Best DE Farming build

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has new insights on more efficient means to farm DE. Last I remember, TianZi's TR+Bells build using FoT, BF and MoC on VoTA (MP7/8) has the best yield.

Is there one better then this? Would it make more sense to attempt using Druin's TR+EP build on mp10 in VoTA instead?

Thanks in advance!
DE farming should be VotA.

Nirvana works very well for me.

On lower MP, it is possible to kill a pack in 1 Nirvana rotation (7-8 seconds). On higher, two. (20 seconds). Of course, you get the odd packs with extra health and shielding, but you get the idea.
Definitely more effective mp5-6 (maybe 7) than mp10 for getting de.
thanks again to wilson and nick for the feedback.

so it looks like Nirvana in VoTA at mp5 - 7?

i'm personally running a spec with zero SG, pure TR+Bells on mp7 right now. clearing the map in around 3 - 4 minutes. never tried Nirvana but i'll certainly give it a shot.

any other suggestions would be much appreciated....

49.4 DE/hour on MP7 (720p video)
49.11 DE/hour on MP7 (older, lower quality video but with more potential, because of bad luck the score ended lower)

Templar should be used and here's the build used on both videos.!cbd!YZacaY

You can browse for more older videos on MP5-MP7 and couple MP10 ones too with different testing results and details are found on the thread linked below.

Scores are based on the rules of this challenge.

Another option is the following build if you have problems with RD. It's close to the same performance.!Zbd!YZbcaY

Templar isn't as important for this build so you can use Scoundrel if you want to instead.

The lower the MP, the better Fleet Footed becomes compared to Chant of Resonance. But Fleet Footed is also better if you're spamming the lower spirit cost Empowered wave. Even with WoL it can be better on lower MPs.

These are high LS Skorn/Doom Hammer TR/Bell builds for MP5-MP7. MP8 is doable but not recommended. If you want to go MP9 or MP10 then DW builds are better.

In the end it comes down to personal preference and testing with your dps and spirit regen amount to determine what's the best build and MP level for you.

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