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Demon Hunter
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I use trail of cinders personally instead since I almost always use tactical advantage with my builds. May require a discipline item to do, plus I have LoH on my gear.
@seren <(^^<)

Going for the 2.0001 aps breakpoint can be tough if you have a low budget. You do have the breakpoint, but you gave up to do this. It may benefit you more (in terms of DPS + eHP) to go for a lower breakpoint instead.

I personally think that the 1.67 aps breakpoint, full natalya's set + no-SoJ would be a good route to go. Is this a route you think you would want to take? How come you want to have high attack speed?

Also in terms of efficent farming, have you taken a look at some of my videos?


Is this something you kind of want?

Give Nyan a reply <(^^<) x2.


I watched your latest video, very similar to what I want to do.

I was going for that breakpoint as that is what I looked like I was close to given my gear.

If I go full nats and then remove the SOJ, should I go with Litany or Unity? I have equipped this now with the Litany. I checked on d3up and it looks like the switch to unity would increase DPS by 18K, but reduce eHP by 50K. I would have the LoH though.

If I use Litany and nats, it looks like my eHP, overall defensive stats, and discipline are in pretty good shape. However, my DPS is still on the lower end (219K on d3up). What would be my best way to improve that without losing my suvivability? I still have the items I listed before, but the real increases seem like they would really cost me in terms of eHP. What would you focus on in terms of crafting or AH for gear?

Thanks again!


PS Tested out full nat's. It does help to have the extra disc if I use tactical advantage and lots of vaulting to quickly herd mobs. I still think I like HA or Bola more than grenades for this though. However, the drop in DPS and eHP can be felt on tougher champ mobs when compared to using SOJ (dmg vs elites) and/or Mempo (overall has better eHP and DPS). I'll have to test it out some more, but advice is appreciated.
ouch you slapped me! huhuhuhu D;

haha but thanks a bunch for all the advice! I read (in this thread, actually) that Zunis are a choice to have with Calamity because it's a black weapon? No idea what that means but I went with it cause they did increase my damage a ton more than the Nat boots I had on before. Also even the most expensive Mempo I can afford lessens my damage by a lot, so I am confused about that one, but I do see a majority of DHs with them. I don't actually die too terribly often haha. Mostly I am just trying to increase my DPS without sacrificing much life. And yeah I hear you on pickup radius. That's been driving me nuts.

I'll go hunt around for the items you were talking about. Hopefully I will be able to afford some good ones. As you can tell I don't really know what I am doing, so I appreciate the thorough explainations. Thank you so much for all your help!
@sprinkles <(^^<)

What MP level do you play on?
MP 6. Mostly I just hunt for keys.
Hi Nyan,

I am a barb and bought a manticore but my barb cant seem to figure out how to use it? He is a bit dense and as you know just likes to smash stuff so any advice you can offer would be appreciated!!

@seren <(^^<)

Overall you need more crit damage, and possibly a better bow in the future.

- Litany of the undaunted with crit damage.
- Trifecta gloves with 8+ crit chance, 40+ crit damage, and good dex. 5 ias is fine.
- You may require some more vitality like on your natalya's bloody footprints.

your resistances is also pretty low. Perhaps get some in your chest?

I personally use cluster grenades due to the insane proc rate for getting your discipline up. If you use night stalker, you may not even need preparation!

@sprinkles <(^^<)

If you play mostly mp6, your eHP should be okay. If you go at a higher MP level, I highly recommend more eHP.

@Wilbur222 <(^^<)

The reason why your Barbarian does not know how to use it, is because of Amnesia. Blizzard made your barbarian forget all knowledge of using bows. Every time your barb picks it up, it slips out of his hands, shooting himself in the foot. It's a good thing your barb has good eHP to take the hits!
Thanks Nyan! I'll look into doing those.


(>")> ======)))> <(x.x<)
Kirby shoots a beam and KOs the other Kirby!
Thanks Nyan! I'll look into doing those.


(>")> ======)))> <(x.x<)
Kirby shoots a beam and KOs the other Kirby!

Oh noes poor kirtby :(
Hi Nyan!
I have a 200m budget, and I would like to try and stick to Bombardment Rapid Fire if possible
Here are two hugs for your patience! (>^^)> (>^^)>
Here's my derpy DH
I rather like my skill build overall, but I'm also definitely open to suggestions and changes

Generally, I really enjoy my Demon Hunter and I find he does nice damage. My main issue is that he is super super squishy, even with a non-negligible health pool. I don't know if that's due to lack of AR (which probably is a big factor) or other issues/skill build, but your help is much appreciated!

Hi Nyan~!


I have 10 mil budget, would like to try out a rapid fire build.. This dh is on HC, hence the limitation of gold..

I understand its gonna be hard with my budget, but any help at all is appreciated


*added u in game~
Nyan, I've managed to get some upgrades along the lines of the upgrades you mentioned, how am I looking so far? Thanks!
Hi Nyan!

Much love (>^-^)>

I'm totally butt-poor, with only about 25m after splurging on some gems [admittedly silly] and crafting. I don't suppose much (if anything) can be done on that, but it'd be great if you can tell me where to start looking.

I'm quite comfortable (not dying) at mp5, mainly going for key runs...since my hellfire ring still sucks. Personal favourite is to vault into a huge mob and rain RFB all around ^.^

Been playing around with builds abit. Question: is ToC only worth it with a lot of LoH? Been trying it with sp:gloom, but doesn't seem to be working so well...

Link to my cutie: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/queenofbabes-1553/hero/14772261

Ya so I'm a bit late to reply this time lol. Gimme a few minutes to get a reply going!

I always wondered if the hellfire is worth it anymore with the extra exp gained from mp level? Is it a bonus that is add on the mp level, like 300%+25%=325% or is it 25% bonus of the 300%=375%. Ignore the wording, I am half asleep right now.
@Tanuki <(^^<)

Replace your andi's visage with a natalya's sight with crit chance. This will give you a 20 discipline boost, armor, and a socket. Perhaps you could get all resist as well?

If your going for life steal manticore, you should get a single socket instead of 2 socket. Look for the highest min/max damage and crit damage when buying. Keep in mind that the 10 ias vs 11 ias versions won't matter for you.

Imo you don't need life steal if you just use shadow power instead. If you don't go for the life steal route, 2 socket manticore it the way to go.

Look for 40+ weapon damage/80+ crit damage on your weapon if you can!

You should get some more eHP on your witching hour. Maybe some all resist?

Amulet get more crit damage!

Upgrade that natalya's reflection!

Overalll it seems like you should put ~40% of your budget on a weapon.

Strongarm bracers w/ 220+ dex/vit? Although your rares are pretty decent.

Overall don't go under 51 ias on your gear with a 10 ias manticore (49 ias minimum if 11 ias manticore)

8 ias witching hour
20 ias deadman's legacy
8 ias natalya's reflection
7 ias rare ring
8 ias inna's temperance

Theres a lot of things you can do with your skills. From what I see, your skills use way too much hatred. You should consider using a bat companion, preparation punishment w/ night stalker, or vengeance.

@Uldrich <(^^<)

Nyan slap you. Currently you can lose up to 9 ias on your gear and still keep the same tick frequency on bombardment.

Obviously place is your amulet. Get more crit damage on your amulet, and average damage! Don't even bother with attack speed in the amulet.

Mooore average damage in your nat reflection ^.^

Is 30 discipline really enough??

You can try a stone of jordan, and get all resist on your witching hour.

Looking good overall though I guess :P

@Protectorate <(^^<)

Can't help you in HC :(


@queenofbabes <(^^<)

ToC is not a bad skill in general, but I use it for the LoH proc while also being mobile. Very hard to get LoH on gear while also being DPSy

I think you need a max discipline item somewhere. You can try a 180+ vit natalya's embrace with max discipline. They shouldn't be too expensive.

Inna's temperance get some vitality on them or all resist. Nyan slap go! *slap* Make sure you get 'decent' rolls.

Although your natalya's bloody footprints can use either vitality or pick up radius. I say pick up radius here instead of inna's temperance because of the price of GG nat boots vs inna's temperance (high vit version)

Inna's favor could use 65+ all resist?

Maybe a dex litany of the undaunted with crit damage?

Deadman's legacy needs upgrade! It also needs a relevant skill bonus. Nyan slap go! *slap*

With a 10 ias manticore, you need at least 38 ias on your gear.

20 ias deadman's legacy
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias mempo of twilight.

Maybe you should bola shot -> imm doom?

Or maybe prep punishment + sentries? Maybe even try jagged spikes on caltrops?
Thanks Nyan! (>^-^)>

25m doesn't go very far on AH, but so far I got already got a 180vit nat embrace with max discipline for cheap. Gotta watch what I buy!

And gotta farm more and get more moolah!

Speaking of jagged spikes, won't bait the trap go much better with RF:B? Does RF snapshot the crit bonus from bait the trap?

I'm confused. What are you asking?
I was asking if rapid fire snapshots the crit chance bonus from bait the trap the same way it snapshots sp:gloom such that you don't have to cast it again once it runs out to maintain that bonus...

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