I had to slow down

Because I have to create new HTML5/CSS3/Responsive toon.

Just 5 low level paragons + avg 0.5b gold earned per week now.

But it's hellofafun to play inbetween working.

D3 seems to never get boring if one takes some regular breaks and don't play 8hrs/every day.
Enforce a rule on yourself... for everyone x amount of hours played, you must do y hrs of something else. Should help in not burning yourself out too quickly.
Exactly what I did. I stopped for a few days to do the XP website and played a little PS3 (still didn't level my wiz, she's at level 50/hell now) so I can grind the last 16 paragon levels.

I really don't know how you guys ding P100's like they're popcorn.
Yea it must be some cheating or drugs

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