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Hi fellow mac users,

I know Quicktime now comes with a screen recording capability but this doesn't record sound.

Does anyone use or have a suggestion for a 3rd party screen recording application?

Hopefully, it doesn't take up too much memory and CPU power...

Thanks in advance!
The reason why Quicktime does not record sound is pretty simple: The OS does not offer any functionality to do so.

You can still archive this by installing a 3rd party kernel extensions that installs a virtual sound card. Search Google for "Soundflower" and check the Howto's.

When set up correctly you can use any screen capture software to record system sounds as well - including Quicktime.
Thanks it works!
Have you tried ScreenFlow?

It's $100 but I've been happily recording footage with it since 2008. It can also record picture-in-picture.
TechSmith, who makes Camtasia, also has a free Mac/PC app called Jing. It only records up to a few minutes, and it only saves in Adobe Flash format, but it has a lot of useful (if basic) options and can record sound.

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