What to upgrade next?

Ive took some peoples suggestions over say the past week and a half and replaced some gear and got to:

57% crit with out follower
430k Ehp
88% mit

I was wondering what should be my main upgrade next Im thinking my horrible rare ring or a Tal ammy with high Loh like 900 if I can find one.
Your rare ring is one place to look. Yours has pretty high crit damage so might be expensive to beat by a lot, but adding int could provide a decent dps boost.

I wouldn't go the tal ammy route because the elemental damage on it won't do much with a chant's wand because it's not black damage.

You can go trifecta nat's, although with the high int on yours, it will probably take a pretty good trifecta to beat it on dps by too much.
yer craft more ammy, or look for rare one(not tr ammy) on ah with high loh.
maybe also try to get 9/5.5 or 8/6 mempo for cheap cos heaps of ppl are selling mempo atm.

p.s. your left ring is really nice, but too bad its dex. (maybe try to swap it with similar one with int)
Yeah ive been looking for a new ammy for a while now...its hard to find one I want cause ALL my LoH comes from my ammy so Im looking for one with close to 900 and decent stats its a pain....and im fine with my 8/5.5 mempo cause if I for for even an 8/6 Im still gonna pay more then I want for .5 crit.

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