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Stupid long video for you to review, easy to scrub through. Upload started at 11:00 AM EST, should be fully ready by 1:00 EST.


2 1/2 hours of VotA viewing. Oy vey. haha.

So I watched the first 3 runs so far (I'll watch the whole thing eventually, I promise). Most of the things you're dying to in those 3 runs weren't deficiencies with the build or gear, but rather "user errors".

In the first run, for example, you died 3 times: twice to Molten Explosions (which you don't have the EHP to take), and once to getting frozen (which you might have been able to survive if you slammed a potion the split second you came out of it).

I can't remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd run (might have been both), but you got gibbed by elite Copperfang Lurkers. You really want to go into those fights with Safe Passage up at the start to help stabilize things until EB gets going, and make sure you keep SP up as much as possible on them, because they hit VERY hard and fast (their base attack speed is slightly faster than everything else in the game, at 1 attack every second and a half instead of every 2 seconds).

Remember that although you're running with more healing, you lost a lot of HP going from your 1H to 2H setup, so you don't have that big buffer to pad yourself between hits. SP is the key to making up that buffer. Healing is applied a fraction of a second after you take damage if you're applying damage full time, so even if you had 100% LS and 40k HP, 3 hits at 15k each taken at the same time is going to kill you. So again, try to keep SP up as much as possible on things that you know can gib you like that, or try to get a bigger HP buffer if possible.

You can also try Blood Magic to help.

Anyhow, when you weren't dying to user error (I don't mean that offensively btw, I just can't think of a better way to say it, so apologies), you were killing really, really fast. Looked like your elite kill times were just as fast or faster than with your 1h setup in your other video. The biggest differences in overall clear times are from using only 12% MS and using SP instead of Wormhole.

We're on par when it comes to damage/gear, and with your build, I can't even come close to hitting that speed with your build. Especially 10 elites, and if there are any nightmarish/extra health. In my perfect/undying runs that were especially fast, I could do under 6. I should note that in order to even hit the times I was able to, I had to skip looting and did not start my timer until I hit my first elite pack.

It's highly likely you're just a far more skilled player than my old drunken self. ;)

Nah, I'm just more accustomed to the build. I've been playing it since early this year before they buffed SS damage and before they fixed the bug with Safe Passage, so I've just had more time to play around with all the little nuances of the build is all. So I think you just need to get used to the build is all. Like everything, it just takes practice until everything becomes muscle memory and you're not thinking anymore, just doing.

Also, as I noted, in order for me to get those clear times I use Wormhole. In my personal testing, Wormhole in a 2H SS build shaves about a minute or so from overall clear times in VotA. In exchange, you need to be more careful on elites and stutter-step out of stuff. I should have also mentioned that when I use Wormhole I change my gloves to ones with something like 280 Int, almost 200 vit, 45% CHD, and 10% CC. The extra HP buffer from that extra vit helps with the loss of SP.

One thing that was eerily familiar with your suggested build, is that it acts more like a high damage close ranged Archon build. Use of Explosive Blast is the same as Arcane Blast, but twice the weapon damage, the standard buffs are there, sparkflint, magic weapon, and armor of choice. You then have access to teleport, which, you can spec as in archon, and of course, your channeled spell, sleet storm. It makes sense and it works, but I couldn't get it to behave well, nor did I enjoy it that much.

Yea, it is sorta like Archon. I prefer it over Archon, though, because I really like the 360 degree AoE of SS over straight beam spells, and you get to keep Teleport without sacrificing damage. And 2H SS should be more damage than NON-Improved Archon specs. Plus it's much, MUCH cheaper/easier to gear for 2H SS to do MP10 than it is to get Archon functional at MP10. That, and Archon blows goats in VotA, whereas 2H SS is one of the better VotA farming specs for solo Wizard. I'd argue that it's on par with SNS there if you have the gear to support it.

Speaking of Archon and VotA, check this out if you haven't yet:


SS Archon Destruction hybrid. A really awesome idea that a guy named Heroscaper came up with awhile back when he and I were fine tuning the whole 2H SS thing.

Thanks again for the video and for trying out the spec. The more you get used to it and the more you learn what you can do with it, the more and more efficient you can become with it. The gameplay might not be as engaging as other builds, but it's a freaking monster of a build for VotA farming.
Really interesting thread. Great builds.
Ran with Saythe last night. I finally got talked into trying 1h+oh.

I would agree that it's a "smoother" experience. I'm used to running with no APOC at all, so having even 10 APOC available to me is weird. I was able to run pretty comfortably, mostly because I now have a ginormous health pool. A SC doesn't even seem necessary for me. The primary downsides are less life leech, less effectiveness for reactive armor, and that blizzard is now less damaging second by second due to smaller weapon damage. That's countered by SS being more powerful.
11/02/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Malakai

Couldn't help but notice a few things.

Safe passage is nothing like wormhole. Using safe passage for general movement like wormhole is the last thing you would want to use it for. Its main uses should be providing a mitigation boost and giving you mobility during fights, or when you are about to start a fight.

At 0:13 you teleport, and you encounter a pack later. This is not the most ideal way to work with safe passage. Try to use teleport when you engage in a fight; when you see a group of monsters on the edge of your screen you teleport right into them (takes some practice to know from where you teleport). This way, you will end up in the middle, hitting most of the monsters, and minimising the time the monsters will take before they reach your SS.

Also try casting CR in advance. When you see monsters on the edge of your screen you cast CR, and then walk up to them, or teleport right in.

At 1:53 you could have moved to the left and used teleport to cross the gap, saving yourself a long walk.
There's a lot I could have done differently trying out Malakai's build Rayquorz, especially since I'm not one to normally run Safe Passage. I like to gear for my mitigation, and have mobility/travel. Which is why I primarily use Wormhole in my build. And hell, not sure if I could be heard through the video talking on my stream, but I was laughing and pointing out the fact that I continued to not utilize those gaps in which you can teleport. Thanks for the critiques though.

It's a nice build, using the two hander with explosive blast, but boy do I enjoy blizzard, especially in MP8 playing solo. The way I am geared currently in my profile and have my skills set, seems to be the smoothest playing experience, and most enjoyable, at least for me. :)
I was just trying to help you make your run with EB and safe passage as smooth as your current build. I turned the sound from the video off because I had the new franz ferdinand album running and I found myself unable to turn it off. ^^
Appreciate it Rayquorz, I've actually been experimenting with it still on and off to improve that play style.
Does Sleet Storm proc LOH or does only LS work with it? I'm deciding if I should use a BT pants or my rare pants that gives an extra 8K dps. The BT pants gives an extra 0.2% mitigation though.
Sleet Storm will only return 18% of your life on hit per tick, it's not that effective. I would roll with the rare pants if you're not dying a lot.

Also... guide updated, and I placed more videos under the guide from the MP 10 data collection challenge from Kiza. You can get a general sense of how the build can perform across all 4 acts.
Saythe: Got it. Thanks a lot!
I really love blizzard, and it seems like a skorn (or slow 1 hander like OP) is the best time to use it.

I'm sure EB is probably better even in this build, as it makes it way into basically all of my other builds (except Archon), so if there is a place where it's sort of close, I think I'd use blizzard.

Regarding using Power Hungry vs LL, my semi-GG int gloves have PUR since I can't stand having to walk over gold. I suppose that means using Power Hungry is never really much of an option since I can't very easily save globes.

I could always bribe a 0Dogger to run with me though!

I'm actually a big fan of AD (whether or not it's more efficient I'm certainly not sure), but I like the dynamic it provides. If they could ever fix that darn bug or at least could show that it is in effect, that would be a very welcome change. Not a huge fan of using it on a skorn, though, as I feel I have to watch that little indicator longer than I like (with high APS, it's more immediate.)

With the amount of affixes that are just nightmares (no pun intended) for AD, it's probably in the end a loser, but I tend to use it simply because I use LL a lot.

I HATE running out of arcane though, and often use LL as a crutch for that. Maybe with a skorn, Astral would be enough, but even then, if I run out at least with LL I can do something rather than running away. I always just think of it as whether or not I want to give up a passive or active skill, and since LL gives you back your arcane pretty much immediately, I usually opt for it.

And once I have LL in the build, AD seems like a must.
Yeah, I'm pretty big on not ever suffering from arcane power depletion, which is why I love 1h/oh. With LL, AD feels great, especially when you have encounters where you don't need to move much at all. A cast of AD charged Blizzard with extended duration, and AD Sleet storm is a ridiculous amount of damage.
Another good point about blizzard: it makes babysitting easier!

I was running MP10 with a friend and his very undergeared DH. He was having to kite all over the screen to stay alive. I was able to keep him safe by casting blizzard at his location while also using blizzard/SS where I was. Battlefield management FTW!
Got my stream up with this build in action for the next couple hours. Headset on, music flowing, be great to talk with some of you regulars!



Bumping because this spec, and sleet storm in general, is crazy good!

Baggins posted this build in a forum, so I decided to check it out. Have really been at the point where I was going to delete my wiz altogether after the xpac. I hate arcane, and even though my PC is pretty decent CM sometimes messes with the vid card, especially with a large group around me.

Already had all of the gear I am wearing other than the oculus so I picked one up for a cool mill. Played around with it for a few runs the past couple of days and I can say that this is a fun wiz build. MP8 is def doable, MP10 with a party probably. That mill I spent on the oculus was great as far as damage but I was sitting at around 40k life and getting one shot in FOM by chargers so I went AH'ing. Ended up buying my current one with vit and more avg for 150x what I spent on the first one but the extra life is much more comfortable. This also allowed me to sell my chant set that were drops for 76/55m after taxes so basically a wash. Once I sell my triumv I will be back in the positive and can actually use my wiz for group play and not have to worry about my pc crashing!

I do have some crafted gloves that add about 32k paper dps and 80 AR, but not sure I want to gain a little damage/ehp for the loss of radius? On top of that the whole math thing comes into play and that just is no longer my strong suit!

One question; does cold blooded just add to the damage you do, or the entire damage of the group a la Monk MoC?

edit: put gear from WD.. on moar damage and life!
As far as I've understood it, unless it has changed, Cold Blooded does the following:

If you are dealing damage to a mob that has been chilled or frozen by any effect (your own spell, your scoundrels cold bow, or another wizards frost nova in multiplayer), you will deal 20% more damage through this passive. No-one else gains this damage.

Also, if you're feeling a little squishy, drop Reactive Armor, and pick up Ice Armor - Crystallize, it allows you stand in and tank pretty much anything.
Thanks for this thread! The discussion had been extremely informative. I too picked up the build from a post that Baggins made and it has motivated me to finally level a wizard. Looking forward to giving the full build an actual go once I hit mid 50's after work tonight.
11/26/2013 09:48 PMPosted by Saythe
If you are dealing damage to a mob that has been chilled or frozen by any effect (your own spell, your scoundrels cold bow, or another wizards frost nova in multiplayer), you will deal 20% more damage through this passive. No-one else gains this damage.

Thanks, good to know. I did notice the icon today in an mp10 run w a cm wiz. Had a few deaths, not sure if because of the gear though. I am still figuring out when to teleport and when to try and tank it out. I did switch to the blood magic rune though as I could one shot myself on reflect packs. Since then no issues.

If they buff the fragment of destiny in xpac as long as you watch your ap it may be GG, especially if procs for living lightning get nerfed.
Streaming this right now, curious on its effectiveness in RoS:


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