Any way to improve my set?

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Hi there!

I'm a freezelock wizard, and I got about 550,000,000 gold. I don't know where to spend it on >.<
Everything is upgradeable, but it will cost me about 200,000,000 per item, and it won't get me very far. How do I boost my gear effectively as possible? I know my offhand (which I found myself <3) should be switched with Chantodo's, but then I got about 350,000,000 mil left, so what else?

If you could help me out, please do ^^

Thank you!

Edit: upgraded my wand, rings and off-hand, so what's left? :O
first upgrade is the unity. get the attack speed or crit damage with crit chance and then the other obvious is getting crit on the mempo
^ I agree you should get some IAS on that unity.
also have you considered buying a CC mempo? intell mempos aren't really that much compared to others. maybe try finding one with 9% IAS and 3% CC
and a better chest to low get one like 180 intel and 200+vit

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