Why Hardcore in D3 is the way to go

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Better than the Beatles:


MP10 Hardcore.

Better than Kornkills:



All you HC haters check my profile.

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That said, if someone seeks to show off with numbers, then HC is definitive better. If it's about constantly reaching the limits of gameplay, then SC.
As long there is bad internet.....hc to play isnt smart.
If u still do then its your problem.
I wouldnt start hc. Every game i played where some kind of hc existed i died because of internet.
Hc is just retarded.........Once there is 100% safe internet then its ok.
Until then DO NOT TOUCH IT!
Its not even different to sc...

I live in Chicago and have comcast...the DNS servers among other servers on comcasts end crap out atleast once a week...ill pass on hardcore mode
So long as the ability to disconnect or lag-out exists, I shall never play Hardcore in any online ARPG. Ever,

Now I like Hardcore modes, but part of the skill in the difficulty is attempting to remove all variables to make the experience a little more predictable. Being able to predict moves, spike damage and AoE attacks is a key part of successfully beating Hardcore challenges, but when a game is online-only then it adds a level of complexity we have literally zero control over.

We take the risk that if our computer dies then we probably die, too, and that's fine, but to ask me to then add the risk that my entire internet connection (or Diablo's) could cut-out preventing me from saving myself is absolute ridiculous.

I will never play Hardcore in an online game in any serious manner, because it's simply too frustrating. Hardcore is all about being in control. Connection issues removes that entirely.
Agreed that the one problem with HC is lag and disconnects.

Even a death due to stupidity is an honorable death. But a death due to lag or disconnect is just an all around frustrating way to go.

Too bad Blizzard will not entertain the option of having an Offline mode.

This, 100% - forced to play online but random and server side lag spikes and DC's kill off your hard worked on toons, not cool and a kick in teeth .
I only play HC, and I have to agree that DCs are probably one of the worst things in the game.

I created a thread about a solution to the DC problem in HC. Here is the link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10357965877

I could use everyone's input/support, please stop over and leave a comment.
Slowly but surely working on my HC Barb!
No clue why people think HC would be such a difference to SC, when HC is using the exact same gameplay mechanics like SC. Nothing, really nothing is different. With one exception. If your character dies its over.

That means you gear differently and use different skills, like more defensive skills compared to offensive skills, you stack as much defensive stats as possible and try to gear up for disconects/lags. That doesnt sound to me like its more of a challange compared to SC, the guides are out there, the gear as well.

Diablo 2 was the same really. Both, D2 and D3 are a lot about gear (who'd have thought!). That means if you have the gear, like lets be generous here, 10 or 11k defense, 800-900 AR, and some healing abilites together with great shields, what else is there to do? Knowing the attack patters of the monsters. a bit and thats it. But I still see people playing MP10 in hardcore like the enemies are not even there ... if they have the right gear on their characters, of course doesnt matter that they play the same area for 30 min where it takes half a day to kill a mob ...

I sure do NOT want to tell HC players how to play the game. They enjoy it how it is. No problemo! But I would also expect AT LEAST the same respect, where HC players dont act like snobs and where they dont try to force any of the HC gameplay on me. I mean we HAVE the choice here. And its really not a hard concept.
I only play HC.

It is great.
About disconnection/crash... you can post on that related thread to support :

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