SKORN monks help for 200k dps

Hey guys i'm currently 173k dps and really want the extra 30kdps without losing survivability but not sure which items to upgrade without using toooooo much gold
The cheapest option is to get some more paragon levels. 50 mor levels and you are half way to 100. You get +150dex on the way.
Next, craft some trifecta gloves.
Change pants to 95dex/190vit, so you can lose some vit on other slots.
Use better emeralds in armor and skorn.
Get a helm with CC.

I think I would try to get more CC in general.
Craft bracers.

Inna's helm.
Inna's helm with all res and whatever other stat you want. - mempo is only good with a crit roll.

tal rasha chest with high vit low int will be cheapish

craft bracers 6% crit/all res

higher dex on pants isnt that expensive

if you cant craft trifecta gloves maybe look at higher dex (200+) and crit damage of 45%+ along with 9%+ crit chance.

your rare ring is pretty bad. that +78 LoH is worthless. I am sure you can find a ring with similar stats that has 40+ crit damage and higher crit chance... that will boost you a lot.

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