[Challenge] Sets Appeal unachievable?

Console Bug Report

When looking at the "Sets Appeal" Challenge it appears that it lists the legacy name of the sets, and I wonder if this is why this challenge will not unlock.

For example the challenge lists Natalya's Wrath as an item set, however the items we can pickup for the Nat's set in game are listed as being part of the Natalya's Solace set.

and having picked up all five pieces (Natalya's Sight, Reflection, Embrace, Slayer and Bloody Footprints) the challenge will not complete :(

Same goes for Inna's Majesty (Inna's Grandeur in-game) Tal Rasha's Wrappings (Tal Rasha's Sacrifice in-game) Zunimassa's Spirit (Zunimassa's Whispers in-game) and iIm assuming Immortal King (Immortal King's Legend in-game) is also incorrect.
I'm glad I found your post before I went on posting it myself. I have the same problem. You don't know how happy I was when I seen a green circle around a legendary help. Then I identify it to be the helm I've been looking for to complete my Tal Rasha's set. Then when I equip the whole set, nothing happened. I really didn't care about the other set's cause I'm a wizard, but I saved all green items anyway. Now that I'm looking at it, yea, all of the sets will never be completed because the name of the whole set is different. I really hope they hotfix this.

Also, I will be missing out on two other challenges under Campaign because 'Leah's Tristram Journal, Part 5' wont unlock. I read it, I can listen to it under my lores section. The challenges associated with this are ' A Quick Study' and 'Grand Lorekeeper of Santuary'

On a side note. I really love this game. I never played the PC versions in the past, but I can tell I really was missing out.

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