Please help me with my Barb.

I have not played Diablo for the longest time. With all the new patches I am quite confused. I have a double/tornade Barb. WW/SW barb. Can you please check my skill sets and items and see where I can upgrade? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Disregard the missing emerald on my MH. I guess it never fully updated.

Thank you.
Looks pretty good to me, except that resists are low, forcing you into war cry.

Are you partial to the IK set?
What do you mean by partial?
Are you intent on keeping the 5 piece bonus or not?

If not, it will open up your gearing options dramatically.
Now that i think about it, i dont even know why im going IK lol. I dont need the bonues from them. If that is the case, which IK piece should i change? I have a budget of like 400 million right now.

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