Tribute to Yodatoy, you will be missed !

Fitting that he doesn't make a look at me thread for his last Horray.

Since everyone probably views him as an attention !@#$%, it appears he wants to fade away quietly overnight.

Well, I'm going to point the light to him one more time.

Why am I Doing this ? Well to be honest I think this Is it for our most popular thread man. I foresaw this coming when xpac hit but not this soon....

So I say to my dear friend, thanks for the many great posts and good humor. You've always been a great sport. Love him or hate him, I know everyone has been on one side or the other, yoda has always been a positive and respected person that was always easy to chat with and never selfish.

How about we all say 1 thing nice about yodatoy ? This will be easy and let's make it to the popular page ?

Thanks again my old friend good luck in RL. ^_^
GL Yoda! Loved reading your posts :)

I even got to run with you once, and it was a privaledge! I think you said, "how can he CS that much?" lol.

If I could, I'd Implosion you back ^_^
Yoda, you kept the forums interesting. Traffic on the wizard forum is sure to decrease by 60% now. :/
Later on Yoda.....Take care!!

Been nice knowing you...Glad you finally took down your nemesis (Belial)
That kinda sounds like he died o.o
RIP yoda
I feel like I ran a full circle with you Booz.
Back then, I thought you were the most powerful 3.01 SNS wiz with bicycle pants when I first met you in the forum. and it felt even better when you friend requested me.
You gave me so much advice to help me build my wiz as best it can. Your advice was always helpful and got me on the right track.
The problem was that I'm impatient and I always wanted an instant gratification with gearing. I made TONS of mistakes along the way. But trial and error were what really kept me in this game for this long. People said this game got easy. But if you want perfection, eg. no death, efficient kill and have one build in every single scenario, then conquering the end game gearing is not easy.

Anyway, I tried my best to keep the forum community as engaging as possible. Instead of constantly answering to "help me how to build a SNS wiz" when you can sort of figure out on your own by following Piehole's guide, I thought we needed to look at humanly aspects other than just being a wiz or playing D3.

I sincerely enjoyed all of you. I think I tried everything possible as a wiz. cm, sns, ss, archon, meteor, LS, nat set, chant set, mit set, deep set, LOH set, zuni set, Ice climber, bt spurs, bt set, rare pants, pox, bt dunk, Nat helm, crafted shoulder, crafted amulet, pretty much anything any GG wiz was wearing.

I never liked deeps. I hated getting one shotted by Phasing Hulk, I hated Blazing Guardians, Maniacs, molten bomb, and Succubus.

I'm glad that I was able to achieve 91/1:11:11/587ehp.

I still thought about coming back as LOH dagger wiz after my ias chant and force were instantly sold. But when Booz purchased my Tal Chest, that sealed the envelop. How ironic that Booz ended up buying my chest?

Some of the gg pieces are already sold. I don't have much in my stash anymore to come back even if I want to try.

Hence, good luck with Loot 2.0, xpac and whatever upcoming patches awaiting for you.

Lastly, thank you to forum lurkers whether you hated my "look at me thread" or not. For me, I loved "look at me" thread because that's where I learned the most about building a gg wiz.

Now, I gotta find a new game to play. May be I will try Torchlight 2...

PS. dolynick, I have your G. I just gotta be on when you are on. =)
This is a huge loss to the wiz community.

We will miss you greatly and wish you the best.

Or come back next week :)
Cya yoda. Maybe we didn't leave on the best of terms but really it's been a long ride. Although I'm sure you'll come back someday because You're Korean just incase you really leave I will miss you. You were one helluva a crazy dude and probably the most obsessive regearer next to lameboi lol. But u also remember the old yoda too before you became so gg. Hope all the best for you bud.
take care yodatoy!!!!!
Thanks yoda for showing us the dos and donts for everything CM.

Don't be a stranger on the forums :)
Like don't sneak into a secret room with melkor and Jen

And do decide that in the end MIT> dps
Thanks and sucess Yoda.

You will sure be missed.
I am looking forward to hit your mit someday, somehow.
gl yoda! great friend and fun chasing!
10/15/2013 05:47 PMPosted by yodatoy
Lastly, thank you to forum lurkers whether you hated my "look at me thread" or not. For me, I loved "look at me" thread because that's where I learned the most about building a gg wiz.

Your threads were awesome.
Sorry, still don't have me fooled. See you next week.

P.S. I can't stand epeen threads, but your threads were anything but.
WTF you left again??

Geez I must be the last to know lol and I wanted your loh ring. Take care Yoda, you single-handedly kept the forums going and you will be missed.
always liked yoda hour when i came here (took an hour to read all the threads he started) you will be missed.
Yoda dont' let the xpac take you down, even if there is no AH there will still be a vibrant trading community going and you already have some very powerful friends i don't think it will be too hard for you to play with gears even in the xpac, hell drops are supposed to be good so if you only get 1 hour of play a day that might be more then enough.

Anyway if you are gonna go either for good or for a long time - just wanted to say thanks again for the nat helm - i will be rocking that helm long long into the xpac thats for sure, it will always have a place in my stash, like a yoda memorabilia ;)

Peace out dude, hope it's not the last we see of you.
Damn it's really legit this time eh. I always found you very interesting to say the least, a welcomed personality among this tower. You will be missed. Won't say promise to post or anything like that. Shand and Aph said they would still post from time to time , and they don't. That's life, things change and we cannot judge till we walk in that person's shoes.

And to the slim chance that you will make a comeback in expansion, see yah in the future Yodatoy!

Oh and PS:

ET CC > Mits > Deeps - remember that!

@ Vox we really ran together before? come I don't remember
@ Junger You are the first one who convinced me to buy the dupe zuni pox. I should have kept it.
@ Gccanum whoorah... your good now.
@ apo aren't you really smart and know the numbers of wiz inside out
@ mnk I have feeling that you will keep the wiz forum going.
@ Jellyroc Dae Han Min !@#$ Jak Jak Jak. I should have left when you left. I first left when you left.
@ Chatassys. Boozer, me, then you. Your LOH zuni pox. one of a kind. take care of it.
@ Void time I was a better wiz then you. now, you are better wiz than Booz. You grew fast. Remember Carnac. It was like Me, Carnac, then you. then Me, Void than Carnac. Then carnac disappeared and you just went through the roof when you obtained that LS dagger.
@ Ruin Thank you so much.
@ Silverfire You are cool. You and KingBenjamin are one of the coolest guys.
@ Charlatan - Man...I think my wiz was made up of 70% of your left over gears but your left over gears were probably one of the best anywas. So thankful for hooking me up with so many good gears. You really helped me a lot. and so dependable. I'm so lucky to know you and I thank Addicted for that. Addicted first got me introduced to you. Please hook me up if I ever want to come back Loot 2.0 or xpac. Don't delete me from your friend list. I will need your help if I ever want to regear again.
@ Aimless You know I became Mit wiz because of you. deeps overrated. MIT for FTW.
@ Amos. I was so grateful when you would invite me to Mumble when we were in game. I don't think I ever heard your Australian voice. But I really appreciated you chatting with me. Yes, I bought the Nat helm b/c I got the idea from you. Take care of it.

I'm so drunk right now and man...I'm so itching to play the game before I go to bed. But my wiz is so naked.

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