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Demon Hunter
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Wrong person lol

Crit chance doesn't snapshot so bait the trap doesn't snapshot either. This is one of the most important points when doing 'Nyan' snapshotting. ^.^
@Nyan (>^^)>

Hi, I need your helps, I read your threads and gear my DH after abandoned him for the past 1 year.
I reach 2.01 APS (if not wrong), 500AR, 50k HP, 260k DPS, with Perfectionist passive.

What are the improvement I can do for a MP10 DH? I can spare 200 mil for my 1st love DH.

Thanks in advanced, (>^^)>
I organized my first few posts a bit ^.^

@KentLau <(^^<)

You did indeed reach the 2.0001 aps breakpoint. I'm afraid though Nyan is going to slap you! *slap*

Is bombardment the RF rune you will only be using?

You need crit damage on either your natalya's reflection or rare ring.
You can lose up to 1 ias on your gear.

You can try :

Dex unity with 8 ias
Natalya's reflection with crit damage


Trifecta rare ring with at least 8 ias (trifecta wailing host are not cheap)
I guess keep natalya's reflection?

You could also try to look for all resist on your natalya's reflection ^.^ since the trifecta/quadfectas are super expensive anyways. I believe the crit damage versions are cheaper than the crit chance versions.

I notice that you have only 30 discipline.

I may suggest a 180+ vit natalya's embrace with max discipline. This would help you greatly!

Marquise ruby in your weapon! Don't need to go for marquise emerald. Just the ruby is good enough.

There might be a case which a ring will beat the natalya's reflection w/ the 130+ dex from the set bonus. So also take that into consideration too!

You should have at least 64 ias on your 11 ias manticore.

9 ias mempo
9 ias witching hour
9 ias inna's temperance
8 ias ring
9 ias ring
20 ias quiver

As for skills......lemme see..............

I think if you have venegence + bat companion, you don't need mortal enemy + night bane. Try this :

Use shadow glide on shadow power, and switch MfD for preparation!

I hope this helps <(^^<)
Hi Nyan, thanks for your helps.
Yes, I use bombardment as I found Fire Support cannot survive in mp10.

I have questions:
1. The gems in Manticore, are you referring to use 2x Ruby instead of 1x Ruby + 1x Emerald?
2. My total IAS, if I keep 65% instead of 64%, will it affect anything?
Still need 1x ruby/emerald, but only the ruby go upgrade to marquise ruby

you can still keep 65 ias, vut 64 ias you can do too. The idea is that u can lose 1 ias and still keep 2.0001 aps breakpoint.
Thanks Nyan (>^^)>

I will see how to mix the gears to maintain the BP and more CD, probably trifecta glove and CC/CD ring
If you take a look at the 2.0001 aps breakpoint section of


You will notice that I have an outline of items of what to get w/ 11 ias manticore. The reason why I don't have two rings, is because this leaves an option to use a stone of jordan while keeping breakpoint. Furthermore, potential of rare rings are varies so much compared to gloves since we have to worry about 5 properties for dps, instead of just 4 for gloves.

Also, I like to use the legendary rings like unity, litany of the undaunted for the bonus vs elites or reduction vs elites.

Keep this in mind!

Gear one up for me.


Gear one up for me.


you need help on lvl 1 dh?!
I can take care of this

Hi Nyan,

I quited the game after beating Inferno Diablo, before the RMAH. I just started playing again a couple days ago. With my friend's help and his spare gears (though he told me to play something else but I just love DH), here is my DH:


Could you help me improve her, please ? I'm overload of information and lost. My budget is 1 bil

Currently, I'm trying different builds and leveling Paragon as I quited for a long time I don't know what is the best for me yet. But, I would like to do MP10 and farm until the RoS expansion.

Thank you.
whale oil beef hooked....

the man knows his stuff, better DPS, lower deaths, didn't cost a fortune. and did the ONE thing I never considered doing!!!

thanks, Nyan!

Hi Nyan,

I'm thinking of coming back to the DH after 1.04 (or earlier) - was my launch character and was totally forgotten after I've discovered the WD. Anyways, after reading up I spent some gold on her earlier and just wanted to know your opinion.

Did I do it right? I can switch up a few pieces depends on if I can craft better gloves or amulet. Out of DEs for the moment. :)

Thanks! (>^^)>
@Griever <(^^<)

Farming exp fast? This is mostly dependant on the skills you use rather than the gear, and perhaps your resources.

I would recommend getting a max discipline cloak or a stone of jordan for max discipline.

You should get 9 ias inna's temperance imo. This will get you to the 2.5001 aps breapoint. Another option is to get a 9 ias ring of some sort. Probably the high vitality roll would work for you.

Do you need some help w/ some builds? :o Most of my fast exp farming builds are bombardment bias, heavy resource, and requires you to be...fast. Really :O

@Luffy <(^^<)

Nyan is a noob at HC so I dunnooo. I'm going no shadow power for my build, and using discipline for smoke screen and caltrops -> tort ground. Life on hit, and life steal from bow is enough to heal me. But Nyan noob at HC so idk :O

@kim <(^^<)

You have no 60 DH! Nyan slap you!

@Hellgate <(^^<)

11/01/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Hellgate
I'm overload of information and lost

Is my thread really that complex? Damn it! Dx

So far you have a really good start! Looks like your going for the 2.0001 aps breakpoint w/ 11 ias manticore. Here are some things I notice.

- Your health pool sucks
- You have 30 discipline
- Quiver has irrelevant skill bonus

First I'll talk about balancing out your breakpoints. You have some options. All of which require change.


Get a 9 ias natalya's reflection
Then get rid of your amulet for a new amulet without attack speed. Aim for high crit damage!

b) (recommended)

Get a 9 ias inna's temperance
Then get rid of your natalya's reflection for a non-ias ring with crit damage. A unity or litany of the undaunted with crit damage are good options.
Then replace chest to natalya's embrace. Prefer one with 180+ vitality, and max discipline.


Get a 9 ias natalya's reflection
Then get rid of your inna's temperance for rare pants instead.

Main problem I see is that if you craft a super-awesome amulet with no attack speed. If you think this may happen, you may want to get the 8 ias on the ring rather than the amulet for the recommended route.

This should add up to at least 64 ias on your gear with your 11 ias manticore. Note : Having more attack speed is fine too, but 64 ias is the breakpoint. So more attack speed won't benefit your on bombardment until you reach 83 ias and will be wasting hatred.

8 ias amulet or ring
9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias witching hour
9 ias mempo of twilight
9 ias gloves
20 ias quiver

Refer to this for breakpoint guide on gearing.


Now for 'the rest'.

Your inna's temperance is cool, but I would prefer one with 170+ vitality instead. Your health pool is kinda bad.

Start crafting bracers!

Deadman's legacy could use some rapid fire crit chance. Must stay at 20 ias though. Look for stuff like 201+ dex/250+ vitality/7+ RF cc. These can be expensive so take your time to buy them.

Marquise ruby in the weapon....or you could also upgrade the weapon too. Must be 11 ias, and look for 80+ crit damage, 40+ weapon damage.

Vile wards, could use 201+ dex and vit and pick up radius. Shouldn't be too expensive.

Natalya's bloody footprints could be improved. Yeah that's obvious :P

Not really a lot more to add to the gearing. I would recommend when purchasing items, to considering increasing ur eHP rather than DPS at this point.

As for skills....

Try vengeance instead of night stalker!
Try shadow glide instead of gloom! (may require you to be more tanky)

I hope this helps!

@DethAxe <(^^<)

@kkbc <(^^<)

Nyan slap you! *slap* Nope!

Actually you did good overall, but I think you used attack speed in the wrong items.

Your crit damage is a bit low,
quiver has no relevant skill bonus,
and 30 discipline.

You do however have good eHP!

This is what Nyan recommends :

- Natalya's embrace with 180+ vitality, and max discipline.

This will give you more options with your skills! You will be amazed on how much of a difference this can make!

- Trifecta gloves with at least 8 ias. Should aim for 40+ crit damage and similar dex. You could look for armor instead of all resist if they are too expensive.

I recommend ias in gloves instead of the litany because the DPS potential remains the same on gloves, whereas the litany is restricted to only ias or crit damage.

- Replace the attack speed on your litany of the undaunted to crit damage instead. You really really need this crit damage!

Other options instead of the litany of the daunted, are unity, wailing host, stone of jordan, and of course a rare ring w/o ias.

- Get a relevant skill bonus on your quiver (RAPID FIRE CRIT CHANCE!!!!!!!!!). Good luck finding something like that w/ similar stats to yours.

You should have at least 64 ias on your gear w/ a 11 ias manticore.

9 ias inna's temperance
9 ias natalya's reflection
9 ias mempo of twilight
9 ias witching hour
8 ias gloves
20 ias quiver

You may want to consider using vengeance instead of night stalker, and use preparation w/ shadow glide on shadow power!

I hope this helps!
Thanks Nyan! (>^^)>

Definitely looking at replacing the litany. I already have a few rings to replace it with. Just not lucky at crafting nowadays - burned all my DEs trying to replace the gloves and ammy to no luck. :(

Now... off to find a good Nat's chest and quiver. Good luck to me! :)

Nyan you definitely have a crystal ball and should know how to use it! (>^^)> *( )* <(^^<)

Predict for me, would a fast or slow bow be more feasible for Loot/Paragon 2.0 patch CB build?

I'm holding on to my billions to get a sexy bow for my sexy DH, used to go the Calamity route and thinking of going back cuz I wana pew pew like a tornado <3
Thanks Nyan,

I followed your recommendation and found that it's easier to survive. I have no luck on crafting the ammulet and bracers, though.

About the build, I often find no globe around and run out of discipline so I think I will stick with Night Stalker. What crit chance should I have if I use Night Stalker ? Is 49.5% low ?

You may not have enough monsters around you. Try to lure monsters together with bola shot, and take them out together with bombardment.
11/01/2013 11:59 PMPosted by VocaloidNyan
2.0001 aps breakpoint

CANNOT be understated; shoot above is an utter waste; I got literally another 100 CD by fixing my mistake and it saved my DH, thanks to Nyan. rolling MP10 now and very little issue, aside from my armor which I have NO idea how to fix LOL

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