Cleave Rend build I just played.

I've pretty much played all of the barbarian builds in the guides thread so I built my own build. I'm sure others have probably played it before so I'm not taking credit for it nor is this a build guide.

I just wanted to post it because it was one of the funnest builds I've played in a while. I don't have the gear for MP10 so I don't know how well it would do at that level, all I did was play it through the game for fun just to see if it would work. It rocked in Inferno even with the BK set swords I used for the fun of it for a change from the Skorn.

Ok here are the skills I used:


Cleave - Broad Sweep
Rend - Lacerate
Leap - Call of Arreat
Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
Battle Rage - Into the Fray
Earthquake - Path of Fire


Weapon Master
Tough as Nails

Please feel free to comment on the build. Be reminded that I played it for fun not to use afterwards so I used Earthquake which I know isn't normally used for Inferno. If you'd like give me feedback on what you think might make the build better anyway if you want.

If you want to play it, enjoy I found it to be fun! =]
Change out into the fray for bloodshed on battle rage.
Thanks for the suggestion I'll try it out the next time I play this build. :D

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