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Originally posted in EU forums, but meant for US and not a double-post*

Bring the hate if that's all you've got...

Given that hate is expected, I hope you at least read my post.

-D3 has major problems on a more regular basis, AND PoE is still getting patched at an exponentially higher rate (I'm not joking on the math regarding the patch rates. I dare you to do your research and then challenge me on this).

-D3 has made its money, where as PoE is still building up to its climax. Yes, D3 will probably make more money overall given its astronomical release figures. Argue as you will, but it is hard to argue this: PoE will continue to be developed at a higher rate than D3 over a much longer period of time.

-PoE has vastly higher build diversity; period.

-PoE has more complex systems not only for character building, skill choices, item selection, crafting, but also for "economic choices" within the game.

-Subjective observation: D3 is very casual. PoE is not.

-PoE releases soon. If you can put 2-bazillion hours into D3... you could at least try to put one hundred hours into PoE before you say "it sucks". If you have played PoE to level 10, and you didn't like it... please don't even respond...

-"Legendaries" in PoE are game changing. Items, in general, affect your build choice much more so than in D3.

-In PoE one can deviate from the cookie cutter builds and have great success.

My preemptive response to the "why are you still posting?" or "D3 has improved" crowd:

I'm sorry guys. I have spent a good deal of time/resources on both games, and PoE absolutely CRUSHES D3 in both atmosphere and player choices. I played D2 up until the release of D3. I was EXTREMELY excited for the release, and I continued to play D3 through all of the problems and changes. I did not quit D3 until after I realized some of the fundamental flaws of the game were not going to go away.

D3 is going to have power creep (look it up if you don't know what it is) very similar to WoW, and this is INTENDED. Get out while you still can...

And my GOD, for people who say "PoE is slow and clunky".... you have not played the game very much. You can get WAY faster attack/clearing speed in PoE than you can in D3 (without cheating).

Again, hate all you want, but until you have tried both.... just don't even respond...

I genuinely wish you all the best. GL
I hated every aspect of PoE, but im happy you found something you enjoy.
I hate the passive tree. It looks cool at first, but it forces you into specific attributes and such that you may not want or even need to get the ones you do.
10/16/2013 09:00 PMPosted by Aspie
I hate the passive tree. It looks cool at first, but it forces you into specific attributes and such that you may not want or even need to get the ones you do.

Man, that talent tree is awe-inspiring... 100% completely useless and impractical but DAYUM, its just fascinating to look at.
While I definitely like PoE, just about every RPG fan knows how it stacks up against D3. I'm not sure why it needs a new thread.
I'm honestly not looking forward to the 24th official launch day when thousands of new AH needing baddies will arrive flooding the forum with complaints about the difficulty.
i thought this was about Edgar Allen Poe
I like both D3 and PoE. They are different enough for me that I don't get burnout. I've also just recently start to play Grim Dawn as well.
I played POE, after the new game fun wore off, I found a game with some of the same problems as D3. Horrible drop rates. Bad. So bad, there were many, many asking for a self-found league. Just like here on the D3 forums:


As for build diversity? Sure, you made 1 build first - what was it called, sporker? Basically, the only gear independent build. And a boring build to play. After you leveled your sporker, you could farm for currency/gear/skills gems and THEN you maybe start the class/build you wanted if you got the right gear/skill gems.

I jumped right into a maurader. looked up builds. For all that "diversity", I found most builds took all the same keystone passives, resolute technique, blood magic until you got the right gear to spec out of it, and iron reflexes until they nerfed it.

It's a great niche game for a select audience. And that's fine. But after playing POE, it made me appreciate D3 despite the flaws it had. So if there's one thing I liked about POE, it's that it made me realize I liked D3 better. Thanks POE.
Naw. There are all kinds of arpgs ive played 100s of hours in. PoE is doing just fine for itself.

Nothing has yet beat d2 yet, I'm looking for that feel again. And in fact, I think poe has been closest too yet.

Respectfully: you will never find that feel again. It's like trying to recreate the first time you did molly (or !@# :) It just won't happen. I've been trying to find "that feel" with MMO's again like I had when I first played World of Warcraft and to this day I have yet to find it despite great games like Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy coming out.

You just gotta say goodbye and let the past be the past. Again, I say from my own experience and I'm trying to not be a jerk here.
What do I find on the POE forums? lol

I just gotta say... Every game gets boring without new content or changes with a given time. So, we try to find new ones to play.

In the end, nothing beats Diablo 3 when it comes to combat fluidity. Very smooth. 1 Thing that Blizz got sooooo right.

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