Tribute to Yodatoy, you will be missed !

<3 Elton John song.

Yoda = Elton John ?

I'm sad to see you go but you have to do what you feel is best for you. As PieHole said, the forums aren't going to be the same without you. More than any other wizard, you tried to make this place feel like a community - not just a collections of players talking mechanics but a group of comrades. That didn't always go so smoothly but I thank you for that.

Best of luck to you Yoda. I hope we'll see you back one day down the road in RoS.

Good luck on your future ventures, Yoda!
Thanks for all the action you brought up here Yoda. I really think that your endless amount of threads brought a lot of discussion about gearing strategies and gameplay feeling. I think you've been a gearing model for a lot of wizzies out there. Good luck with your future plans.
I give it 8 days =)

But if you in fact are really done GLIRL Yoda.
10/16/2013 06:22 AMPosted by yodatoy
What can I say. We chatted on last Sat right before you took your sons to the soccer practice.May be my new project is to make you the a gg SNS wiz. We will see.


Yeah, Saturday is game day... 2-games to be specific. Thnx for the offer brodatoy, but I have no desire for SNS GG'ness aside from gg MIT and gg funz...
Maybe we should both work on making ourselves into GG Meteor wizzies! That's some help I will gladly accept! xoxo
why was this reported.? this is one of the biggest reasons I want to leave forum. Who are these lurkers making a report...
You can't leave us. Fact.
Cares yoda relax
10/15/2013 05:47 PMPosted by yodatoy
Now, I gotta find a new game to play. May be I will try Torchlight 2...

Lets about builds there :)

Yoda you da man bud. Hopefully all goes well for you. I'll be cheering for a comback.

hit me up if you want to PoE it.
10/16/2013 12:38 PMPosted by KingBenjamin

any good?
10/16/2013 12:49 PMPosted by yodatoy

any good?

Very. true self-found gears. so when things drop it's a "discovery" feeling. the skills are complex. It's a game that grows on you the further you go. i like the music as well. It's free to play and no AH. it's def one of my fav games.
Yoda doesn't like grinding for gear benjamin.

His a shopper bar hopper
Yoda doesn't like grinding for gear benjamin.

His a shopper bar hopper

no one who plays d3 likes grinding for gear lol

edit: ^bold statement :)
Jesus Yoda your leaving thread brought Aph back wtf. That's an omen man. You can't quit.

Btw aph you come back to you bum
10/16/2013 04:12 AMPosted by Aphraell
Hi MasterJay, Bye Yoda ~

These 4 words in 2 month gap are more relevant than my 4 thousand in a week...and that's probably exaggerating on my side. Hi hi back Aph, hope all is well with you :)

Lifes good, chilling out playing Final Fantasy XIV atm.

Keeping the odd eye on the forums here. I'll probably come back for the Expansion.

How the hell are you guys still playing this is beyond me. Great effort~
Nice to see you Aph ^^
10/17/2013 12:40 AMPosted by Aphraell
Keeping the odd eye on the forums here. I'll probably come back for the Expansion

GREAT NEWS! I will also keep my odd eye on the forum here until xpac.

Aph, Nat set was the key. It took me the whole year and quarter to listen to you.
How wrong you are KingBenjamin, how wrong you are. I just wish the grind was rewarded in D3 like it was in D2. I don't get my gear to look pretty on Dprog or to show how much disposable income I have. I get it to kill monsters, plain and simple.

Yoda, you have helped me out a lot, and I will be forever appreciative of that. I have never understood the point of buying all that gear and playing the set for a few days, but to each their own I suppose.

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