What's my next step?

Hey guys! I need some gearing advice. Right now I'm at 140k dps and playing mp6 most of the time, though I would probably play mp8 if I didn't have 1200 latency. Just want to know which piece of gear I should upgrade next with the 40m I have left. Please note that I have a shoulder with 254 str, 160 vit and 76 AR in my stash that I haven't equiped yet.

Thx for all your help!
Yea your gear looks like it is already really good. My Barb pokes around MP 10 every now and then and most your gear is better than mine. The only thing that I can see is that you might have more Life Leech (LL) than is necessary since you have it on both your belt and weapon. That means that you could swap out for Immortal Kings (IK) gloves like mine (<10m) and a witchinghour like mine (<10m), or you could swap out your weapon for something like yours but with crit chance and crit dmg (<150m). To save money on the weapon you could look for something w/o LL and use bloodthirst for your LL.

Another option is keep the IK belt and get trifecta gloves, although this is more expensive hence why I haven't switched.

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