*Guide/Videos* Frozen Furor Wizard

Hello Wizard Community,

I would like to share with you, a build I've been running for some time now with great success. This is my second Wizard, and with Archon and CM/WW getting stale, I was determined to come up with something just as good, if not better than those signature builds. Thus, I came up with a build I coin "Frozen Furor". This build is viable at any monster power.

The Builds:

Primary FFW build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bZQlST!gTW!cYZYca

Variant 1: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bZQlST!dTW!cYaYca
Variant 2: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bZQlSf!gTW!cYZYcZ

2H - Non AD variant1: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZQhjST!gaW!YaaaZa
2H - Non AD variant2: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZQhlST!gaW!YaabZa


http://youtu.be/UReCW1WHfSs - 30 minute video efficiency runs in Act 2 MP 8

http://youtu.be/IJ7k-5uj8I8 - 30 minute video in Act 1 on MP 10, showcasing durability and kill speed.

http://youtu.be/Sb2RGnMMvgc - 6 minute video, speed run VOTA MP 10

Using a combination of Lighting and Ice, you become a force to be reckoned with! Dispatch large masses of mobs in seconds and burn through rares, elites, and goblins quickly!

Skills and Passives:

Shock Pulse: Living Lightning - This ability is a mid ranged attack used primarily to help generate arcane power and quickly stack up Arcane Dynamo to 5 stacks.

Ray of Frost: Sleet Storm - This is a close ranged, yet powerful 360 degree attack that deals a stream of rapid cold damage. Chills anything it touches, thus triggering your Cold Blooded passive, and does incredible damage when used properly with Arcane Dynamo.

Teleport: Wormhole or Safe Passage - Great for traveling quickly around the map, breaking out of jailer, or avoiding any other nasty elite affix that may cross your path. Feel free to use any other rune that fits your play style here. Safe passage is nice to reduce damage at high MP, especially against reflects if you're running one-hand and off-hand.

Blizzard: Stark Winter - Blizzard is an extremely powerful ability used at any range, especially when you extend its reach to 22 yards. This ability covers a large area and diminishes trash quickly. Added bonus of slowing movement speed of you enemies and applying a chill effect to trigger Cold Blooded passive.

Magic Weapon: Blood Magic - Increased damage and life steal. If you're using a two handed weapon with high life steal, feel free to swap the rune on this weapon, or exchange it completely. My recommendations if using a two hander... Force Weapon, Slow Time: Time Warp, Explosive Blast: Chain Reaction, or Diamond Skin: Prism.

Storm Armor: Reactive Armor - The skill that makes this build sing. Reactive armor is amazing passive damage to both melee and ranged mobs. It pairs wonderfully with life steal, especially with a two handed weapon. It procs every time you are hit, and reflects 70% weapon damage as lightning back to the attacker. You also have the benefit of Storm Armor firing off at 100% weapon damage periodically for considerable damage.

Reactive Armor also triggers when hit by Molten trails, Electrify bolts, Fire Chains, and Mortars. It does NOT however, trigger from Reflect damage, Desecrate, Plague, and Arcane beams.

Alternative Armors:

Ice Armor: Jagged Ice - Hits nearly twice as hard as reactive armor, can freeze enemies, and offers 12% melee reduction. However, it does not work against any ranged attackers.

Ice Armor: Crystallize - At 3 stacks, this increases your armor by 60%. If you like to stand in everything, this ability works great, especially against reflect, however, will not increase your damage versus many other packs that you have opportunities to reflect damage back.

No Armor Spell Option:

If you're brave, stick Explosive Blast: Chain Reaction, or Slow Time: Time Warp and drop your armor spell!

Passive: Illusionist or Critical Mass - Great for resetting the cool down on Teleport. Feel free to use any other passive if you do not feel the need to reduce that single cool down. Can try Blur, Power Hungry, or if you're brave, Glass Cannon instead.

Passive: Arcane Dynamo - At 5 stacks, this passive will increase the damage of your next attack by 75%! Paired with Living Lightning, this stacks up quickly, and when channeling Sleet Storm, as long as you channel, every tick of Sleet Storm has this amazing damage boost. This works great with Blizzard as well.

Passive: Cold Blooded - 20% extra damage against chilled or frozen targets, a must for this build.

Weapon Choices:

I would like to point out, that with this build, the lower your attack speed, the better Arcane Power management you will have. Focus on average damage, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage.

One-Handed - A slow, yet powerful one-handed weapon (Spear or Mace) with as much average damage that you can find with life steal and a socket. Any critical hit damage or main stat is an added bonus.

Two-Handed - A slow, 2 handed weapon (Skorn, or Doom Hammer with 1400+ average damage, socket, and life steal)

Off-Hand - The Oculus. Yes, this beauty of an offhand offers up incredible average damage, huge main stat roll, arcane power on crit, crit chance, up to 6% bonus damage vs elites, can increase the duration of your Blizzard ability (3 seconds max), and reduces the cool down on your Teleport ability (4 seconds max).

I try to gear for bonus vs elites, as it adds up damage quickly. I currently run with an equipped 14% bonus vs elites, though, the calculation ends up being slightly less.

Bonus vs. Elite damage Calculation example as follows:1 - (1 - .04)(1 - .06)(1 - .30). This would be using Stormcrow, Oculus, and SoJ.

A few notes on gear selection...

I recommend 20 Arcane Power on Crit, if using one-handed weapon.. You can get away with 10 using a slow two-handed weapon paired with Diamond Skin: Prism, or picking Power Hungry as your a passive.

LOW attack speed. Sleet Storm shines with high average damage, crit, and crit damage, avoid attack speed if you can help it. If you're above 1.5 APS, you will start to find your Arcane Power draining too quickly.

I love a little pickup radius, never hurts to pick up all the gold, and, when you're channeling, you can just mouse over health globes to snag them if your radius is high enough.

You can use Frostburn Gauntlets with this build, as a matter of fact I recommend them! This turns Sleet Storm into 473% weapon damage as cold, and Blizzard into 663% over 6 seconds as cold. However, yes, a great pair of rare gloves will perform on par, or possibly better. I've run with Frosties for quite a while. Honestly, even with my nice crafted my gloves. I can't tell a difference in kill speed.

I enjoy farming Act 2 quite often, and I use Tyrael's Might for that reason. This allows me to do an addition 15% damage to any demons that cross me, it also supplements me with the ability to have 24% movement speed, an additional 4% vs elites, and the joy of using a nice crafted bracer.

Using a one-handed weapon and off-hand can make some reflect damage packs a touch tougher using Tyrael's instead of a 3-piece Zuni set. However this extremely easy to overcome!

I will be adding more to this guide as questions arise that I have not covered in this guide. Let me know what you think after you give it a shot.

More Videos in MP10:

Here are some runs done for a Data Collection thread with my Frozen Furor spec on MP 10. All these runs were done in just one attempt, the challenge being to ignore shrines and goblins, and clear the maps. Some were timed kills. I did Azmodan twice because I chickened out on the pools my first go. Looks like I can stand in pools after all! :)

That thread can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10468657151

1. Act1: FoM - 0 deaths

2. Act2: Desolate Sands - 0 deaths

3. Act2: VoTA - 0 deaths

4. Act2: Kulle - 0 deaths

5. Act3: FoS - 0 deaths

6. Act3: SB - 0 deaths

7. Act3: Core of Arreat - 0 deaths

8. Act3: Azmo - 0 deaths
http://youtu.be/K8eGXPhb19I (non-wuss mode)
http://youtu.be/y0ahYQv_Uno (wuss mode)

9. Act4: Spires1 - 1 death (That 75% heal debuff is lame!)

Kill Times:

1. Kulle - 59 Seconds
2. SB - 160 seconds (Probably could have done faster with less kiting, more risk/confidence)
3. Core of Arreat - 154 seconds (To Checkpoint)
4. Azmo - 55 Seconds if I don't puss out. (Can probably improve further)
92 Seconds (I totally wussed out on pools on first go)
+1 for out of the norm build

goes to show there are other ways to play wizard other than sns

hope more people get into it tbh

I will once I can delete a wd in para 2.0
Sorry for not making a constructive comment about the build, but I couldn't help but pointing out bonus vs. elites does not stack additively. Storm crow, oculus and soj giving +4%, +6% and +30% would stack as following: 1 - (1 - .04)(1 - .06)(1 - .30).

Oh and +1 for sleetstorm. Too bad you're not running EB as well.
Not sure if that's correct Rayquorz.

According to http://d3rawr.com/d:

My unbuffed DPS is: 262224, vs elite it states 298935

262224 * 1.14 (14% bonus vs elite) = 298935

If I did run EB, it would be in place of teleport or Magic Weapon if I was running a two-handed weapon. But I think if you have 5 stack of AD up, and you cast EB while channeling SS, you lose the bonus damage from AD for your channel. I would need to drop AD and magic weapon in favor of EB in my current setup.
Interewting build, I switch off between sleet, disintigrate, and a meteor build when I feel.
My sleet is the one that lacks the most variety I would say.

Poor guide however, you never mentioned what order you attack in or how you maxinize with dynamo, son is it blizz then living lightning to 5 stacj dynamo the tele and sleet storm?
Flavin, I'll be building upon this post. I'll have a video, and more to explain, which is why I reserved a section above! :)
Subtract the CM and APOC and you have my main build to a T. :)

My very first paragon points (metaphorically speaking) will be going to resource regen. It's the only thing that I have no room for on my gear without gimping damage or EHP.
10/27/2013 03:08 PMPosted by Saythe
Not sure if that's correct Rayquorz.

Equip only the soj, storm crow and oculus, log out and check how much bonus vs. elites your b.net profile says. ;)
Or read this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8427593020

Not exactly sure, but if I recall correctly, EB does not consume AD stacks if you cast them after you started channeling SS/disintegrate. When you cast SS/dis the stacks are consumed immediately, meaning EB can't consume anymore stacks because there aren't any (provided there's no living lightning around to generate more AD stacks after you started SS/dis).
Wow so many sexy Sleet Stormers here, we should start a club! Cool guide by the way Saythe, I may have to use this if I alter my edition of the SS build :D Also, how often do you stream? I didn't get a chance to see your last one, and I really wanna see yours in action.

Have you tried the 4-piece Tal's set by any chance? I'm working on an alt SS wiz too and incorporated that set, and was wondering if you had any thoughts to add? That 2 ap/sec is nice.

10/28/2013 03:45 AMPosted by ThreeStars
My very first paragon points (metaphorically speaking) will be going to resource regen.

^ So much this. It's irritating as hell that channeling skills increase ap consumption with attack speed.
One additional pointer that I'll throw in is...don't underestimate the power of an AD-enhanced Stark Winter blizzard. What you miss in single target DPS is mitigated by the fact that you're draining and slowing everything in a 22 yard radius, and that damage adds up quickly over time. In a group setting I look to keep as much of the screen as possible chilled, while draining life from everything I hit.
As feared, my twitch stream last night did not save out, so I quickly put together a video this morning. I wasn't exactly at my best this morning, but it will do! I'll be streaming more tonight after 8 PM EST.

You can find it in the guide above! Enjoy! :)
10/28/2013 04:00 AMPosted by Bukizzle
Wow so many sexy Sleet Stormers here, we should start a club!

I'm in. :) Not sexy, but I think I can join the club. :)
10/28/2013 06:43 AMPosted by Machado
I'm in. :) Not sexy, but I think I can join the club. :)

Looks sexy to me! Add me up, full party SS runs are amazingly hilarious. We just need 2 more members now :D
Hundreds of snowy particles from Blizzard filling the screen from 4 wizards... could it out lag meteor??
Stream is up!
Saythe, when you made that thread about the wand you were selling I checked your profile and your SS wiz had frosties equipped and that was the first time I ever saw someone doing frosties correctly. I always advise against them but you were pulling it off like a boss, love all the elite damage you had on there too.
Yeah, I switch the frosties in when I'm not using reactive armor :)
Sorry for not making a constructive comment about the build, but I couldn't help but pointing out bonus vs. elites does not stack additively. Storm crow, oculus and soj giving +4%, +6% and +30% would stack as following: 1 - (1 - .04)(1 - .06)(1 - .30).

Oh and +1 for sleetstorm. Too bad you're not running EB as well.

this is correct. they don't add like you think they would.
So D3 Rawr is wrong?

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