternative since discipline return is instant. Cluster grenades are great for discipline regen/hatred regen balance. Twin chakram is good too since it has a huge range, and can hit multiple times on top of having hatred reduction on the cloak.

    Vengeance is optional...
    Prep -> punishment can be used if you have correct discipline management, but usually not recommended unless either legacy natalya's set or suppression fire.

    Other notes : This spec can be modified to lure fields of misery (useful for crypt runs)

    *****************OTHER BUILDS FROM DH COMMUNITY (>^^)>**********************

    Take a look at the sticky notes for common builds.


    Philos' spec 1 (I think this is his build...)
    Philos #1386

    Yeah well I dunno if I can speak for his build or not, but its cool. (>^^)> You can also make vault into trail of cinders and use LoH like my builds.

    Note that he is a calamity user. So a manticore user would use something different maybe.

    Philos' spec 2 (almost the same as his)
    Philos #1386

    Yeah well I dunno if I can speak for his build or not, but its cool. (>^^)> You can also make vault into trail of cinders and use LoH like my builds.

    Note that he is a calamity user. So a manticore user would use something different maybe

    Cameo's build
    Cameo #6595

    It's a fairly standard/random-ish RF bombardment build. It does not have any DPS buffs however. Here is the original post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8796090104

    Defender's build
    Defender #1772

    It's called the Bulldozer build <(^^<) Uniqueness is the use of choking gas!

    Atomsk's (nyan gear swapping) build :
    Atomsk #1902

    A cheap 25m budget to do MP10 effectively using Nyan gear swapping. May require the use of macros.

    Obles BL/bola/FS build
    Oble #6655

    Overall I would say that this is a great build. However this requires the player to correctly control their discipline usage, not to 'over-vault'.
    Ball lightning -> Aggro + night stalker proc in large mobs
    Bola : ID -> Primary AoE DPS
    RF : FS -> Primary single target DPS
    ToC -> mobility + healing while vaulting.+ aggro

    RaveaAngel's build
    RaveaAngel #6183

    Pretty standard build for RF. You want to use valley of death for team play, and rely on vengeance + bat companion for hatred resources. It might be possible to go under 2.0001 aps breakpoint and go no hatred spender. Ravea uses it to farm crypts~

    Chrizzle's unpredictable build
    Chrizzle #1390

    No words. Because it's Chrizzle and I have no idea what he's doing :D

    Dethaxe's LS dmg stacking build
    DethAxe #1328

    This is a pretty cool build. The idea is that you want to stack as much damage as you can. Taking advantage of shadow power, you can tank pretty much anything as long as you don't get one/two hit killed. Dethaxe uses bola shot, spike traps, AND jagged spikes along with his rapid fire bombardment. I can easily see this working well in a crypt run.

    Unlimited hatred (w/ a 0dog WD)
    REAPER666 #1553

    I wouldn't say it's his build, since many people have done this before. But the idea is that you use the vengeance passive, w/ 0dog WD and out comes loads of discipline/hatred. You can take advantage of this in your skillset and use no hatred generator for example, or use caltrops -> tort ground for perma immobilize.

    Krak's chakram build
    Krak #1139

    Chakram is awesome. Reduction on a cloak, so why not try it out? :D
    Chakram is cheap, good for aggro, and is not terrible damage. It may not hit all the monsters, but if you aim correctly, it can hit more than once on the same target.
    -5 chakram recommended
    LoH on gear would help a lot w/ trail of cinders
    Preparation punishment isn't needed if your attack speed is low enough.

    KB's VaVa Voom build

    Takes advantage of both echoing blast and bombardment. This allows you to adjust to your situation easy. You could want to rely on more delayed damage to help you survive, or you could rely on nuking your monsters instead with bombardment. Chakram cloud also helps with survivability and NS procing.
    You don't need to be super tanky, but of course it is much easier if you are.
    Original post with gearing, videos, and more details.

    Q. How long does it generally take to reply?
    A. I check at least once every 24 hours, in usually reply later on the night. In cases of myself going for vacation HA HA HA....school sucks <(^^<). Not going to happen for a while.

    Q. Will you help other people that aren't using rapid fire?
    A. Yes I will! It's just that I specialize for rapid fire, so the information you receive from me may not be at an expert level. I have experience with various builds and play styles, but not as knowledgeable as I am with rapid fire ^.^

    Q. The amount of emphasis on the attack speed breakpoints, is it really worth that much effort?
    A. Think of it like this. If you took your time and look at how much attack speed you actually need to increase your ticks/second on rapid fire, it will give you a reason why an attack speed item will benefit you or not.

    For example: Suppose that there are some really awesome inna's temperance on the AH for cheap.. 98 dex, 199 vit, 8 ias. If you can lose the 1 ias and still be above breakpoint, you should go for it if it's a good deal. However this must mean that the rest of your ias pieces remain consistent.

    Common items that can potential save you a lot of money if you pay attention to the attack speed breakpoints are the witching hour, gloves, amulet, mempo w/ cc and of course the quiver. Keep in mind that even though you may keep your attack speed breakpoint for now, you always have to consider the rest of your gear too

    Some details for common breakpoints found here:


    Following this, you will be able to optimize your RF demon hunter ^.^

    Q. Do these breakpoints apply only for rapid fire?
    A. No. These attack speed breakpoints apply for many skills. Most of them attack at your basic attack speed (spike traps, hatred generators, cluster arrow, elemental arrow, etc.). Note that it has to be skills that attack within the game frames (60 frames per second). There are other skills that aren't in sync of the basic attack such as strafe. So strafe and rapid fire would have different breakpoints (although some breakpoints are the same)

    Also keep in mind that certain skills don't scale with attack speed such as rain of vengeance, jagged spikes, choking gas and trail of cinders (although the jagged spikes placement is faster).

    Even if RF isn't the only thing you use, it's nice to have your gear optimized for the RF breakpoint, so that you can take the most out of RF while keeping everything else about your DH.

    Q. Do I have to tank all the time since I have to stand still to use rapid fire?
    A. No. Tanking with rapid fire is just a method of using it (which seems to be the most popular way atm). Using rapid fire doesn't always mean hold down the button till everything dies. Instead I think of it as "Is this the best situation to use rapid fire at the moment?", for whatever build and execution you are doing.

    Rapid fire is being popularize for tanks mostly because of the life steal snapshot from shadow power, and bombardment rune works best when monsters are crowded up together not moving. Other than that, you are free to use rapid fire to however you like. Make sure that it makes sense in your build!

    Of course if your tanking with RF, you should be tanky to some degree!

    Q. Will my DH do just as well as my Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard or Barbarian?
    A. It's a hard question to answer, because there are too many factors to consider. The short answer is generally no (under the same budget), but don't let that get to you.

    Think about this : The chances of you finding someone with the exact same build as you, is like trying to find Waldo. This is because we really don't have many skills which are a "MUST USE" for efficiency. How bout comparisons to other classes?

    - We can deal good damage from bombardment, but it's not as strong as CoB from a WD (note that bombardment is ranged...)
    - We have good crowd control, but not as good as a CM wizard
    - We can get out of messy situations very well, which include CC affix from affix, but a Barb can simply ignores them.
    - We can run very fast, but not as fast as a tempest rush Monk

    So we aren't as good as the other classes? If you look at it in terms of specializing in something, we aren't as good no. So why you pick a DH? Because you have the freedom to do what you want to do. If you spec in a certain way, optimize your gear correctly, you would be surprised at what you can do with your DH. My best advice : Play the DH you want to play! The moment you picked DH and want to do awesome in something, you asking yourself for a challenge ^.^

    I'm not going post my epeen links here and try to speak for all of DH's, but I'll definitely say that we aren't that much behind as much as other people may say we are! We have a lot more potential than you think!

    If you see a post saying "DH sucks" or something similar, they most likely have nothing to say or need to L2P.

    Q. Can you give me some tips to fail at gearing my DH?
    A. There are many ways to fail at gearing your DH. I'll list a few things out.

    1. Go to the AH with a huge lump of gold. Without any prior research, start blindly buying from the AH. You must ensure that you have a non-existent thought-process when purchasing items. All long as it fits on your Demon Hunter, your good.

    2. Get the highest quality gem possible. The quality of gem always surpasses the quality of item. In fact, spend all your demonic essence making marquise gems and never consider crafting items as its completely useless to you.

    3. Spend 90% of your budget on a single item like a crit chance mempo of twilight. We want to ensure that we have one slot in our gear that is really really good. Rest of your gear maybe trash, but as long as we have that one really nice item, it's okay. The awesomeness it shines would most likely upgrade the rest of your gear on its own in spirit.

    3. Assume that more ias will always make you attack faster. Stuff about 'breakpoints' is a myth. Even though it has been proven for many skills, we should not believe it. Nubtro lied to us all. *gets out the forks and pitches*

    4. Have your profiled DPS as a top priority when gearing. If you see green numbers in damage when viewing an item, it means its better than what you have. Always. There is no way that the item will give you less damage. The forums is complete non-sense when diabloprogress is always correct. You may also completely ignore any skill bonuses from items as they serve no purpose..

    5. Ignore eHP when you purchase your items. Vitality, all resistance, armor, life% are all luxury stats that shouldn't be much of a concern at the moment. If you feel squishy, buy a couple super tank items. Make sure that they have no dex on them!

    6. Make the coolest looking DH ever. Sadly, it cannot kill anything in inferno because you used your entire budget on The Murlocket and crit chance mempo to drive your awesome looking DH of doom!

    7. Never go for max discipline or hatred regen. Discipline and hatred have no effects to our eHP or DPS, so there is no need to consider these at all. There is no way you can play differently by having more discipline! Come on now *slap*

    8. If your Demon Hunter is not working out, get better gear. Issues always come from the gear and never from the player or skills they are using. If someone suggests you to try a different built, they are full of non-sense. No matter what build you use, your profile DPS and eHP will remain the same which concludes no real change to what you are doing.

    Q. I'm not familiar with some of the abbreviations. Help me out!
    AH – Auction House
    ALK – refers to common Act 3 farming route
    AoE – area of effect
    APS – attacks per second
    AR – all resistance
    BiS – best in slot
    BL – Elemental Arrow rune "Ball Lightning"
    CC – critical hit chance or crowd control
    CD – critical hit damage
    DH – Demon Hunter!
    DML – Dead Man’s Legacy legendary quiver
    DoT – damage over time
    DPS – damage per second
    DW – dual wield
    EHP – effective hit points
    GG – godly gear or good game
    HA – Hunger Arrow skill
    HP – hit points
    IAS/AS – increased attack speed
    IM – Infernal Machine
    IMO/IMHO – in my (humble) opinion
    LoH – life on hit
    LS – life steal
    MP – Monster Power
    NT - Elemental Arrow rune "Nether Tentacles"
    OP – original post
    OS – open socket
    RMAH – Real Money Auction House
    ToC – Vault rune "Trail of Cinders"
    Trifecta – items that possess 3 most popular damage affixes (CC/CD/IAS)
    VoTA – Vault of the Assassins, common farming spot in Act 2
    WF – Windforce legendary 2-handed bow
    WH – Witching Hour legendary belt

    Thanks TexaStranger ^.^

    Q. Why do you want a hug?
    A. <(^^<)
    Thank for the Tips Nyan!
    I am going with BombyBoobLadyArdment, With my new weapon and what not, I'm seeing 250-450 crits on roughly 56% CC :D
    (>^_^)> hugshugshugs

    very informative if people take the time to read it all. which i feel like people may not...but i did! we should all play pant-less...

    nyan, if i swap out my nat's helm for mempo, i can reach the 1.82 breakpoint. but i lose 3.5%cc and the extra disc. maybe i should start crafting gloves/bracers and pray the RNG gods smile on me again?
    or should i look for a witching hour? but then i'd lose 130 dex from inna set bonus...
    @stak <(^_^<) hugshugshugs

    Either a witching hour or trifecta gloves. If you get a witching hour, try to get one with all resist, good dex, and high crit damage.

    Keep in mind that you only need 4 ias to reach the 1.82 aps breakpoint. That's why I think the trifecta gloves maybe a better option. So when looking for gloves, looking at the crit chance, crit damage and dex is very important!

    If you want more all resist, consider getting a 180+ dex natalya's embrace w/ all resist.


    And are some example gloves you can buy.



    You can also wait to craft some super awesome gloves trifecta gloves like you did with your amulet :D

    These are mine : http://puu.sh/4SlVj.jpg
    i shall try my hand at crafting again today. cross your fingers/toes/legs/arms/hair/genitals for me!
    @Fzero124 <(^^<)

    Mother of pearl why so much attack speed?

    Replace your rare ring with a litany of the undaunted w/ crit damage. You don't need so much attack speed on your gear. With 11 ias manticore -> need at least 64 ias on your gear for 2.00001 aps breakpoint.

    I don't understand the zuni's trail? Your using a poison weapon and your dex isn't that great. You should get some natalya's bloody footprints w/ 220+ dex/vit or pick up radius.

    If you plan on not using the skill bonus on the chest, you can use a inna's vast expanse w/ 220+ vitality. These have melee reduction and are generally cheaper than the nat embrace.

    Replace your natalya's reflection with some more stats on it...yea really...

    Replace rare ring w/ ltiany of the undaunted w/ crit damage. Your all resist is low at the moment.

    Overall w/o the ias on your rare ring, you can still lose up to 7 ias on your gear.

    This means you can have 8 ias witching hour, 8 ias natalya's reflection, 8 ias mempo, 8 ias inna's temperance, 6 ias gloves and still be above 2.001 aps. To keep the attack speed overall, you have two options which depend on your amulet.

    11 ias manticore -> at least 64 ias on gear

    20 ias quiver
    9 ias mempo
    9 ias witching hour
    9 ias inna's temperance
    9 ias gloves
    8 ias natalya's reflection

    20 ias quiver
    9 ias mempo
    8 ias witching hour
    8 ias inna's temperance
    5 ias gloves
    8 ias natalya's reflection
    6 ias amulet

    I hope this helps!

    A couple a things that are confusing me.

    1) How are you using when you say dex/vit? Do you mean "or" or "and" b/c I wasn't aware that bloody footprints could have 150dex and vit. I do have a BF with 170 dex and 70 vit with an armor roll, but I messing around with the boots last night when I was drunk.

    Replacing the reflection with higher stats, it would still need to be a trifecta, correct? It should and would need 6% attack speed, crit chance and crit damage? Finding one that has higher than 90 dex usually costs more than a billion. I have 800 million right now, and I have no desire to spend anymore than that. I'm basically confused on what stats on the ring I should have.

    Regarding the litany, that makes sense
    When I say 201+ dex/vit it means 201+ dex and some vit
    Nyan I didn't take your advice because I thought the thread was already full before I saw your post.

    Anyways I did my own modifications and lost about 4k dps ad gained 15k life and a little ar. I can comfortably farm mp4/5.

    I think I prefer fire support just because the arching shot really bothers me
    bombardment takes some getting used to but once you use it enough and figure out the timing, it absolutely destroys white mobs.
    must've crafted 10 gloves yesterday. all poopy. i need a hugs!
    1. I'm poor. D:

    ­­­­­­ ()()
    2. <('-'<)* (rabbit hugs works wonders! - if the ears would be in the right place. D: - fixed! http://i.imgur.com/fk65H4n.png)

    3. Check out my DH, she has some gear from 4 or 5 months ago o:

    4. <('-'<)

    5. I have no idea what is that breakpoint stuff. :­D

    6. I wanna be a life machinegun! O:

    I'm a noob DH, so I never made out on farming money/items (or buying gold from AH), and I gave a break 'cause the game was tiresome and I noticed that I wasn't going anywhere (my times to kill stuff were increasing, instead of keeping it close to what it was on previous act - next act, stronger mobs, but you got stronger equipment = average time to kill stays near the previous) and (ooooor) I'm not sure if my build was that effective.

    I just wanna have fun - like a machinegun. :­D
    (>'-')> King hugs!
    I deleted my 4th statement. I found it actually kinda silly to have there. :P
    Ok o:

    So what do I do? '-'

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