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Demon Hunter
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I'll reply later on tonight! just be patient!
Thanks! =D
Sendoh I'll add you in game :D
hello ~nyan, can u take a look at my friend’s profile and critique it as well offer your expert opinion on how to improve his hunter. he really wants to make good at this class but is just confused on how to gear him efficiently.


his budget is 100m and is using the RF-Bombardment build.

Ahh! before I forget here is your hug! (>^^)>.

thank you in advance.

Help me improve my DH to reach paragon 100 fast, but keep in mind that i want to not let go of two things : my bow and my skill-tree :).

Here is my link of DH: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cay-2175/hero/26381584

My buget is around : 500-700m

Ty for help.
Okay! I was sleeping, hehe :D

I've added you, check out when you come over! ^^
Thanks Nyan!

(>'-')> (>'-')>
@Everyone Gah I'm almost done posting up all the info on my gearing service! Taking a while lol

@RazorX <(^^<)

He has some nice peices, but has some obviously ugly pieces. He needs to replace

- Manticore
- Deadman's legacy
- Either switch to witching hour or natalya's embrace
- Hellfire ring
- Mempo of twilight

The gloves are okay I guess. If he has no crit damage on his gloves, he needs good crit damage on the rest of his gear.

Get a deadman's legacy with with 201+ dex/201+ vit, with at least 18 ias and rapid fire crit chance. You can low ball the dex if you find 290+vit/7+ RF cc.

Get a manticore with 11 ias, 2 sockets, with int. Look for 40+ weapon damage, and 80+ crit damage. I recommend int because the dex manticore's are too expensive for him at the moment, and his dex is sufficient enough.

Replace hellfire ring. Lol it's terrible. A dex litany of the undaunted w/ crit damage is a cheap replacement for now.

Now there are two routes he can go :

1. Nat's sight + witching hour (can go full natalya's set with this route)
2. Mempo + natalya's embrace (cannot go full natalya's this way)

Get a 9 ias mempo of twilght with 170+ dex and a useful property. Pick up radius, armor, or more more dex/vit are good options.

Get a natalya's embrace with 185+ vitality and useful property (such as max discipline, all resist, or more dex/vit).

Get a witching hour with 9 ias, dex and eHP.

Get a natalya's sight with all resist and crit chance.

(optional) Get natalya's embrace for the 20 discipline boost.

This should add up to 49 ias on his gear with his 11 ias manticore which meets the breakpoint for bombardment.

5 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temperance
8 ias natalya's reflection
18 ias deadman's legacy
9 ias mempo or witching hour

@Cay <(^^<)

Very well built overall. You can lose up to 1 attack speed and still be above breakpoint.

- Get a witching hour with high crit damage, good dex and eHP. 8 attack speed is fine.

- Get a mempo of twilight with either crit chance, or 230+ dex/vit

- Change your ring to a litany of the undaunted w/ crit damage.

With the extra resist, you can then...

- Get a inna's temperance with 160+ vitality and 9 ias.

- Get a natalya's reflection with 40+ crit damage, 9 ias, and at least 1 more useful property.

- Get better nat boots? :O

- Upgrading quiver is also possible, but must be 20 ias.

This should add up to a total of 61 ias on your 11 ias windforce, which puts you above 2.50001 aps breakpoint.

9 ias nat ring
8 ias witching hour
9 ias mempo
6 ias gloves
9 ias inna's temp
20 ias quiver

Overall not easy to upgrade you atm.

10/19/2013 11:36 AMPosted by skeets

You don't need help? <(^^<)
Hello Nyan <(^^<)

I am running RFB and am able to easily farm mp7, but I need some advice as where to invest and upgrade in regards to my gear. Current budget is 100m, but if a few things sell on AH budget will be ~350m

Thanks a lot,
tyvm ~nyan <(^^<)

we change some pieces last nite, walk my friend through the build/gameplay and boy, he was able to cope with us on our crypt runs us at mp10(with 2-3 deaths). he is still in the process of upgrading some of his gears atm and should be fine once he get the hang of playing as a hunter.
I'll reply later on tonight! Midterms suck! ^.^
@Haters <(^^<)

You have a good start on your DH so far. It looks like we have to upgrade everything little by little. It looks like 1.6667 aps breakpoint w/ full natalya's look like the best option.

Your dex overall is a bit low, and your resist and hp are very good! Here is what nyan recommends.

1. Vile wards with 201+ dex, vit and pick up radius (optional sta)
2. Strongarm bracers w/ 220+ dex/vit
3. Natalya's sight with all resist and crit chance. 101+ dex/vit is another option too. Look at the protection% when buying these!
4. Inna's temperance with 140+ vit and 9 ias. All resist version is another option too, but you have to make a decision if you got enough all resist.
5. Inna's favor with either 65+ all resist, or 130+ dex/vit. Keep in mind that your dex is low!
6. Natalya's reflection with 9 ias, and either crit chance or crit damage. Should also look average damage, 100+ dex, or socket as another DPS property.
7. Natalya's bloody footprints with 201+ dex/vit. Another dex option to add.
8. Unity with crit damage. Another option for more dex. Litany of the undaunted is another cheap option with some tankiness instead of average damage.
9. Deadman's legacy with 20 ias, 201+ dex/vit and RF crit chance. Will be hard to find for a good price!
10. Amulet needs more crit damage!
11. Gloves need more crit damage!
12. Manticore should have 2 sockets, 40+ weapon damage and 80+ crit damage! I think atm you should look for a dex version since your dex isn't that great at the moment, but maybe hard to find!

Here is a reference you can use kinda. This was the DH set I used for my giveaway


What about build? With this much discipline, you may want to consider using tactical advantage instead of night stalker.
Okay I think I'm pretty much done writing up everything in the first seven posts. If you think I missed something, let me know!
Hi Nyan! (>^^)>

I would really appreciate some advice on what to get for my Demon Hunter next! I have 61 million gold. Not that much, but I think enough to upgrade at least two pieces I hope
Hello Nyan, thank you for providing this service!

Here's a hug (>^^)>.

I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck in terms of upgrading DPS without sacrificing eHP. I have probably 50-100mil more I can spend on the character (pending selling gear as I upgrade).

Other gear options I already own:
Inna's vast expanse - 195 dex, 34 vit, 10% life
Inna's favor - 130 dex, 58 int, 256 armor
Nat's sight - 171 dex, 246 armor, 3 CC
Andy's visage - 167 dex, 75 vit, 9% IAS, 4.5 CC,
Lacuni prowlers - 102 dex, 84 str, 8% IAS, 5.5 CC
Litany of the undaunted - 159 dex, 79 vit, +64 all res, 4.5 CC, 7 CD
The wailing host - 151 dex, 87 str, 96 int, 4.5 CC, 4% elite dmg
Unity - +34-59 dmg, +155 dex, +312 LoH, 26 CD, 4.5 CC, 3+ elite dmg

In particular I enjoy using gloom + shadow power to facetank while spamming rapidfire + bombardment. I use HA at longer distances to engage from a distance and finish off stragglers. I often will change out HA for bola + thunder if I think I'll need the stun. I want to do what ever it will take to help me be more efficient in my farm runs and increase my MP level. I'm currently on MP 5 and am pretty efficient, but it really drops off when I go up to MP 6 or 7.

Specific question about my IAS breakpoint. I have reached 2.0001 (I think!) but use mainly bombardment. Is this still useful or should I settle for a lower BP and try to get more dex/CC/CD/eHP?

Please let me know what gear I have needs upgrading most easily and if any gear I already own would give me a better DPS/eHP set up.

Thank you!

My profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/seren-1839/hero/37389532
My d3up: http://d3up.com/b/1160415#gear
@sprinkles <(^^<)

Currently your dex is a bit low.
You are very glassy, but also using all 'tank' passives? I'm questioning that a bit.
Irrelevant skill bonus on quiver.
A bit low on crit damage.


Okay I'll explain everything now ^.^

1. You don't need zuni's trail at the moment. Your eHP is low, your dex is also low. It's better at this point to stick with the natalya's bloody footprints with 190+ dex and vitality.

2. Your amulet is a bit ugly. Consider getting an amulet with dex or socket, average damage, 8+ cc, 85+ crit damage. This is just a DPS upgrade, kind of optional tbh.

3. Get an inna's favor with 140+ dex/vit and hopefully 8% holy. (don't need the ias from WH)

4. Get a mempo of twilight with 201+ dex/vitality (for more eHP). Attack speed does not matter.

5. Get a unity with crit damage (optional)

6. Get a quiver with 201+ dex, 201+ vit, bonus to either hungering arrow or rapid fire, and at least 16 attack speed.

7. Maybe you should consider getting some 170+ vit inna's temperance? Your vit is kinda low.

This should net you to at least 41 ias on your gear for your 11 ias calamity.

8 ias inna's temperance
8 ias mempo
9 ias natalya's reflection
16 ias deadman's legacy

Another option is to get a witching hour and natalya's sight for the full natalya's set bonus.

8 ias inna's temperance
8 ias witching hour
9 ias natalya's reflection
16 ias deadman's legacy

Save up to buy a marquise ruby for your calamity. This will give you an insane dps upgrade. (sell dat gem in your amulet).

Try to consider getting some pick up radius somewhere!

Not sure exactly how you execute your DH so I dunno if I can say anything about your skill bar.

I hope this helps!

@seren <(^^<)

Going for the 2.0001 aps breakpoint can be tough if you have a low budget. You do have the breakpoint, but you gave up to do this. It may benefit you more (in terms of DPS + eHP) to go for a lower breakpoint instead.

I personally think that the 1.67 aps breakpoint, full natalya's set + no-SoJ would be a good route to go. Is this a route you think you would want to take? How come you want to have high attack speed?

Also in terms of efficent farming, have you taken a look at some of my videos?


Is this something you kind of want?

Give Nyan a reply <(^^<) x2.
Hey Nyan, followed your advice over on the post that I made, how am I doing with gearing so far? Any advice? Thanks!
@Uldrich <(^^<)

Try to get one more all resist item, and I think your eHP should be good.

You can also lose up to 4 ias on your gear if need be ^.^

Average damage on your rare ring? Like a unity with crit damage?
Nice, kk if my crafting doesn't pan out, I'll invest in an AR item. By the way,how about my skill load out? My logic is that bombardment bombs don\t fall instantaneously so I use the spike traps to leech back life in the interim.

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