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Console Bug Report
Hey there Support,

Several friends and myself that play regularly on XBL (Xbox) are having a slight problem at the moment that puts us off playing on the higher difficulties - even though we do love the challenge and focus on teamwork.

After many days and hours of testing we can confirm that the difficulties are not working as they should;

Playing easy difficulty on either Nightmare, Hell or Inferno mode will net us a huge amount of legendaries, rares or just items in general (per act, or sometimes even per quest!)

Now while playing on Hard/Master difficulty we seem to barely get legendaries, rares or even drops at all, save for a crafting tome here and there. Even after clearing entire dungeons or map sections killing several Champions/elites/Superuniques etc.

Just to reiterate, Almost no drops at all, even white or blue items barely drop, just a crafting tome here and there and some gems.

We replayed several acts both on Easy and Master to make sure it wasn't just us being unlucky.

I hope i have informed you guys enough with this report.


I have somewhat the same experience. After the recent Xbox patch, when playing Master 1/2, Champ/Elite-packs usually drop a few piles of coin, and if I'm lucky, a demonic essence. On easy I rares aren't that rare.

I know there's a blue post stating no changes were made to the loot, so perhaps there's a unintended side effect hiding somewhere.

If it's just the random number generator, it's like it's having fun, making me drop the soap over and over again, just to take a hit of my bum, as long as I'm not on easy. And let's face it, easy is easy a fault!
Please look into it blues, i have a limited understanding of games and code, an unintended side effect might be what is happening

My friends that play the game report exactly the same.

Again this is not me complaining 'OMG NOT ENUFF LEGENDARIES!!' but seriously pointing out barely anything is dropping on the master difficulties (apart from tomes). for days now. one trip to easy and items are all over the place.

Even if this is an unknown problem/unproven in your eyes at he moment pass it up the chain and see if you can replicate it, all the people i speak to on xbox are having this issue.

Most likely you are seeing less loot because the higher difficulties are removing the low quality fluff. This makes it seem like less gear is dropping which it is. The upside is only the better gear is dropping so you don't have to look at and deal with all the garbage you would never wear anyway.

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