"Temporary Outage of Battle.net Server #73"

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I can't get in, but my brother is playing right now. He's just 2 meters away from me! >.<
Stuck here too. I came to find some beams, and all I find are whites.
le sigh..
Asia servers are fine, this type of stuff only happens on Americas server lol, come to think of it I don't even notice maintenance on Asia servers
Game can't even get to the authentication input screen now. Just hops straight to Error 73. Ditto for StarCraft 2.
I have an authenticator

I cannot log in. Error 73

Friggin sweet.
I can't get in regardless of server. :(

No authenticator here. My brother has it and he can play.
I removed my authenticator and now I can log in.
Im having the same problem.
this error has to be related to the server storing your players data. i can log onto 3 of my accounts no problem but this error every time i try to log into the 4th
still cant get in
i should add i was already logged into the game and got dc when this error came about also
How do you remove the authenticator?
Still cant log in.... Blizzard needs to let us know whats going on and if this really works if we remove authenticator...
Yeah, I think it's account specific. I can't log in to any of the servers.
I don't think removing authenticator is going to allow me to log on..... I think it will still be the same problem....

Would be nice if we got a "blue" response about this
i dont have an authenticator and i cannot log in
You guys still aren't getting in? I've been logged in since before this thread started and joined/left a games already with no problems.

Just some info.

I did login this morning and thankfully I wasn't playing but searching ah because im on hardcore and this error disc would of probably killed my beloved hero...
10/18/2013 06:29 AMPosted by NeLLy
I hope the people who are online on hardcore mode right now playing are aware of this error and that it could ruin their day or even d3 life~~~ because I was online searching ah when I got this error and was disconnected...

This is why I will never play hardcore. Very high chance you will die because Blizzard - after over a decade of online game development - still can't manage to keep their servers online.

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